Mike Weisman on 6 Oct 2000 05:03:16 -0000

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<nettime> [Fwd: Belgrade Live on Black Ball Radio]

Allan Steed aedigital wrote:

> Greetings from AEDigital,
> Heads Up!  Black Ball Radio has just been re-tasked to relay Belgrade
> B2-92 - Serbia's only free radio station.  So get your news from the Serb
> Republic directly, on 89.1 FM in Seattle, or on the web at
> http://www.blackballradio.com
> English language updates are sparse, but have been astounding.  Yes, the
> people are taking back Belgrade, and Milosevic is on the run!  Listen and
> marvel.  We are.
> :)
> Allan Steed
> AEDigital Media Networks
> info@aedigital.com

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