Lorenzo Taiuti on 7 Oct 2000 15:04:59 -0000

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<nettime> Horst Mahler & Radicaslism etc...

Dear Verzola
you said: 
"The basic Internet infrastructure today is increasingly privatized:
the communications channels, the routers and servers, the IP numbers,
domain name assignments and the ISPs. They are controlled by a new
rentier class - cyberspace landlords or cyberlords.

Mass protests on public grounds are difficult enough to do nowadays
(look at Seattle, Sydney, Prague...). Trying doing them on corporate
private property."

Yes, of course the structures of New Net Power are more difficult to face than
old classic properties.  But it was difficult in the past to define a radical
opposition as it is nowadays.
The "only" difference is the possibility to share with a minority diffrent
ideas without founding a Party.  Or without define old fashioned figures of
The activism of ideas is more powerful today than yesterday, thanks to the
Net.And thanks to the small "p" parties after the "end" of the big "P" parties
as Sam rihgtly says.  Ciao
Lorenzo Taiuti  

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