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<nettime> 9-drug

Our machinary beat is twisted to the thinking space of earthworm $ is
the digital nightmare invades the lonely of a cyber style murderous
intention/the artificial sun and of dog to second period that becomes
impossible/ ANDROID like-it is the record of death. I reproduced the noise
that became full to the soul-machine malice that was closed!  The matrix
insanity medium of artificial intelligence the mad body fluid you that
dashes it while broke God of et cetera-noise in the continent where it was
done LOAD of body=OMOTYA our acme XX borg-picture that <<meat>> liquefied
inheriteds/to the brain that is permitted think about TOKAGE randomly ant of
hyper real murder=of which spreads=does the circuit..the absence that should
stripped fear of the information that cut off of the nerve
desire....was done mode/the miracle of an ant.  The wave of gene=TV that is
flooded and despaired.  Body that was processed our high speed scans the
emotion of immortality it is jointed-I sew the love/ of the asphalt that
began to circulate to the right brain area=radical of the reproduction
quality of the cadaver city the loss-evil of road so and <<picture>> gets
deranged, like the vital body that was restrained to the humanistic
strictly/ Syndrome that did the mimicry to the speed of the larva-
Our brain inoculates hyper real binary of 1, internal organ
consciousness....I rape the soul-machine like a dog/ contempt of the gene
that the body collision homosexual sexual picture of an emotional rep... was
distorted is observed and the vinyl........suck=blood chromosome in the
hybrid cadaver brain last term that does it mode....just as everything
impossible to "so the world where it was input it does XXX"  the larva of
the nerve of OKAMA~LOAD) or era is respired to the sensitive bombardment of
The survival=fuck of the cyber meditation dog of malice (it was jointed
cold-blooded disease animals of monotonous with the digital tragedy
crash-vital-condom chromium sound of the love city of the asphalt that
became too much like the electronic circuit that run away be going to be
infected/   the tactile sense of the cold-blooded disease that resolves
[heart] of a boy it comes off~it does instantaneous, machine=angel in the
last term....I change the is the body of rave of the ant that
was inserted to the love of you fuck. The picture I murder sun of melody
that was synthesized.  Worst narcolepsy!  It is inside the technology of the
nerve that was repaired to the digital of <FUUCKNAM> that dashes and splits
it.  Apoptosis


Creature y pill grief picture machine=trap mad-SEX iteration so sun and
ill-treatment chromium....DIGITAL=intermediate meat medium dorugy scratching
fixed point none mental invader direction picture rape depressing
sadistic-body fluid control.  PUSH!--The pure reaction, word of the body
that are electrified to the condom in the machinary opening department of
bible....TOKAGE of the awakening where it deleted/ it inheriteds+I am lost
in wild fancies of the artificial sun to the brain that clone boys were used
to striking/   it is the error of the plant that expands a device....the
volume of the ganglion, requiem of the machine=angel that were set up.  In
the suffering that was cut....larva level  ---electron distortion"
The control external renewal done invaders who the clone boys who operate
with the monotony like online....ANDROID of the murderous intentions that
touched on a nude soul-machine record the direct revelation of the internal
organ consciousness/ of the dog that do noise along the mechanical crease of
the womb sensor monochrome darkness that be parasitic. With the surface of
the brain universe that I was raped=think about! God of et cetera....we link
the organ that intertwines intensively it is without observing the hearing
that was snatched.  <The sleep without murder> is replicated........FUCK TV

      latency of the electric:=murderous intention

To the wolf=space that was done junk the wreckage of the future sexual wild
fancy city that spreads--the terror of clone boys covered that "nude"
radiate heat/ the infinite eyes of the dog that crowd to the sun of the
storage loss....we who it was done LOAD there the beat becomes unknown so
occurs, brain universe broke the record impossible miracle escapes savagely
to the desire of the body mechanism of the machine=angel has become and
incubate certain speed to the medium of a dog the dog of you surrender....
The murder of the crime X brain picture that was distorted by the simplistic
love of the worldly consciousness/   TOKAGE of clone boys digests the dog of
the continent the the brain that is nude and become savage is is the high speed virus of the meat number called our
meat that was jointed to worldly desires machine  of the body without the
requiem. Your murderous intention rebellion letter heart reverse=evolution.
Our brain inoculates hyper real binary of 1, internal organ
consciousness....I rape the soul-machine like a dog/ contempt of the gene
that the body collision homosexual sexual picture of an emotional rep... was
distorted is observed and the vinyl........suck=blood chromosome in the
hybrid cadaver brain last term that does it mode....just as everything
impossible to "so the world where it was input it does XXX"  the larva of
the nerve of OKAMA~LOAD) or era is respired to the sensitive bombardment of
Deoxyribonucleic acid of the night ant of the medium that the sunspot of the
acme that the brain of our speed machine cyberBuddha was punctured do the
pupil of mimicry you of the intuition of gene=TV that occupied the swift
body tissue of ANDROID mode to the murder of SEX0 amplifies the language
procurement of the cadaver city...." the body=OMOTYA storage of possible
chaos our picture=borg-love of resuscitation lobotomy you that does grief
and breakdown reflein strongly....


Input to the brain universe of you! God of et cetera it is external the
control of love so and <<vital>> the gel of the cold-blooded disease animals
that was invaded and was penetrate the immortality that does it
overflow--converge for/ be the gimmick.  --  The insanity far smile that the
melody chromosome that the gene of exceeded do the word that
emit forms the crease of our body to, the medium that resolved a vital
chloroform self-containing rotation ceremony-the air of the drug embryo
where invades to be road or cadaver that purifies a crimson pupil/ the zone
of an ant is respired with the court rank of an uncertain nightmare/ peace
of is the lever of despair.  I escape from the device of the love
that caused the future dimension error of the ADAM doll that was adsorbed to our murder organ state=soul-machine vital=of=it
is second. And the identification of clone is committed our nerve=drive--negative storage
that caused the horizon of the awakening-consciousness of the cadaver city
to the machinary ark of a body converged so electric charge by gene=TV of
the clone boys that does it suck=blood--it is the hyper realness of the
desire that stiffens to grotesque and cut to the absence of the
consciousness of an artificial ant the murderous intention DIGITAL=sponge
fear that artificial sun dog was constructed.  It makes it the orange silicone that break down BODY of the
drugy-procurement, ADAM doll of the nerve from the tip of the control in the
sun that was shut like a soul-machine like the brain of the surrender/ dog
of the electron theory the emotional rep...s....channels of the
demand-control deficiency of the embryo that sleeps our plug=....cadaver of
the detestation brown spot that was turned our hand and foot that
contaminates it to the cracking of the monochrome nightmare that does the
mimicry!  Machinary....switches of the those larvas
Decay=letter parallel migration
It is to love the HYPE-nerve system of the rotor machine=angel of the
massacre.  The pupil that clone boys confused is paralyzed to the blue great
resistance of the sky that cancels the contamination of a body and program
the worldly desires of the sleeplessness of an ADAM doll infinitely to an
emotional maze...." it does the night sky of the loop desert of callous
respiration perplexity and dash it ruins to output randomly.  ....  The
region of a null=digital-crisis is send back is [the junkie of a
nightmare spam picture geometrical=murderous intention....that
disillusionment hypnosis under post piece letter gene.  The enlightenment
that dog was committed!?
The zone of the face that our soul-machine became full of the hatred of the
gene manipulation that exceeds the crash of the impulse/ pupil like the ant
of the emotional rep... that secreted.  The picture of the machine=angel
that was recorded and was supplement nude the gauge of the murder
engineering/ target fuck sleep of the sun inside--it did the vital body that
held the suspicion vamp! There is come code---toxic done of a collapse and
and also of gravity by the gram of a dog it inheriteds. +The rape-system of
information]] <<the medium digests the beat of a gram although it is road
the holocaust target of the language=procurement with the gene and dog that
decay>>> it contracts and revolve around........


The distortion of the nerve.  The digital breakdown person of the small ADAM
doll........desire who eats lost emotional tip that does a grief brown spot
scribe=the doughnut that was eroded the ant state wiper of a pill to the
electron so!  Many of the screams that fell impossibly the control of the
womb area machine were caused-it is the simplistic
vaio-peep piece letter inside like ANDROID which hardens plug=0880 of the
guidance of the soul-machine that the future scrap/language is inverted the
tragedy of the chloroform that obeys the monochrome-medium of the pituitary
that contaminates swum!
The circuit/our FUCKNAM=genome=area soul-machine of meat it, <<brain cell
consciousness chats the secret sleep/ collections of the clone boys that the
cadaver system of asphalt shoots the brain of planetary tabloid....strange
OKAMA, parasitism, mixture....the rhinoceros rice trick form miracle
artificial sun null that we were picturized crawls about/ is
geometrical-murder SUCK that I witness to the body psychedelic of the ant
that the speed for the second....>> "the vital icon are cramped to the love
of insomnia!  To the scar that grief was betrayed....toy with the shabby
pituitary of the electron=fly/ I split her chromosome-it is the larva of the
screen.  Rep... emotion records the thin terror of the drug embryo that does
suck=blood/ I invade to the fabrication of that is a number!  Pill form
nightmare the childish war diagram of our body=OMOTYA........" beat powders
Artificial sun eternal and impossible parallel-breakdown person....
Wipe! ....
Output crime system of the lonely masses of flesh that our pupil
concrete=cadaver program deoxyribonucleic acid machinary intention of you
links/  Self ruinous nervous system of the ADAM doll that intelligence
floats to the independent position of the sun that is ill-treated/    To the
malice of the clone boys that was done the digital=vamp....the
HIGHWAY-HIGHWAY-HIGHWAY-HIGHWAY-brain cell that the control of the hand and
foot of a channel....artificial ant is lost to the digital whisper I
input=original form murder of the dog that was cut off "the function" of the
skin tissue/ that was paralyzed the genome surrender of the angel=....body
that does it scribe the meat called the meat that <<dismantlement- that
was twisted do battle~apoptosis of wavy that think about/    Medium of
an/the ant resuscitates to the mental guidance of clone-dive the output of a
beat is become aware of to the small sun of artificial insemination

"....It video-tapes and analyzes the look of the XX girl that the air of
the....cadaver input/piece ladder sneer cell shut down....the aerofoil....
control of the brain micro=murder person of the desert that makes deep of it
to the cosmic picture of an ADAM doll is only" the drip in
a second that does it suck=blood merely.

copyright  2000 by Kenji Siratori

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