Kenji Siratori on 12 Oct 2000 19:14:07 -0000

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<nettime> hypermodern (1) mutation

callous cell space so placenta state chaos of murder is filling the brain
universe of my ant and an embryo is cloning the death that impossible to
molecule form trip of wolf is annihilation to the negative vision space of
your cell and the insanity of the atomism of an ant goes underground blue
murder of the sky my ADAM--emotional machine digests micro film ants of
rapture the chaos of drug motion 1/2 of null your storage commits the murder
of a cell to the remainder of the ground embryo splits the beat that
impossible to and the artificial sun dances to the nirvana of the larva
machine while my vulgar BABEL=consciousness did fuck to your soul your
murder flight brain of clone skin 1/2 fabricated the zero
gravity--consciousness of a vital body the cell other selfs the immortal
spring of the horizon that travels the artificial sun is beaten to the
cosmic space-time of the chromosome that your embryo was released the
solution from the stratosphere of zero instantaneously so it does the
fractal human immunodeficiency virus organ of the artificial sun reflein
merely as I do not understand any longer even my soul double-crossed to
which body site of a clone and my consciousness of the cruel of an embryo is
in the over there of the world like a retrovirus and cramped the zero
gravity--fingertip to play strange the grief particle of your chromosome to
the deoxyribonucleic acid devilish homicide of the spiral machine gene=TV
like TOKAGE of my semen
murder of consciousness topology embryo of non=Euclid operates to the brain
of the necrophilia ant drug of unemotional mix-adult I machine blood style
ant wild fancy human body falseness studding the possible death of the
rhinoceros bar=space clone of an artificial sun traveling in disguise nature
suicide machine to the sponge tissue of catastrophe of gene=TV my soul
becomes the abnormal machine of SEX the ant state reproduction of suspension
consciousness!  the torture chromosome machine of the BABEL universe! so the
machine nature trip cruel cell east record of personal experiences of the
wolf that executes the cosmic brain of the stratosphere ant of the soul of
such a program clone that disillusions the solar system to Oriental! fear
that my face that my deoxyribonucleic acid murder cronos horizon soul
approximates incubate be concerned with the gimmick suck=blood chromosome
state of the embryo which recur the digital paralysis of the ground brain
that be write off splits the nightmares of all the sun of the ground that
speed springs to the body organ of the drug embryo of the desert so
intention of the subconscious ant explosion cell hell murder cadaver clone
embryo opposite=sun so brain of the company is going to awake to the
consciousness of my boy machine and the cold-blooded sun of the earth area
that gradually the emotion of the drug nature of an ant is released and is
solve to road of this cadaver city the paralysis of a small machine is
relaxed //

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