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> why did you send it to me? don't you think i know the palestinian's
> point of view? generally, it's all true. and you know my harsh criticism
> of my country's policy over the years.
> but, there's also another that side. just yesterday two israeli reserve
> soldiers that got lost on the way to their base, were put in arrest in a
> palestinian police station. then they were beaten by the policemen, were
> thrown out the 2nd floor window to the excited mob, who beat them,
> stabbed them, mutilated them, burned them to death and dragged the
> bodies tied to a car over the streets.
> can you, or anybody, justify this act? under any circumstances? can you
> imagine the horror?
> they could be my friends, my family. they could be me.

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Sent: Friday, October 13, 2000 11:41 AM
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> This is from a few of the many of us who can not stand
> it.
> Rachel
> >
> >
> >
> > We are Jews and we have come here to say to the
> > State of Israel and the world:
> >
> >
> > NOT IN OUR NAME the live ammunition, the killing of
> > children, the raging mobs your police permit to
> > terrorize Arab communities within your borders, NOT
> > IN OUR NAME the use of torture as an instrument of
> > state policy, the taking of hostages as an
> > instrument of state policy, the breaking of bones as
> > a sanctioned state policy, the cutting down of olive
> > trees, the dynamiting of homes, the collective
> > punishment of villages, NOT IN OUR NAME the
> > massacres, NOT IN OUR NAME the occupation, NOT IN
> > OUR NAME the state sanctioned  provocations of Ariel
> > Sharon, NOT IN OUR NAME, the weapons of mass
> > destruction , and above all, NOT IN OUR NAME the use
> > of the Holocaust as camouflage and propaganda.
> > Israel is not the victim of the Palestinians. We say
> > to Israel: You defile the memory of the countless
> > victims of anti-Semitism when you invoke the history
> > of anti-Semitism to avert the condemnation of the
> > world for your aggressions, when the groans of our
> > people become the marshal music of armies of
> > occupation. The memory of Jewish suffering should
> > always link us tenderly to the plight of the
> > oppressed. That is what we mean by "Never Again!"
> > That is why we reject the sinister "even handedness"
> > that blames both sides and that equates the force of
> > those who attempt to lift the boot of the occupier
> off their neck, with the force of those who grind the
> > boot into the neck.
> >
> > That is why we say to Israel:
> >
> > Stop the Killings.
> >
> > End the Occupation.
> >
> > Only Justice will stop a curse. And bring peace

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