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<nettime> http://www.financialcrimes.com/ censored


Friday, 29th of September
Dear friends of the Financial Crimes, we have just 
received the following email and found that the FC 
website was taken down by our provider:


"Dear Sirs,

Today we received a complaint about the content of the website
'financialcrimes.com',especially the download and printing of a document
in newspaper format entitled the "Financial Crimes" (the 'Document').

Under UK law Easyspace Ltd. can be held responsible for the content of the
Document. The Document also breaches our Service Agreement, which states:

Clause 5.3: "The Service must not be used by the Customer ... (b) to send,
receive,upload, download, use or re-use any information or material which
is ... defamatory ...in breach of ... copyright ... or any other rights".

The breaches were reported as follows:

"1. The Document reproduces material which infringes our client's
copyright. In particular we refer to the "flying man" illustration on page
1 of the Document and to the extract from the front page of the Financial
Times for June 19/June 20 1999 which appears on page 13 of the Document.

2. Further, by using a combination of elements confusingly similar to our
client sproprietary get up (including the uniquely distinctive pink
background which has been used by our client since 1893) the Document
amounts to a misrepresentation that is calculated to damage the
considerable and global goodwill attaching to our client's business. In
other words, your customer is committing the tort of passing off."

Taking the above in consideration we have put the website on hold. If you
would like Easyspace to continue to host your site, we do require you to
remove the offending Document from the site, otherwise you may move your
site elsewhere.

Yours Sincerely,

Easyspace Ltd."


We are working on a solution on how to keep the Financial Crimes service
up and running. If you wish to contact us, please email to

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