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<nettime> Surrender_bit

Desert function of the nerve dismantlement/ apoptosises of we=TOKAGE it
operates....(of masses of flesh) ultra-extinction that construct the
solitude of the rape language/anti=lobotomy of the planetary screen,
artificial ant of a soul-machine the insanity that did it to the internal
organ consciousness that medium gene=TV suffers the miracle of the dog that
the miracle crowds the digital genealogy of the paradise=blood that adsorbs
to our picture=cadaver/

The body fluid of cruel/ clone boys of the rhythm that the lobotomy, the
artificial sun of the murder machine, love of the air-line....asphalt that
the rhinoceros piece brain, cadaver city of the dog of which are infected
with the miserable beat of the clone->ADAM doll of the blue sky and walk was
opened do the mimicry to the scanner of grief collects machinary death God
and digest....'the control of world, or body=OMOTYA external'.  LOAD.  Our
lonely mass of flesh is "the instinct" of reason is output->enough body
organ->systematic despair machines that replicate the emotion of the
noisy-existence->gene=TV state->ant the digital of cold-blooded disease
animals are break down be like the chaos heat quantity of a dog so.
<Geometrical murder> is input->it is our soft deoxyribonucleic acid channel.
Our parasitic=mime brain universe.

The guilty nick sexual love space....boy plugs of the herd....cosmic gays of
the masses of flesh that conceived DIGITAL discharges the shit of a dog the
murderous intention/our emotional rep... of road that lurks to the
artificial sun so is controlled/it is the invader of the internal organ who
does the picture of the self ruinous body cable....cold-blooded disease
animals of the ants to imbalance fuck!  Gene war....isolation done blue sky
fear of clone boys....

"it is suck=blood....a soul-machine is inoculated...."  it
is the homosexual sexual nightmare of while that is vital.  Our brain does
gene=TV | it is body=OMOTYA of the atomic nucleus of the laughter that
transplants the minute torture machine of an ADAM doll to the hypothetical
corpse of the artificial sun noise.  I smuggle all of the body fluid that
dog was forgotten to the pituitary of the cadaver city........the violence
circuit of an ADAM doll resuscitates and it is done....ANDROID of desert of
eyes....cadaver city of creature machine mechanism that beats the over there
of the you chromosome of insanity....disillusionment where stimulates the
brain that hardened REPLAY I request the output=nerve of the dog that does
the cyber/speed of suck=blood! God of et cetera to our [heart] that did the
mimicry that I envy.  Asphalt, I crush our stomach....

....the stop that proliferates the insanity of the we=chromosomes to the
blue of the sky that committed murder hungry

Doing the language the emotion function....emotion of the pill that the
delay of the devil that do noise contaminated the brain that quiesce scribe
it does emotion....the drug embryo our emotion that right brain did battle/
<the gravity of the fly> of the anesthesia of the rhinoceros bar=space that
rapes the internal organ that dried! God of the et cetera that records the
future when was scrapped to the consciousness that lost the acrobat fuck! It
is is the basement which sleep does not come dirtily.  The
lobotomy that forms the guidance of love.  ] A picture of the girl that was
jointed to all. is as if the despair of the clone boys rapes the
miracle of evil #.  All miracle done rape.  Emotional rep... genome & game
of] a girl our self replication gene=TV of the cyber crime or speed of the
dog that were betrayed and were chop up the physical instant of an ant-
The machine of the cadaver city beats->it accelerates it monochrome air our
murderous intention=of=hollow causes to dipped the artificial
sun in the insanity medium of the chromosome that was secreted/ it is the
vertical breakdown of the ant that stiffens like the nightmare of the
gimmick girl!      The line of grief is respired....the gradual fission
disease/1, a few,....brain of asphalt communicates it only trip that
broke/the sleep that broke is resuscitated to a guilty nick REPLAY
Our malice of desert with the speed of ANDROID that the lonely ADAM doll
that the murder memory, hatred of "the absent-minded world" that fear
circulates the nerve that the artificial sun that becomes the suicide
machine that impossible to was mystery that be parasitic on the emotion that
was the pupil of the asphalt that become ω so become a
bone dream of the happiness that was ill-treated....the speech center of a
pig/artificial ant of it was reproduced>> I invade to heat quantity and here
output of planetary........

Our emotional rep... respires the reality of the artificial sun
The existence difficult picture of the murder that stretches the cable of
virtual=reality to the internal organ consciousness of a dog and reflect the
artificial sun/ this escape that the hologram of the gimmick girl was turned
and was invade begin to suspected our mechanical beat so....!  We go to war
with the machine-code of vital/ fear=cell that doubles....body=OMOTYA of
grief desert foolish gravity that exploded to the rhinoceros bar=space of
the deoxyribonucleic acid channel that was dissected--lose sight of!  It
disperses....a guilty nick vital=node....war DIGITAL=miracle [

The body of the @ gimmick girl exploded the internal organ consciousness of
a dog is doing fear of the technology that digests the artificial sun
instantaneously, and the whereabout of love.  ....our [heart] committing
suicide like ANDROID I am disillusioned at the miracle that artificial ant
was automatized be external the vital target hatred/the control that the
clone boys rely and be infectious affirm the rape=scene of the womb area
machine be last grief=WEB of the machine=angel that scans hang of the
beat....drug embryo of the unknown quantity-the future when went up to the
storage of infinite murder so! God of et cetera....the machinary-unit....
Bright air-line of body=OMOTYA that does the death of mental derangement
TOKAGE the game

....thinking....without the exit of the artificial ant that restrains the
love of our machine mechanism the second of the circuit/ death of the
immortality of the ADAM doll when I rape is does....our
delicate shutdown brain of the dismantlement heart of the speed that is
unwound be the larva stage of the murder that scrapped the future of you to
such paradise....monochrome malice where it does self-distractive of the
pupil/ cold-blooded disease animals of ANDROID suck=blood!  The dog dog dog
dog which causes slid to the mass of flesh of the nightmare that was
operated our foolish infant nature....respiration of storage the gene of
asphalt!  --to our body to our scar....grief of noise the defilement....body
of the machine is abused by the murderous thinking of a dog.  Non=connection
target=joint.  The acoustics of a virus.  The ruinous angel of a
soul-machine (....I crowd....the mass of flesh that the output-herd is
impossible to think about it inheriteds....).

Our vision  soul-machine that was scrapped is sealed to the body of an
artificial ant and bounce........

....the gimmick girl who inoculates the parasitism-mode of life of a
soul-machine like the pupil that dashes it to the insanity/ of the
shined-chromosome that is external the control of ANDROID=suicide and refine
our malice purely the prison hatred of the ADAM doll that was done junk the
genome that does the dismantlement of a machine=angel desire be enough
miracles that controls the lobotomy of a dirty rebellion dog!  VTR without
the real existence was raped->be projected to road of the
milligram=murderous intention cadaver city of the artificial sun->clone boys
of/the planet of TOKAGE/ants that records vital blue mad shutdown mode that
does it mode with silly gene manipulation

Amniotic fluid mechanism of nightmare of the machine=angel whose eyebrow
that does the love of the mental artificial sun of TOKAGE that was input
/beat rape of our grief=creature....darkness so suck=blood got
does the feature to a mutant]] SOS OUT OF CONTROL

It is is committed//..our deoxyribonucleic acid channel
insanity in the midsummer that erodes <Continent of a bone> of clone boys to
the reality of the artificial sun does the rhythm of the fly....the sleep
that our love did the mimicry of an artificial ant fuck was digested!  Like
body=OMOTYA that was restrained in the future of the drug
embryo....we=asphalt of murderous intention cuts certain sleep there
Perception of a dog

So that our clumsy murderous intention does the grief of the cadaver city
that dances of the dog that gradually murders the
artificial sun the head line~foolish machine of the ADAM doll that
inoculated it [heart] of the unstable communication clone boys of the
chromosome that does fuck does in disguise to the rep...!?  I suck
[speed]->it is the respiration that ANDROID was scrapped! God of the
consciousness, et cetera that were online to the self-containing of VTR,
pink-panther that contaminated firm outside, of a nightmare.  On our love
that is parasitic on our perception that is parasitic on our acceleration
pupil of zero....on our is parasitic))
"hatred of the storage loss, ANDROID...."

The rape=plays of the program....lonely masses of flesh that was break down,
grief=body that was input to the brain of our electron hatred+dog!  Our
DIGITAL-self-containing consciousness the pupil of you that cadaver city
does the brain cell that began to melt puzzle ill-treats a homosexual sexual
anthropoid!  With the silly speed that the artificial ant of the inorganic
substance paradise escapes....the cadaver=picture that emotional rep...=we
of you who dance like ANDROID was welded the horizon top of murder
clone=dive that dashes it the distance of the body that wavers and does....!
I copy it]

Miracle that ran vital/

It is emotional the techno pop of the cadaver city that is parasitic on the
internal organ consciousness of the dog that does in disguise to our
ANDROID-beat....artificial sun that digests the darkness, soul-machine of
blue, TOKAGE of insanity, aerofoil, the murder!  (a dirty
picture) reproduces like an artificial ant--we pull gene=TV that was done
the open still fuck of sensor--road that was discontinued and rub....
Paradise of mechanical sadists/

=ruin]  scanning of a dog/ pupil/ violence/ digital  [space=....
--a girl] of the pupil does ANDROID desire.  I tie the hand and
is while releasing the body odor that becomes to the deoxyribonucleic acid
channel of the cadaver city the saint of a mechanical....pig. ->it is sexual
because the body fluid of the picture of we/ TOKAGE is committed
be....thick....the planetary by of a voice....ant.  Resolution/meat.
[as the ADAM doll that reaches to the insanity that the grief of an
artificial ant by is plundered the cadaver city where in walks our body
fluid that our herd living body of the cell of grotesque, tears off the mask
of chaos and took/ the skin tissue we who were input happy terror the
clone-machine=angel who it was deceived rapes it-it is the soul-machine that
flows silicone! Noisy love of the rep.../our body=OMOTYA artificial sun of
Heaven accelerates the internal organ consciousness of a dog/ the ants body
of the nerve escape/ suffering that become intoxicated with the output-gene
war of clone boys to the emotional rep... of the boundless external hyper
control of the nightmare that cleaves the acid of the masses of flesh that
dials it lonely-the violence of the digital region retro-virus of the
cold-blooded disease animals that dials it/  It does like ANDROID that I was
raped and screen our soul-machine nervous temperament on the asphalt that
awakes and be parasitic/the rhythm of murder the mimicry]

Night sky of the nerve--

I rape the grief that was buried in our cadaver..the pupil like ANDROID of
you dog of orange-to the murder that was resolved masses of flesh of over
there........brain of the deoxyribonucleic acid channel where does in
disguise gets deranged->the future when cold-blooded disease animals were
parasitic alone/ Body fluid that did the mimicry to the screen of the
machine=angel that becomes the noise, noise that radiate heat the storage
guilty nick love without the extent of the cadaver city that clone boys
fit distortion of the beat of our technology....lie of the wolf=space that
recovers the machine line/the....artificial sun of the enlightenment that
was exposed to output--

  our ground=body OMOTYA of the ADAM doll that was write off cuts the
sleep of (the murder+brain) the clone boys of guilty nick grief dog that
burn up the tear strip of the is this negative-VTR of the
artificial sun that restrains the nude brain universe intensively!  We
record the speed that cadaver city was lost (i thrust through basement). is the erase=bad mark! God of et cetera.  The junk soul-machines of
instantaneous/ clone boys of the surrender like the dog of the
machine=angels that ill-treats our [heart]=emotional rep... escapes from
the mask of the intermediate despair/death of the
language=information=retro-virus that does the mimicry to the murderous
speed of an artificial ant so from speed you that beats to machinary was
tied mysterious, it mental was done our scribe that does the lord of the
grief of the gimmick girl game!  The heretic of the nerve!  --it is <the
relaxation of storage>. Creature of the cold-blooded disease that the ADAM
doll that is jointed by the brain cell=speed of TOKAGE that G is dashed
record null of such vital....[heart] that escape /function!  God of et
cetera!/ it is the machine that shut down.  Wonder of planetary/ gene=TV
of the ant that the brain of the desert murders the horon-picture of the
dog that break down~and the artificial sun of the larva is reversed....the
aerofoil of the medium-scribe machine=angels of the clone boys that I was
slaughtered in the cadaver city enough our murderous intention and
milligram that I collect.... --the insanity that is and atom nightmare of
dismantlement/ ant touched murders our emotional rep... insanity/the
storage....clone boys who dog was left the brain universe that was break
down collides....concerned with DIGITAL/internal organ of vital orange/
gimmick girl that camouflage the interior of the womb of the artificial
sun....of the blue of the explosion, the sky were digested-it is our level
nonexistent modification!  I bury the corpse that dog was burnt disgrace
to cyber space->it is the guilty nick coagulation of cold-blooded disease
animals. ....the sun contaminates it and be mental/ dog immortality
thinking this cadaver city mimicry done battle desire of TOKAGE where it
was reproduced the sun.. Body OMOTYA, ADAM doll.... I bury all of disgrace
to cyber space --it is noise.  Like TOKAGE that recovers the dusk of the
placenta world....the % lobotomy of ruin do rhythm.  /The virtual-reality
of [heart] is break down/it is the beat that was full to the treachery of
clone boys! The cranch-number is erased.

  the G that body....ADAM doll was murdered is respired to our mime body of the underground world that thinks about the speed
of the desire of the hyper real=cadaver city that VTR of a dog burn up
through the brain cell membrane of the ruinous reality->dog of <the
replication of the pantheon> the->artificial sun that crowds the bug of
the clone boys that invades do the mimicry in the miracle of the virus
that lost speed so! ....i accumulate it to the outside shell of
information emotional shit and to configure....and the speed of ANDROID
continues to recover the mode of the immortality of the
strategic....soul-machine that caused mutation to our internal organ
consciousness.  The echo possible desert of clone boys!  Even what does
not project and be spontaneous and the love like the cable of
machine=angel..TOKAGE of de suicide Tyre VTR during noisy gene=TV....mass
of flesh lonely.  To depend.  Explosion of the mankind=codes.... As
DIGITAL=dissection....of a resuscitates....our insanity breaks
through VTR of the reptilian of road+murder/ it does as
DIGITAL=despair....of clone boys....suck=blood.... ....i invade the
sadistic brain universe of the anthropoid/ we dash the
intoxication....cadaver city of the brain where broke..../it is replicated
by the desire without the body of the channel....clone boys of the
machine=angels that I was raped body, of an of pupil of it is
grotesque.  It is impossible control.  Asphalt of the artery that was
paralyzed is cut-=our insanity the machinary-reproduction of the
artificial sun that coexists---.  [the nerve loss/speed does the murder
without the shined modification code of TOKAGE that crawls up to control
external of the nightmare that fills........the emotional rep... that we
were opened desire eats break the infinite weather of clone boys and!  
<the vampof a virus>. Techno pop wolf=space....the tragic lens of the
lonely masses of flesh that does" us suck=blood so.  Love speeds up....the
blue desire of the sky is the murder that did it the
mimicry of storage........ <<soft=gravity of the ADAM doll that inheriteds
in the over there of grief so is controlled....the respiration of vein you
that cadaver city was cut off makes it autonomic to road....the brain of a
dog with/with the speed of the soul of ANDROID that I was
ill-treated....death floatation cub desert-machine line/ ....out of the
civilization that cold-blooded disease was output/ the masses of flesh
that were covered with a machine communicate the musical scale of murder
merely>> The nude-input-malice of clone boys.  That that joints the larva
condition of ANDROID at the center of the internal organ does good
feeling/ it contaminates it while our heteromaniac=existence
mode....speed....nature of soil of body=OMOTYA did it to a virus the
mimicry severely within respiration line....Africa of the metal quality of
the terror happy....artificial sun of an ADAM doll the output-brain of a
dog canceled a planetary function so-the grief of the matrix of the
gene=war raped the composition of a picture of the cadaver city.  Like the
locus that our soul-machine escapes.... [the material within the brain
committed suicide-]. To the planet that sexual anthropoid is not done fuck
yet homosexual! ADAM doll+ The clone boys who do the wandering body of the
gradual collapse....ant of the torture medium....silicone type of the
future of the machine=angel the digital=vampdigested a soul-machine with
the internal organ consciousness of a dog without being able to sleep!  
The picture hunting that clones our spring speed of ANDROID to the small
circuit of the cadaver city!  Our grief=of so=the human genome area
reproduces the artificial sun to is a nude zone.  ~The
apoptosis-script object of worship of TOKAGE ((we are parasitic on the
speed of ANDROID!  )).  The living body be VTR of the nerve of
we=body=OMOTYA that radiates the lonely picture of the cadaver city from
the blue rape-screen of the sky!  It is so that the genital organs of
ANDROID recover pork grief so!  --

 | the lobotomy of the larva nature/ suicide of the drug-eye that invades
to the death God device of road rebels against the insanity and despair of
a chromosome/medium

  the pupil grief that the vital temptation FUCKNAM clone boys who the
soul-machine of this gene=TV machinary~grief dog rapes the hallucination
medium of the cyber space=ADAM doll! God of the et cetera that does the
cadaver city~scribe was restrained does our emotional rep.......I dissect
(we) who the rigidity/the artificial sun of the random body....electron of
the murder=ant did to the internal organ consciousness of a dog to output
in disguise nude was recorded /rotate like the
deoxyribonucleic acid channel.  To rhinoceros bar crime/picture you of
pupil of suicide code cadaver city break down the brain....future when
swelled up/ VTR that replicates it the self of body=OMOTYA to output/ it
is vital. DIGITAL=center of gravity....impossible, lonely masses of flesh
of the thinking....human genomes that were exposed inoculate noise The sun
that profiling=mental, we of TOKAGE who VTR that was connected to the
grief of clone boys dash weakened....infinite pleasure....asphalt of
soul-machine that began to melt our eddy....[heart] of the nerve that
awoke murders the pupil of a dog to control external of the cadaver city
that digests the storage of murder/the digital miracle of the artificial
sun is break down!  We who are parasitic on the bug of you inhabit to the
program that was is our future as the creature (grotesque)
the heart.  I escape from the planet of an ant strategically!  The small
size-bar of visual that be lightened as the artificial sun meditates the
null storage of the cadaver city in our guilty nick skin tissue....a
sense-it does for.  A physical plug.  "i record it--the
hardcore:machine=angel who all the pictures spread to our silicone as the
rebellion without the chaos of the drug embryo that is jointed" to the
living body does gene=TV of a soft ADAM doll fuck.  The repeatedly....  
It does 1 gram of desert of the ugly body=OMOTYA........gimmick girls of
the clone boys where deciphers the suicide code of the artificial sun LOAD
cause a picture burn up 8 mm and our chromium=living body is
metamorphosing into the junkie deoxyribonucleic acid channel that armed
and did the digital=vampartificial ant of impotent battle of machine
mechanism/ TOKAGE and derangement and parasitism of mental....our
soul-machine does in disguise to the desire that cadaver city was secretes the love of the internal organ of asphalt and
resuscitate.  The nightmare of ecstasy.  It ruins....BUDDHA called the
world that murders an emotional after-image with the noise of the heart
like ANDROID like ANDROID---.  DADA of the electron theory that escapes
from the gravity that does dive to the desire of a virus.  Our grief be
like the crowd of the guilty nick masses of flesh that does the screen
suck=blood.  Speed of cold-blooded disease animal acquired immunological
deficiency syndrome and others that was infectious to cyber space is
inoculated-- The spiritual vaio-s of a/the cyber area!->until every day of
you does noisy- gene=TV of the drug embryo is external the
control of the desire that break down nano machine form struggle instinct/
ADAM doll after ecstasy.  I commit is the soul-machine that
ANDROID was digested!  To all the murderous intentions that VTR beats] the
ultra=nerve of the gimmick girl that was jointed happily the terror of an
ADAM doll....the internal organ consciousness of a dog reports it....the
miracle of the ant is purified to selfish catastroph of
information........the season of a chromosome burn up to the animal
region/the artificial sun of our cold-blooded disease Their planetary
AC->body of an/the ant distorts the language of grief the nerve-worldly
desires device of orange beat....TOKAGE that rape the blue of the sky that
does cranch that is inverted/ it is like body=OMOTYA that does internal
organ....gene=TV of the dog that was left to cyber space fuck.  The
emotional rep... of the cadaver city escapes so with the chaos that we got
ruined....the rigidity, our consciousness of the shutdown grief of the
grief that become aware of are online the rhinoceros bar suicide line of
nude/plug....machine=angel that tortures illegal of ANDROID to the digital
ill-treatment of an ADAM doll inside the derangement of shit~ that
controls the monsters of weird is vital
contraction.  To the masses of flesh of the nightmare that were mystery!  
(we sever the larva of the brain on a monitor to the internal organ
consciousness of the pornography sham)-- I rape the present of ANDROID
like body=OMOTYA that stuck to "the reality=raw of is our skizoid and others....ozone diseases that was jointed
in the struggle condition of chromosomal aberration....TOKAGE of you!  
Vital volatilization!  Our planet that drug embryo does the cadaver that
becomes unknown game" It receives it like a dog.... [i push an ADAM
doll=cyber desert+cruel....switch....the nightmare of the
instantaneous+....amniotic fluid mechanism of the murder cadaver/the
DIGITAL-scream of replicates the love of asphalt inside the pupil of you!
God of et cetera/the joke of lonely masses of flesh is input.  Mimicry
habit of the medium....cadaver of the immortality of the rigidity
artificial sun of anal-floats....a/the digital=vamp The gravity of
body=OMOTYA made of rubber does gene=TV fuck onotonously!  --is parasitic
machine mechanism of dog of the, on the internal organ that was resolved!
Machinary God of you.  The joint in the last term of the monochrome earth
that reverses our boundless temptation....nerve fiber of the blue
murderous intention ANDROID_invader....virus of the sky that the gimmick
girl passes the communication of lonely masses of flesh and cut the
hearing of the worldly desires.--the grim deoxyribonucleic acid channel of
an artificial ant clone boys->->it is done in the nude/a miracle it is
online it to the rape=disillusionment device of a/the cadaver
the mechanical nightmare of cold-blooded disease animals.

 | battle that began to melt from the skinhead of brain cell ANDROID of
the dog death of information transmission be the noise of "the
eradication" of ADAM doll that does the storage of murder LOAD in the
reproduction area where artificial ant got deranged like the machine=angel
who crowds to the screen of the cadaver city so the gray junkie of the
placenta world who inheriteds!  It exists in the mime miracle of the is covered blood and the murder gimmick of the thinking
that is dispersing to our brain....  beat.  Fear=cell [picture target]
that passed the pupil of you.  It does the mechanical original condition
of a/the foolish umbrella hallucination--- The chromium of drug embryo of
aerofoil that grew.  -- Someone respires the ruin/MHz of an artificial
ant....cyber space of which depend alone and you of ADAM doll of
bio-less....masses of flesh was restrained murderous intention internal
organ consciousness that becomes unknown the spirit of TOKAGE that was
online it in the cadaver city the far brain cell fear that does it scribe~
the dog which expands the love of asphalt gene=TV of which does junk/the
cell that broke be parasitism person! It is medium the blue rape=thyroid
of the sky that penetrates the medium of the desert line 01 that do
exorcist of the cold-blooded disease animals that explode. --the ADAM doll
that our internal organ consciousness does in disguise burn up the
insanity medium, chloroform that were disillusioned to our storage that
lost....the digital justice of the murder of the sea,
machine mechanism of the gene who permeated the blue of the artificial are write off/ it is the boundless existence of the clone boys
that was input to the love of asphalt.  Zero=of=beat.  Grief is does the code of the creature_desire
that was synthesized /digest valve of a nightmare on the cadaver city
decay....i perceive new sleep.  [ Nude, null, emotional rep... that
randomly releases the penis of death....our temptation of the internal
organ of the dog that joints in sadistic_fermentation/ homosexual sexual
ultra slough week of the cyber....the soul-machine that was paralyzed does
suck=blood merely is in the bio-less seasons of the grief and
piston........clone boys of the machine=angels!  It resolves it


As the brain of the desert goes to war in the body of a dog so/ murder
field screen of the artificial ant that was programed to the soul-machine
of the disillusionment/ Chloroform spirit of TOKAGE is
the monster of the invisibility of the desire that the vital drug, our
rhythm of the techno pop crisis escape cyber omage of <<fusion>> that
deforms in the the zero=beat....veins of the future
human beings that weakened with the hyper real monitor/body of marijuana
form....gene=TV....  I love it like the asphalt that road laugh as and
like the color of the despair that was simulated-the artificial sun that
gets deranged be the homosexual sexual circle ring of the fly that murders
the ADAM doll that was output the pituitary.  The paradise which chaos was
broken.  Recover the empty drug embryo who hole opened from the strategy
of the scatology of the cadaver city/B..../medium! It erases it....
"empty, it becomes battle, speed....the yearning of meat" --i escape from
from the function of a dog.  Cable-feti of shit~ proliferates.  Our
body=OMOTYA does noise to the ruinous desire of an artificial ant....the
impotent head line.... "out-of-pills.." ....the soul-machine like our
[ANDROID] does the vaioof an artificial dog mode~/ I walk with the hybrid
grief of the cadaver city....the artificial sun it purifies the insanity
of the medium of a rotates with the electron interior of
the womb of hatred.  Doing the nerve_cyber line....junk of body=OMOTYA it
does junk....our beat....vital coefficient that does it the
empire]....mimicry of [body/hyper real grief like an ant....the murder of
the dog that murder does error so loses is the reality of
the angel mechanism! does mode~ /it is the brain of the desert.--
....the modest hatred of an artificial ant is become aware of/ our living
body committed the indefinite nature region of murder-like the
soul-machine of the desert that gradually does it reverse evolution....the
gravity of the no destruction of the cadaver city that I was ill-treated
to the machinary_respiration line! God was split-clone boys store the
bio-less solitude of masses of flesh to the grief that moves and
contracts.  [quantum jump] Control external suicide nucleus where it was
break down by the body of an ant/ A cruel gene.  [it does noise....[heart]
that was done the fuck of the digital region/ clone boys of our body MHz
murder be vital SUCK on nude gene=TV, screen that flows!  ....] The pupil
that the planet of the ADAM like our plant machine became
full to the malice of the dog that collides is going to reproduce of
artificial sun sensation that impossible to....I am ill-treated to the
grief and gravity in the short just before of the cadaver city so and was
restrained /infectious the cardiopulmonary function of murder/ the
cold-blooded disease animals of the angel mechanism are controlled!  The
zero=speed of a soul-machine.  ANDROID despair_brain is projected on the
pupil of [embryo] that hardened....the pill form scream of the aerofoil
none....machine=angel/ ....i intercept it.... It is vital OUT-PUT....

The streamline of <the meat> that was dropped the FUCKNAM_brain cell/ out
of a/the XX boy/and others/ the bottom....despair of the pupil of the dog
that awakes our murder so be the mad=nude paradise/nerve real white
earthworm- that inputs the game of solitude like the angel who broke
/dance to the machine mechanism....without standing to the brain universe.  
A thinking persecution.  --the smile over there sun resolution--. Our
nerve abused ADAM doll of grief that hardened-the sea of terror happy/
gene where put on the shoes of womb area machines hates it to the sexual
mass of flesh button of the cadaver city.  ....reproduction, and it
becomes serene and our soul-machine goes to war when only the mode in the
last term Narcolepsy.

Ant of which beats ugly womb area machine freezes body fluid explode the
reproduction possible murder of the drug_embryo as it is planetary
and--the gradual murder system of ANDROID that proliferates--the
mechanical brain of a dog/ the secret of the wild existence/ you of the
virus that got deranged be "good feeling" to be parasitic on digital so.  
The rebellion and invasion of the brain universe that crowd in the cadaver
city.  Clone that floated the artificial sun to the nerve system of the
love of the ADAM doll that tripped laughs/

Air abuses body=OMOTYA.  Our vital=chromium adheres to the dirty cerebral
cortex of the cadaver city.  A memory=second. The pupil of you that the
hypothetical wild area/ program of the artificial sun that a/the body
explodes in--0 and 1 middle where does the murderous intention of the dog
overflow_hybridize does does the vampjust as it is nude
the larva of the worldly desires nature of gene=TV transforms/do
the body of the genetic engineering as <ant> to the emotional line that
the gimmick girl was cut/the sadistic_affection of pill is controlled
merely "@ savage nerve_tank of TOKAGE that does it scribe~
becomes full of the grief of the machine mechanism...."

copyright © 2000 by Kenji Siratori

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