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<nettime> posting, Isreal-Palestine, net.time

Regarding this matter of media-oriented postings, the Israeli- Palestine
conflicts discussion and efforts to bring information to net.time from the
Palestine resistance or an Israeli peace movement (?) Some information from
Israeli leftist movements would be  informative and would contribute to a more
holistic knowledge of what is happening, perhaps, especially if there is any
communication between  a leftist pacifist group in Israel and the Palestinian
people themselves, for example. There must be efforts to quell aggression on
both sides.

I have been, for a week, trying to connect with Palestinian activists about
what they might be doing on the Net, trying to get some accounts and so
forth--hopefully to post on net.time. I'm not getting any response however.
Given the brutality described by Salloum who is very knowledgeable, it may be a
kind of luxury for Palestinian artists to describe their net activity while the
conflict is so painful and harsh. I could not say. Civilians and journalists
and activists there may be going crazy from the attacks and the fear!  We can
certainly not underestimate the climate of communication or lack thereof in
that part of the world right now. I'll keep trying...hope others will as well.
Our connections to artists and activists there is support!

In the meantime, if anyone is responding to the call for SOLIDARITY with the
Palestinian artists and doing any events, making any phone calls or writing any
letters, emails to biased media, working on any vigils, protests in their own
countries or other kinds of actions, I would hope that net.time would see
announcements and reports of these activities as worthy to be on the list and I
hope that net.timers post what they are doing, seeing, reading.

I hope that the space of net.time can handle potential disagreements regarding
the Middle East long enough to support (in the future) free exchange of
information about it. It may take some time.

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