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<nettime> censorship by Roma Commune

I wish to state a complaint about the Roma commune.

I am the admin of the machine,, which also hosts web material by
Francesa Da Rimini, through its sub site, But is she alone in her
"obscene" expression and why does the Commune of Roma support other outlets of
obscene expression while supressing only a selected few?

Recently, in fact during this very period when the censorship was taking place,
I was on holiday in Roma and I was shocked to find, in the Barbarini Museo,
paintings of a horrible nature that are on plain display to anyone who pays the
admission fee. This includes children -- and even worse, as if they are EU
citizens persons under 18 are entitled to free admission.

Whilst in this museum I was absolutely disgusted to be confronted by two
obscene paintings from some unknown Frenchman called Poussin, obviously a
pedophile who should be prosecuted without delay. These two paintings depict a
"Child's Bacchanalia", including fornicating children. They are probably famous
among deviants and sickos the world over, even though no decent art critic ever
heard of this obvious non-entity Poussin. He painted not just children but
infants engaging in druken orgies. Why is the Commune of Roma supporting such
illicit foul "art" when it is plainly obvious to everyone that children are
dear, sweet innocent creatures which do not engage in any such behaviour? Why
does the commune of Roma only censor the internet whilst its very own museums
are monuments to a monstrous depravity the world has never seen the like of

I will point out that not only this not the only example of obscene art in
public spaces or museums in Roma, only the worst instance that I was subjected
to. There are numerous examples including in the same museum, in the next room,
an overly realistic depiction of the Old Testament story of Judith. The
naturalistic images of the face of Judith and Holofernes and Judith's servant
could only have been painted from real-life. Not only that but I found out the
painter was also a murderer! HE also paints naked young children and them tries
to pass them off as "saints". It's UNHEARD of. How DARE the roma commune
display these paintings in its museums.  There are numerous other examples of
naken men and women cavorting all over the place in plain view in Roma. And the
CHURCHES, God forgive them they are full of the most morbid imagery every known
to mankind, some by this same murderer-artist I mentioned before. I even went
to one place made completely out of dead people's BONES!

It is an outrage the Commune of Roma only censors the Internet when obviously
it spends thousands of Lira every year displaying the most depraved artwork in
full public view (free to children!).

I demand the commune take further action on this matter and hold a public
disposal of these obscene artworks or I for one will never be returning to
Italy ever again, and will be urging the boycott of it by every civilised
human. Barbarians.


concerned sysadmin
Autonomous Organisation
Sydney Australia.
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