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Dear Nettimers,

If you are interested in information on the region from the middle east, I'm
sending these suggestions, lists and sites, from a friend who works in the
Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut, and I've added a couple on the bottom.


You can also contact "Muna Hamzeh-Muhaisen" <> she is a
Palestinian from Dheisha camp in Bethlehem and she writes regular diaries of
what is happening, so you may contact her and give her your e-mail address so
that she includes you in the list

There are many case studies and photos at:

and check out:

and for a very well detailed site with tons of information from a down to
earth legal perspective and that also has articles on the The Palestinian
Security Services' (PSS) torture and criminal liability see;

and more, arab & jew coalitions etc:


2...... 	From: (Dror WARSCHAWSKI)


3...... 	From: "David Howell" <>

For some Australian activities, please see

Australian Arabic Council


David Howell

4........  	From:

Dear Jayce,

Good to hear from you. You are welcome to republish electronically any of
the stories we have currently at; I recommend the
articles by Lisa Suheir Majaj, Ella Shohat and Susan Chatman. There is also
an interesting piece by an American about working in a Palestinian school,
Hope Flowers, and I would be happy to forward that to you ("Teaching
Democracy and Coexistence" by Brett Kline).

I would be happy to report to you about Open Tent's work in southern
California. You can read a report I published on the Open Tent site under

Please visit Open Tent. Another organization which I work with and which is
progressive is Ivri-NASAWI (


Jordan Elgrably
Open Tent Middle East Coalition

5........... 	From: molly hankwitz <>;

I recommend the articles by
Lisa Suheir Majaj, Ella Shohat and Susan Chatman.

6......... 	From: molly hankwitz <>
	Subject: fax action for the Palestinian people

     Dear Friends,

 Global Exchange, a human rights organization based in San Francisco, has
launched an instant fax-away that demands justice for the people of
occupied Palestine.  Go to the link below, enter the required information,
and hit "send."  Your fax will then be instantly sent to the U.N. Secretary
General Kofi Anan's office in New York.  Please forward this email to your
networks so that together we can flood Mr. Anan's fax machine with
thousands of letters calling for international protection for the
Palestinians!  The international community has been silent long enough!
 No justice = No peace!

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