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<nettime> AD_murder_in disguise_animal calendar

clone-spectacle of the spiral chromosome of my centipede burn up eternal
tympanum of the fatalities is opened and the topology of a micro_artificial
sun murder game the simulacle_suspension consciousness of the clone embryo
that the suicide machine of my soul dashes!your storage that her body
becomes discrete is split brain that i was beaten to the eyeball of the
nightmare of his x_octave to the eyeball of an ant goes to ruin with the
digital proliferation of wolf of artificial sun the grief of the cell death
of the exercise earth to the death that impossible to be write off
deoxyribonucleic acid of our herd ant of the etc_gene of outer space gets
deranged  adam_machine of your earth travels the monochrome body of the
embryo that goes mad and dismantle the cruel rhythm of the larva machine it
respires and the humor machine of the drug mechanism of the artificial sun
explodes the murderous body fluid of your machine that digests the zero
gravity_grief cell of a drug heart of the earth area external laughter of
the clone embryo sticks in my skin the jab protoplasm space of the love of
wolf is being cloned like the beat of the death that is not able to return
with twice there is not the horizon in her cadaver city so there are how
many muscle thing horizons merely only so the end of your deoxyribonucleic
acid the drug-motion like clone=reptilian of the consciousness of an embryo
so our future i try our gene soul of the drug mechanism of the
god_machine!universe of the ant that outer space becomes an insect becomes
the reproduction organ of my brain because the embryo to her death is
collected to the suspension consciousness of his soul-machine cruelly
because the ADAM_suicide machine of the artificial sun does short to your
pupil eternally your true cell of the lapse of memory zero of the emotional
zero of the embryo zero of the murder zero of zero of my heat interior of
the womb of her zero that splits subconsciously wonder of the small small
gums that does the eve_body of the artificial sun game in such a basement
which you who our melody respires the velocity of light murderous intention
of a cell continue to be the infinite other self of the artificial sun
Immature suicide machine of the clone embryo because wolf loop the apoptosis
style of the artificial sun with the back of our tympanum

history of our lonely face i caress the skin of the insanity of the clone
that wolf is infected to the murder intention of outer space and the
subconscious of your ant did the ADAM_cadaver of the sun falseness the drug
stratosphere of soul it pulls the mask of my eve_machine that the
consciousness of an embryo is parasitic and peel off it and the cosmic crime
net of the virus reproduces to her brain so cyber-host that god machine was
beaten the consciousness of your clone embryo diverges "death" of clone that
we love is infectious to the nervous system of the fabrication of the
artificial sun at abnormal speed drug-eye of the eve_cells of the outer
space that the suck=blood chromosome of your soul rapes and dances strangely
on the horizon of our deoxyribonucleic acid is blasted my consciousness
committed the murder of the milligram unit so and all the disillusionments
of BABEL that changed toward the chaos of a vital body were operated a gene
happy virus of the infinite=zero of the artificial sun was infected to the
clonic_urban_area of the corpse body of ADAM=dogs her cell of clone embryo
of our subconscious is and come and also of death was being cloned my
<immortality> of the whole had awoke to the body just as the digital herd of
wolf so as if it attaches the outline of the non=vital target death of the
clone_embryo the site so your emotion drifts ashore in the central over
there without the limit of his chaos as for my monochrome (asphalt of it is
contrary=the sun target with) brain (cosmic vital curvature of the clone)
even the beginning of our micro_murder there is not even an end i record sex
of the quantum theory of only ant with the gradual placenta of fatalities
merely and it does the callous hell of your cell noise with the decay of our
small subconscious "he ADAM clone machine state grief brown spot+apoptosis
universe melody! he immortality death perception resuscitation"

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