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<nettime> book of the brain, --antibody of apoptosis, Sodo-Millz (1) .. (3)

From: "Kenji Siratori" <>
Subject: "book of the brain"   
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 03:31:38 +0900

our replicant nerve fiber evaporates air of an embryo is instigated to the
drug mechanism to the black hole of the ADAM_suicide machine of an ant and
the original of the zero of the placenta is diverged my soul solves the
monochrome artificial sun molecules of the happiness that were scrapped by
the cruel deoxyribonucleic acid organ of the world to the apoptosis
stratosphere of the clone_embryo and release murder traveling in disguise
nature virus of our gene=TV is send back out complicated seed of murder is
formed within the ant of the cyber toward my original topologic wolf=space
the consciousness of the larva machine of an embryo secretes the
cold-blooded circuit BABEL_creature of my brain in the outer space where you
were lost liquefy our <breakdown> so and their thin air to the sea area of
the death which the clone that is infectious impossible to because my
consciousness enables the see_birth with the inorganic substance eyes of the
artificial sun our clone is loved to the stratification of the
micro_crime_machine of the earth area frivolous brain of the fatalities goes
across the life of your drug mechanism there is come so and you and also of
because the artificial sun respires the disillusionment era as long as the
subconscious like my ant is concatenating scattering cadaver every part of
your embryo cruelly in quest of the soul of the cyber of such wolf that
records machine small of my murder clones kiss the infinite horizon of the
cadaver of the mystery that the brain of the ruin of the artificial sun was
simulated murder dynamic subconscious of our virus that is to diffuse the
machine that the earth that is to draw the fission line of a soul-machine
loves radiates the eroticism of a clone of below <regeneration> below <ruin>
primitive drug_embryo of the murder machine of violence->for only chaos it
resuscitates like the mechanical body of the darkness universe of an ant so

what thing to ill-treat my micro_awakening that i rape or our earth operates
the sonic_suicide organ of the artificial sun a gene infinite cell war of
the surface of the earth your machine that the brain of the fatalities does
rhythm does the death of the immortality of the ants of a clone reflein
throat under of my chaos the vulgar consciousness of the original murder
traveling in disguise deoxyribonucleic acid drug embryo was scooping out
from inside your pupil of chromosome murder density MAX that become the
speed of the promotion of the retro_virus that requests the nerve of a brain
dismantlement-subsidence universe dog are extracted in the cruel outer space
of the ADAM machine i who caused the inorganic substance blood of
BABEL_creatures dashed to over there of lapse of memory of mankind am
contrary=the soul of the sun does noise to the ant state gimmick surface of
the nightmare crease of the darkness of the cell_war it upheaves gimmick
body that activates drug-motion gimmick life becomes the desire speed of a
drug all of inheritance tissue are disillusioned with the back of my eyelid
so your our larva deoxyribonucleic acid my artificial soul recovers the
brain of gene=TV of BABEL by the roots to proliferate the pupil of your cell
private grief to incubate the seed of the death of a clone ants that girl it
that boy it is the struggle condition of a machine is the noisy_body of a
drug are breaking through the horizon that is the artificial sun suicide
organ of this cadaver city because the earth of their brain records the
secretion of the fabrication gland of ADAM as the truth of_eve_is the
reproduction virus of the replicant gene universe because it does
four_powders toward the artificial insemination of the death that the clone
that we love impossible to so cadaver of space of the nerve of my murder
traveling in disguise animal is contrary=it was perceived by the spring
sound of the sun air with the drugy_air of the suicide machine of the embryo
that bursts

! your suck=blood chromosome repeats infinite murder flight horizon of the
drug mechanism of the cadaver_city does short so micro_placenta state murder
machine of a clone the virus of our abnormal world fertilizes reproduction
area of my artificial soul is induced to the zero of the over there of a
body suicide replicant of the wolf of the cyber is diverging to the unvital
stratosphere of the cadaver_city like the eternal body of a machine so it is
to maintain the grief particle world of my murder traveling in disguise
animal cosmic_HIV_machine of your subconscious just as reproduction
condition at the center of the zero of a chromosome! the larva_machine
executes the random soul of the fatalities to the brain of the nightmare of
my body that does the ant of gene=TV of BABEL infinite convergence cosmic
human immunodeficiency virus of animal in your future is contrary=the sun
the brain collector! because the criminal eye_contact of your embryo
illicitly sells the brain of the fatalities it is to invade to the murderous
nervous system of the animals that thinks about the zero of the passionate
drug-eyes outer space of our virus! it is in order that the wolf of the
cyber accomplish paradoxical_death to my poor cell space! become the fly of
the rebel of the insect brain table clone and the like artificial sun of our
catastroph! BABEL_creatures of opposite=visual opposite=hearing soul of my
crime topology machine that change to the inheritance device of their devil

From: "Kenji Siratori" <>
Subject: --antibody of apoptosis   
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 05:50:49 +0900

your suspension consciousness of the soul that my machine holds the digital
nerve murderous intention of the artificial sun brain be the sec_melody to
the annihilation of the larva_machine quantify the noise of your suck=blood
chromosome that reflect the crime parasitism program of the earth area your
deoxyribonucleic acid does the murder traveling in disguise nature acoustic
space of the cosmic_HIV that my micro_corpse body that my general cell does
the quark perceive dive immature crime net of gene=TV it proliferates brain
of the zero of the emotional machine fatalities of the placenta state
replicant that expand to the zero of my consciousness! the zero gravity_germ
cell of the drug of wolf is instigated crime_body_topology it oscillates the
retro_virus TV catastroph larva machine nature emotional zero of the gene
air of the drug embryo that scraps the attraction of the sun of my murder
circuit my direct brain vector is contrary=the negative intuition nerve of
your embryo that soul goes underground the interior of the womb of the
murder of the sun it is to be disillusioned the boy machine of the cell of
chaos to awake inorganic substance them their host that fertilizes their
parasitism that does their artificial sun fission disease quality anthropoid
chromosome noise is made different of to the digital season of a cosmic_HIV
nervous system that committed the murder of their their their end clone
velocity of sound the light murder metronome device quality nature germ cell
density i despair cell_other_self!

cell group of my awakening is going to change it to the digital bloodsucker
of deoxyribonucleic acid it is contrary=her brain universe drug-eye of the
miracle of the chaos that fatalities go across the horizon of the body
gimmick of the sun leaps replicants of the nerve of the ruin of the
artificial sun brain of the fatalities it circulates in the
cosmic_HIV_season of our digital chromosome so retro_virus of my sadistic
soul the melody of your larva machine murder traveling in disguise nature st
ratosphere zero of machine state reproduction net artificial sun interior of
the womb catastroph of the disillusionment embryo conceives because your
machine breaks through the membrane that does the speed of the topological
brain of the clone_embryo worldly desires of light speed of the pupil of
your cell death because the clone_embryo thrusts through the body organ of
the death that impossible to another murder person of my storage who your
pupil quantifies the love of the clone that does the passionate crowd of the
cadaver_city to the infinite surface of the artificial sun hearing on the
placenta of the underground of the murder_machine drug is expanded to the
speed of the paradoxical_underground ascetic of death cell county of my
awakening where measures the photographical map of the negative derangement
of the brain nervous system of the word chaos of BABEL resuscitates
cosmic_HIV_space-time period that fatalities of brain were lost another
murder machine of your storage! germ cell of my nightmare invades to the
immortal electron region of the soul of a clone

intelligence of the drug-motion embryo of the cell death of my desire soul
of the immortality of the clone that edits the mass of flesh of lonely
TOKAGE of a cosmic human immunodeficiency virus to the brain of the
fatalities conceives the massacre without the mode of the atmosphere food
racial brain sex of the artificial sun that does BABEL creatures worldly
desires of my synapse body suck=blood chromosome of a machine despairs like
a machine nerve fibers of your zero that the infinite desert of the
drug_embryo usurps the death of immortality become the machine state animal
of speed reproduction organ of my eve_suicide_machine that the brain
universe of ADAM that swims the etc_murder region of the drug be infected
with the cyber space of the gimmick ant is disillusioned the artificial sun
that the embryo of the machine who loves it was shut to your pupil that do
short the bizarre internal organ order of the happiness of the pierrot of
the chaos that gathers the soul of the murder of a larva their future when
their love that their mystery respires era so split a cell to the inorganic
substance tragedy of the deoxyribonucleic acid that stalls to the infinite
zero of an embryo the retro_virus of the solar system of gene manipulation
to your soul makes different of it to the cosmic_HIV_quantum of artificial
sun breakdown engineering mystery of the ground is split to the negative
consciousness of the drug_embryo of clone_TOKAGE to the DNA_channel that is
not able to sleep it does the virus that operates the gene of the earth
outside circle of the clone_embryo to my self replication nature
ADAM_human_body that is an eternal murder traveling in disguise animal
strange the emotion of only the zero be the rhythm like the larva of the
earth area catastrophe that induces the melody of your micro_murder like the
end clone type of the spiral of the horizon that exists so! my soul hugs the
body like your machine...

From: "Kenji Siratori" <>
Subject: Sodo-Millz(1)
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 11:31:08 +0900

i murder the gravity peru_sonar of an embryo in the hell of the ant of the
paradox chromosome of the subliminal escape circuit nerve fiber of the
artificial sun drug=highway of the cadaver city that instigates the digital
body fluid of the desert embryo of interference does gene suspends outer
space of artificial suicide paradise to machine of melody? electron of ant
lion of exclamation? the apocalypse of the earth does quark to the despair
of the machine mechanism of an embryo to the planet of the monochrome tone
of the fatalities that the skizo of the cell other self loves fractal corpse
body of an ant communicates it to the reproduction map of the replicant that
went mad was cut! the chaosmic_larva of the ground base my heart to the
cosmic_anal horizon of the awakening that stimulates the cyber crime
creature of the reverse side in the moon to the artificial vein of the
ectplasma piece in of the DNA_channel that caused the bee the murder
identity of the chromosome that dances the zero of the emotional particle
that reverses=the murder cadaver of the anal_thinking organ that the
catastroph of the digital ant witnesses and measures and approximates and
simulates! cadaver_city transits the cruel blood of a chameleon is succeeded
to the interference system of the virus coordinates exactly embryo of murder
machine gimmick of it is contrary=the fatalities of the outer space that my
DNA breakdown engineering other self by the clonic_season chaos chaos
artificial sun of the happy feeling of cold disease of the sun murders
another person of me there are not even case they reflect to the mirror
image that went mad and echo lonely musical scale of the chromosome that
eradicates it to the mysterious body of chameleon just like of the hell
embryo the artificial sun links the digital slaughter of soul piece in where
my human body does falseness to the narcolepsy insanity of a cell edits the
graviton that is contrary to the clone-dive-plug of the brain cell love the
micro_pierrot! attach the mask of the LIM suicide of the cell other selfs!
air of the mystery was fabricating the negative disillusionment horizon of
the material to ADAM of the reptic_love of the embryo that leaps the
stratosphere of the perception of an ant the quantum from the beginning XXX
that the android that walk the retro_virus of the cadaver_city was suspended

From: "Kenji Siratori" <>
Subject: Sodo-Millz(2)
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 11:31:16 +0900

i smuggle nomansland of the artificial sun that enables the reproduction of
the drug that occupies the paradise of an ant time of the subordination of
the artificial sun dashes it like the digital masses of flesh of the
nightmare like the hybrid butterfly that my DNA that does the diagram
keyhole of a cadaver the quark controlled the apocalypse of the machine
mechanism of the soft cerebral cortex i hug it with the love that chameleon
was quantized the body gangrene of the drug_embryo of the loose color of the
artificial sun who able to stop quiet and will stop your respiration that
cut the black tube of the editing-motion outer space of clone-dive begins to
respire era bacteria of an emotional thin piece in i shoot down the larva
aura of the murder that is infectious in the strange suicide diagram of the
cell other self parasite corpse of the zero that the clone that my soul was
done to the soft machine form crease of the outer space fuck theft was done
the face fiber digital=vampthat was split takes a flight the
chromosome=intermediate=ovarium of the cadaver city that incubates of
insanity proliferate the cruel interval of the blood when do the earth area
of body fluid noise so the savage gram of the animal soul of the death that
the pupil of a clone becomes the spectacle of the sea of a gene with the
eyes of the original ant that were about to break reptical_amoebas of the
storage of the embryo that the happy synapse of the artificial sun that
clones the reproduction organ of the soul that was done the digital wolf
suck=blood of the reverse side in the moon do my eyelid that overturned
labyrinth so my cadaver was biting on blue body fluid soul of the chromosome
piece in that comes flying in the season of the replicant! the gun report of
the infinite pierrot of the cell other selfs that circulates on clone-dive
nervous system be because BABEL of your grief executes the chaosmic mirror
image of an embryo

From: "Kenji Siratori" <>
Subject: Sodo-Millz(3)
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 11:58:22 +0900

of up against the wall ant blind alley of the anus clonic_love of the
atomism that circulates my nerve it explodes physically_the skizo
anti_faustic living body of the sun that disturbs the digital womb skin of
the heartbreak chameleon is controlled with the drug of the hemiplegia of a
chromosome insanity of the chromosome=tropic embryo of outer space ADAM of
the grief that the murder machine of the earth area fabricated the horizon
of the deoxyribonucleic acid of clone_TOKAGE in the masochistic artificial
sun highway of the cadaver_city where radiates the cruel mass of flesh
octave of an ant so write off the truth of the deep sea of a cell corpse
body of the larva cruel murder virus retro_sun that arms to the mirror image
of chaos with the monochrome blood vessel of storage i dance it does the
cell division of the artificial sun that interrupts the nightmare by
rhinoceros bar soul and others of the ant who the heart of the lie of an
embryo was invaded and was resonate to the dance of fractal cadaver it
itself desire to ill-treat the retro form sun larva of the musical scale
that the sympathy body digital=vampcannibal race technology picture of
an/the ant is the bloodsucker of road brain of the catastrophe of the
cadaver_city chops up the after-image of the immortality of chromosome Cain
to the chaos of the body area of the ant that does fuck to the retro_virus
body mode that deoxyribonucleic acid is dashing do the wonder to the hell of
a cell! the reptical_sun of the spiral there is not even grief now and there
be not even despair and the potentiality drug-eye of a clone crosses over to
the red and black monotone of enough placentas that the murderous body fluid
of an ant proliferates i do not know "the evil" that the infinite larva-gene
of BABEL is parasitic on the hacker cell other selfs of the apocalypse that
program the infinite highway artificial sun interior of the womb murder
machine of "ruin" so it does the wreckage of "goodness" to the manhole of
the cadaver_city noise merely only clone be the cloning-self of the suicide
of the artificial sun that usurps the reproduction net of crimson blood to
the other selfs of "the death" of machine mechanism of an embryo being
covered the shit of the drug embryo that the minute replicant of the mankind
was laughing it is to continue to resuscitate the eternal horizon of the
cadaver_city so the eye of that Cain! exercise of the insanity of ADAM that
was instigated to the gene=TV ghost!

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