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<nettime> does any one else collect disclaimers?

This is a serious one:


Disclaimer:  OTCBB Digest, published by 
is an independent electronic publication providing information 
and factual analysis on the OTCBB market and selected OTCBB 
companies.  All statements and expressions are the opinion of and are not meant to be either investment 
advice or a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold 
securities.  Investing in micro-cap securities is highly speculative 
and carries an extremely high degree of risk. is not a registered investment advisor or a 
broker dealer. The content provided within the newsletter is 
provided for informational purposes only, and should not be 
construed as investment advice.  At no such time should 
information contained in the newsletter be considered an offer to 
buy or sell securities.

It is possible that an investor's investment may be lost or impaired 
due to the speculative nature of the companies profiled. relies on information provided by the featured 
Companies and/or Edgar filings. While 
believes its sources to be reliable,, or any 
affiliated parties make no representation or warranty as to the 
accuracy of the information provided.  Readers should not rely 
solely on the information contained in this publication, but should 
consult with their own independent tax, business and financial 
advisors with respect to any investment opportunity, including 
any contemplated investment in the advertised Company. 

Factual statements in this publication are made as of the date 
stated and are subject to change without notice. is not responsible for any claims made by the 
Company.  The receipt of this publication shall not create, under 
any circumstances, any implication that there has been no 
change in the affairs of the company profiled since the date of 
review.   We fully disclose the payment we receive for any stock 
we profile.  We have not received any kind of payment from 
SSGI or its PR firms.  Associates of may have 
stock positions in profiled companies from time to time.  We may 
profit in the event the shares of the Company profiled by us 
increase in value.  These positions may be liquidated from time to 
time even after we have made positive comments regarding the 
Company. As of release, we hold 30,000 SSGI shares that were 
purchased on the open market. The receipt of this information 
constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions. 

Except for historical information contained herein, the statements 
on this website and newsletter are forward-looking statements 
that are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the 
Private Securities Reform Act of 1995.  Forward-looking 
statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, 
which may cause a company's actual results in the future periods 
to differ materially from forecasted results.  These risks and 
uncertainties include, among other things, product price volatility, 
product demand, market competition and risk inherent in the 
companies operations.  You can identify these statements by the 
fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts.  
They use words such as ``anticipate,'' ``estimate,'' ``expect,'' 
``project,'' ``intend,''
``plan,'' ``believe,'' "hear", "guess", and other words and terms of 
similar meaning in connection with any discussion of future 
operating or financial performance.

As a suggestion, "Never, ever, make an investment based solely 
on what you read in an online newsletter or Internet bulletin 
board, especially if the investment involves a small, thinly-traded 
company that isn't well known," said Nancy M. Smith, Director of 
SEC's Office of Investor Education and Assistance. "Assume that 
the information about these companies is not trustworthy unless 
you can prove otherwise through your own independent 
research." "Internet Fraud" is available on the SEC's Web Site, 

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