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<nettime> kenjigram 001027: [3] Sodo-Millz(4), (5), (6)

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subject: Sodo-Millz(4)
date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 03:51:45 +0900

the apocalypse of digital wolf reproduction gland immortality the blue
monochrome of the machine that reproduce the blood of the tragedy of fractal
Cain like the butterfly of the cadaver city artificial sun drug-motion
chromosome that goes mad you without being a room molecule state eraser I of
the end who edit the body in the decay just before of an ant to the image of
the fission disease of the rep... murder region womb of the smile artificial
sun of the mirror image chaos of chaos do the brain of your fatalities fuck
it does the avoidance impossible brain of artificial sun TOKAGE ADAM that
gene=TV ghost of which radiates the deoxyribonucleic acid of the ovarium
machine area hell of the skizophysical singing voice nightmare of a cell be
able to wander quark in the over there of the pupil of the sleepwalker of
BABEL i gather the bizarre drug of the nerve of clone_TOKAGE that quantifies
the soul of the skizophysical parasite of the object stratosphere of the
micro_corpse body to the suck=blood organ of a vital body reproduction organ
of the digital artificial sun is transplanted in the sponge world of ADAM
and eve that caused the vulgar chromosome of the fatalities gotten
complicated i grasp the quickening of the insanity of the womb song murder
machine that digital=vampof which is doing the sonic soul of a
chromosome_replicant suck=blood to the end of the world was split do the lie
of the ground deoxyribonucleic acid artificial sun infinite highway outer
space that expand the escape circuit of digital cadaver city reptic_soul!
the embryo who ocean brain murders the tragedy_replicant of the ADAM
ectplasma artificial sun that armed to the space of the murder quickening
machine area blue chromosome that control the micro_corpse body that explode
the gene of ADAM to hang space as long as the horizon of the cadaver_city is
playing strange the digital musical scale of the cruel mummy of the
artificial sun interior of the womb so

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

subject: Sodo-Millz(5)
date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 10:04:07 +0900

the synapse in the nerve digital ants artificial sun murder person
apocalypse interior of the womb last term! one blue milligram of the sky
resolves the internal organ of the drug mechanism of the apocalypse that
disappears the miracle of hetro-gaia to the chaosmic_brain of the embryo
that expands the beat of the larva gimmick plane micro_murder machine that
gathers the body organ of the immortality of the drug to the zero
gravity=placenta of the blood outer space of my cruel machine that conceives
with the velocity of light my speed eraser soul that the replicant body
fluid of the artificial sun invades the reproduction organ of the brain of
the apoptosis crime net clone of the cyber earth that does flood is
accumulating to the micro-condenser of the ant of abnormal world LOAD octave
of the suicide of the cell other selfs that records the chip of the
treachery of the reverse side in the moon on digital revelation of sponge
brain the escape circuit of the digital retina of the fatalities that caused
the reptic_DNA of the cadaver city larva chaos highway murder machine that
be to diverge to the back of the eyelid of an embryo reproduced "now being
able to escape it escapes and say" my drug-eye that the blue blood of an
embryo illicitly sells the placenta state murder-ultrasonic wave of an ant
to the catastrophic_brain of the earth that does desire to the contiguous
line of a stratum of my cannibal race technology machine of clone-dive that
demolished the analogic ovarium of the sun does dive to the nest of the
spider of the death of an embryo incubating the murder machine to the chaos
of the vital body that links the dance of the skizophysical particle of
BABEL is conducted the blood of the micro_subordination of worldly desires
circuit Cain of the insanity of ADAM to the micro-film of the murder of the
earth area that an embryo sloughs off the brain of the fresh blood of the
madman that my chromosome that my soul is parasitic tempts to the
digital=vampappointment morphine of the blue sky that does passion the end
of the abnormal world withers my immature human body betray the hell of the
approximation point chameleon of the zero of the tablet slough of despair
and the infinite embryo who edits all of the ground to reptic it is contrary
of the artificial sun=the hetero_maniac_reproduction gland of my soul that
radiates the different mating screen of murder-nervous system gene=TV of the
sun machine of an embryo does the anti-faustic reproduction struggles of
artificial sun replicants desire with the death that a clone becomes and
commits suicide original be eternal...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

subject: Sodo-Millz(6)
date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 11:56:58 +0900

i record the earth of the blue ganglion where i murder the blue sky murder
synapse illicit sale soul that do the velocity of light corpse body of the
larva that do the monochrome picture of the artificial sun in pieces with
the musical scale of the reproduction quality of the apocalypse the gimmick
to the mystery body organ of an embryo with the weird figure of the digital
revelation creature it does the season of the replicant when it was
quantified the negative-quarks of the fatalities that reproduces the picture
like the self breakdown sec taito_artificial sun retro-virus of the cell
other selfs that simulates the scream of the atom decay of the
SEX-COMMUNICATION ant of the murder machine in the street of a dog to 1/8 of
equator micro-film of a chromosome burial sending brain cells of the ant
that the night sky that the rebellion_highway speed of the orgon-box cadaver
city of the nightmare that does noise to the mind of the immortality of a
clone abolish the reproduction organ of the fly of an artificial sun plus
cyber do heartbreak to the body fluid of high=TOKAGE swim the cosmic maze of
the drug that a vital body is the synapse animal of 1 milligram of death of
ADAM which turned with the mob of chaos that it is the infinite nega- of
BABEL so "all are closing it" my DNA bounces the embryo of my machine who
the micro_attack instinct of the cell other self is to the murder cadaver
that an embryo impossible to the composite reproduction of clone brain
cannibal race technology so does the murderous body outside of an ant
impulse reptic_soul of the artificial sun that the internal organ of the
CRONO_X_TOKAGE humor of night wind is poured to the cosmic brain of the ant
that is poured the love of the clone=TOKAGE vein speed of the glory that is
done facsimile disturbs the infinite surface of the universe it is released
and be solve to the animal level of chaos like the zero gravity_ant of the
drug that write off the sun that plunders the living body that rapes
anti-faust electronics soul as if stretch the reproduction crime net of the
digital embryo and encircle by the time the negative blood of the drug
embryo that synchronized the soul of the acceleration of the embryo that is
"alive" by the fear that the outer space where ill-treats the childish
moonlight of the cosmic weather chromosome of  hetero-gaia to the beat of
the electron impossible to into the micro_wave of the murder machine that
will stop the indication of the weird metamorphosis of the human body that
thrusts through my clone=brain rape line miserable body inside turns with
the host of the secret of a clone the artificial sun that reproduce the
inorganic substance picture of the murder universe within my body! the soul
of the digital=vampof clone-dive that the suck=blood of the gene level is
necessary so to the murder machine octave of the embryo that does desire

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