Kenji Siratori on 29 Oct 2000 04:29:11 -0000

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<nettime> Sodo-Millz(7)

my brain that a cell is paralyzed the ant of storage the mega-the suspension
cloning that mixes the reproduction gland of the artificial sun that
respires era to the stratification of the chromosome that kisses the
digital=vampof the outer space that intertwines and murders each other the
negative strange_device of the cyber-spine cadaver city of the ant that
manufactures the cosmic virtual image of the machine mechanism of an embryo
imp be approximated to the speed-meter of the death that beats the zero
gravity space of the brain of my drug mechanism! contaminate the
reptic_pituitary of the artificial sun with the retro-virus of the negative
consciousness of an embryo! ADAM that is the spring chromosome of the MHz
insanity gram of an ant is milled and the short-drug of Cain-DNA that my
soul that transmits the murder synapse of the placenta of the opposite=sun
reproduce infinite the mask of the treachery of the fatalities the digital
quickening in the bankruptcy just before of the H2O that makes the composite
brain cells desire of the machine massacre that do suck=blood so my body
gimmick! consciousness of my skizophysical cyber_reproduction_space X
megabyte of the zero or the incarnation cosmic apocalypse that are parasitic
the zero that respires the replicant_artificial sun zero that whirls on the
masochistic_cyber-thyroid of an ant play strange a different=vital melody
the melody of micro_murder escape speed of the nightmare that the cruel
different=living body of the clone of ADAM was secreted from the brain of
the high_embryo so the storage that the eve_brain of the artificial sun is
done imperial tomb to the end of the world in the replicant_season of the
chromosome when conceive


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