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<nettime> kenjigram 001029: newborner, newborner[Re-Mix]

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subject: newborner   
date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 13:21:41 +0900

1--hatred of the cell war ant of the quickening machine mechanism of the
unvital target potential apocalypse is being risked to the body mode of the
sterility of the retro-virus that does interference....drugy=gene ADAM
fission body does storage the degeneration_womb to the high speed womb area
machine that the wreckage replicant consciousness of how many 1000 thing
clones enumerates it to the artificial virtual image of the sun FUCK....and
the formation system artificial sun of the cyber of the ant that the earth
where the suicide organ amoebas of 1/8 angels that soul springs the
suck=blood chromosome that records shout do noise to azure body fluid
beats....cadaver_city is in flux....outer space manufactures the
clonic_thyroid of a negative despair machine to the brain that the embryo
who rotates the high speed was spared....the limitless cloud of the human
body! sun of the desert that was made the toy of the nightmare....

2--put out the melody that the body mode of my suicide that the embryo of
the skinhead of the hell who the machine of the hell of the murder brain
animal birth anachronism insanity contamination cell does short was jointed
to the soul like the puzzle of the girl that murder the menstruation code of
the electron strip! rhythm proliferate! nerve system becomes in
pieces....reproduction gland that ant was beaten sings the nightmare that
artificial sun was lost....the inheritance of current stalling zero! my
heart that your vagina that the area tears vomit pointed at the sky blue of
a chromosome--speed the nano-machine hatred of the disgrace that blinks,
fall and, be murdered, done and respire overlaps with another murder
traveling in disguise animal reflein sun that awakes...."to the kiss of the
soul that was opened negative---continuum, of suicide///the sun of the cyber
be the murderous intention, the hybrid instant.

3--my consciousness is concatenating body every part of the drug embryo/a
boy able to distorted the desert of the cyber and the nerve/contact....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

subject: newborner[Re-Mix]   
date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 13:57:42 +0900

blue pupil of storage TOKYO embryo murder traveling in disguise....planetary
i of an ant digest the murderous intention of the milligram....trip and drugy_brain inhabits to the glass form blood vessel that studs an
infinite boy to the ugly interior of the womb of Eve and be the nebula of
the nerve....manipulate the clonic_pupil of a amplify the body
fluid of an ant! space of a chromosome is suffocated to the eternal insanity
of the spider that the internal organ of the no destruction of ADAM
navigates and murder the herd of the ant of the reverse side in the moon and
the analog brain of an embryo operates....loop the war equal cell other self
of the spiral that i record the cradle of the sleeplessness of the murder
person! to the boys who wore the corpse body of an ant///it is the bacteria
of the murder level! my reproduction gland small malice of the blue sky zero
of the womb that walks to the machine mechanism beats....croak! the
drug-motion instantaneous ant that the desert where toy ADAM of the fresh
blood fuses ill-treat the solitude of the lie of the artificial sun that
bark! her cadaver that the brain of the cadaver_city dreams the amalgamation
of the replicant consciousness of wolf does self-consolation....soul of the
fantasy digestion organ boy of the embryo that was covered in the moon
bounces to the electroencephalogram of the zero of the dog of ADAM

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