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<nettime> administrative notes (un/subbing, digest, other lists, etc.)

aside from the nettime-l list (info on subbing at [4]), there are:

[1] <nettime-l-digest>: a periodic digest of messages to nettime-l

     to subscribe to <nettime-l-digest>, send a message like this
     *from the email address you want subscribed to the list*:

     }    To:
     }    Subject:
     }    subscribe nettime-l-digest you@some.tld

[2] <nettime-bold>: an pre-moderated version of nettime

     all messages sent to are automat-
     ically forwarded to <nettime-bold>; however, messages sent 
     to are *not* forwarded. 

     to subscribe to <nettime-bold>, go to:

[3] there are several nettime-inspired lists in other languages: 
    nettime-nl (dutch), nettime-fr (french), nettime-ro (romanian), 
    nettime-lat (spanish/portuguese), as well as a 'neighborhood'
    of related lists. information and archives about these lists
    is available at or through <>.

[4] to unsubscribe from <nettime-l>, send a message like this
    *from the email address you want unsubscribed to the list*:

     }    To:
     }    Subject:
     }    unsubscribe nettime-l you@some.tld

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