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subject: Free Radio Israel project

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date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 01:42:45 +0200

Dear Friends,
For a Hebrew translation, please browse this page:
"" }ht

We are proud to announce that our news web site gets about
12,000 hits a day; the amount of hits has doubled since last
week. Greens, Peace and other progressive activists established
this web site.

As a group of media activists seeking democracy in all fields of
life, we will start broadcasting radio, starting from next week the
radio program is open to all. Anybody can interview or bring
forward their issues of the day. You could be discussing the
trans Israel, or the plight of foreign workers. We do not censor
any view or idea, even when it is a disturbing one.

If you would like to take part in our radio project please live
your contact details, name phone and email and we will contact
you. We will guide anybody in producing his or her own show.

Anybody can join our radio group. Why don’t you? If you have
audio quality equipment like minidisks compact disks or D.A.T
for interviewing interesting people that could help us too.

Please send us your contact details, name phone and email.

The CAN – Indymedia Group


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date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 16:18:33 +1100
subject: stop the conflict


Anti-Peace Resolution on Today's Calendar
Urge Your Member of Congress to Speak Out Against Anti-Palestinian

To the surprise of many, a resolution (H.Con.Res. 426) condemning the
Palestinians for the recent outbreak of violence has been placed on today's
suspension calendar for a debate and vote on the House floor.  "Suspension
bills" are usually considered uncontroversial items and are not amendable,
limited to only 40 minutes of debate and require a 2/3 majority to pass.
Therefore, it is extremely important that you contact your member of
Congress and urge him or her to speak out against this one-sided and
counterproductive resolution.

The Right-Israel lobby has been pressuring its supporters in Congress to
bring H.Con.Res. 426 to the floor for the last two weeks. To date, it had
appeared this would not happen because the U.S. did not want to undermine
its role as an honest broker in the negotiations. Evidently, the urgency of
the current crisis and pressure to weigh in on recent events are too much
for some to resist. Now, they want to blame Palestinians for wanting to live
free in a state of their own.

Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to contact your



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date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 16:30:29 +1100
subject: feminists and media and actions - midEast

multitudes of pro-peace, anti-occupation activity...

 Bat Shalom is a feminist peace organization working toward a just peace
between Israel and its Arab neighbors.  Bat Shalom, together with The
Jerusalem Center for Women, a Palestinian women's peace organization,
comprise The Jerusalem Link.  Visit our web site for more information and
our latest activities:

Dear Friends,

Global Exchange, a human rights organization based in San Francisco, has
launched an instant fax-away that demands justice for the people of occupied
Palestine.  Go to the link below, enter the required information, and hit
"send."  Your fax will then be instantly sent to the U.N. Secretary General
Kofi Anan's office in New York.  Please forward this email to your networks
so that together we can flood Mr. Anan's fax machine with thousands of
letters calling for international protection for the Palestinians!  The
international community has been silent long enough!
No justice = No peace!

Let the women  talk.

Move the men aside. They did a bad job here. They talk of power,  force,
and security- w know that our security is to be good neigbors.  Without
forgetting the wrongs of the past, nor the unequal distribution of  power,
we will focus on how we LIVE here in peace.We do not want to raise  our
children to war. We do not want them to wear unifroms. We don*t want  them
to fight. We want them to have their state, their dignity, their  rights,
not to fight for them.

Let the women talk.

We feel the  pain, we feel the anger. We are scared.
Before it is too late- let the women  talk.  
 Haggith Gor  Ziv                                              
Kibbutzim College of  Education                      
149 namir  rd.                                                  
Te l Aviv  62507                                             

Friday, October 27, as on every Friday, there will be Women in Black
vigils against the occupation: Jerusalem - Paris Square 1:00-2:00 PM , Tel
Aviv  - Tnuva Junction (meeting of Petach Tikva, Namir and Shaul Hamelech
Roads),  Haifa - Beit Hakranot (corner of Balfour and Herzl), between
1:00-2:00 PM in all  three cities, and also at Nachshon Junction where it
is between 1:30-2:30  PM.
At Be'er Sheva University, the Center for Research of the Bedouin Society
and  The Herzog Center have decided to organize an open meeting on Equality
and  Coexistence on Campus and the State. Jewish and Arab teachers and
students will  participate. It will take place next Tuesday October 31 at
18.00 in Zonenfeld  Auditorium. Contact Lev Greenberg 052-227432.


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date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 16:57:16 +1100
subject: Al-Awda + Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation

Call for Jewish solidarity with our Palestinian sisters and brothers


"...We who are Jewish must demand an end to the war on the Palestinians, a
proper respect for the UN resolutions on Israel and Palestine, a guarantee
for Palestinian self-determination, the dismantlement of the Israel-style
apartheid system, and an end to the occupation of Palestinian land. It is
not in our interests  that we continue enforcing unjust conditions that
perpetuate resistance and bloodshed. Solidarity with the Palestinian people
is also in effect -- solidarity with the Jewish people..."

Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition's listserve, is a moderated
forum for any individual active in the Palestine right to return campaigns
regardless of organizational affiliation if any.  Al-Awda develops,
coordinates, supports and guides, as needed, global and local grassroots
initiatives for action related to the Palestine refugee right to return
campaigns.  Unless indicated otherwise, all statements on Al-Awda represent
the views of their authors and not necessarily those of Al-Awda or its
management who may be reached anytime at For
moderation issues, contact To subscribe, send
a blank message to Al-Awda's website may
viewed at


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date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 19:17:40 +1100
subject: Camps keep in touch with intifada online

Camps keep in touch with intifada online - A new front has opened up for
refugees ?
the internet

Nicholas Blanford
                          Daily Star staff

 While the intifada has traditionally been fought with stones and bullets,
Palestinian demonstrators
 have gained a valuable new weapon to aid them in their struggle ? the
internet. Each day, the latest developments in the West Bank and Gaza are
sent via e-mail to the Bourj Shemali refugee camp on the edge of Tyre. A
team of volunteers translates the news from English into Arabic. It is
photocopied and then distributed around the camp, allowing the 17,000
residents to keep abreast of the latest developments. Others write e-mails
to friends and relatives in the Palestinian territories or engage in
"instant messenging" where participants can chat with each other via
computer consoles. “It has helped them feel a little more involved in the
struggle," said David Leduc, a Canadian working with the Across Borders
project which is bringing internet access to refugee camps throughout the
region. Bourj Shemali opened up to the internet on Sept. 30 and has since
attracted a devoted following among the more computer-literate residents.
Bourj Shemali was the third camp to receive the internet as part of the
Across Borders project. The other two camps are Dheisheh in the West Bank
and Khan Yunis in Gaza. The residents have designed their own website in
English and Arabic featuring up-to-the-minute news on the intifada and
events in the camp. Other pages cover the history of Bourj Shemali and
cultural events. For Thuraya Khallaf, the internet and e-mail has allowed
her to learn more about Palestine."I've always wanted to go to Palestine,"
she said. “I really want to know what’s happening  this is the best
way."Sami Hammoud volunteers his time in the centerto teach computer
skills. He said the instant messaging system had beena great benefit. “I
have friends in Dheisheh and Khan Yunis. We ask them about the everyday
situation in Palestine, the number of martyrs and injured. We tell them
what’s been happening in Lebanon and we
swap pictures too."

 The Bourj Shemali website at

Since the intifada began, Muna Muhaisen, a Palestinian-American journalist
living in Dhesisheh, has kept a daily diary of events in the West Bank. Her
diaries, which are distributed via e-mail,
have attracted a huge following.The Daily Star was able to interrupt a
conversation between Muhaisen and a "chatter" to ask her a few questions.
Her replies came back moments later...

	The Daily Star:  What’s the mood down there today?  How is morale
in the camp?

Muna: People are very angry about Sharm al-Sheikh and feel that there
should have been far more substantial political gains for the Palestinians
following all of the Israeli massacres. No
one  wants to go back to the occupation as it was and we all believe that
what happened was a clear sign that Oslo wasn’t working. Any peace that
falls short of creating a Palestinian state in all the territories occupied
in 1967 will lead to more intifadas.

	Do you think the clashes will continue at the
	same level and intensity despite the Sharm al-Sheikh “agreement?"

There will be all sorts of attempts to continue, especially that many in
the Tanzim Fatah
aren’t pleased with the developments, but I think there will be lots and
lots of pressure on people,
including on the Tanzim, to stop. We see lots of Hizbullah flags in the
demonstrations here.
Hizbullah seems to be the only Arab group that has lifted the morale here
as well as the Arab masses in their demonstrations.There are signs of
change this time around …without the Arab world, it is going to be hard to
gain independence.

	What does it mean to the people in Dheisheh to be able to contact the
	people in Bourj  Shemali during this intifada?

 As far as contact is concerned, it’s great. Ido chats with Khan Yunis in
Gaza and with Bourj Shemali and with Shatila … Actually, someone from
Shatila is online now trying to chat. I also get e-mails from Yarmouk in
Damascus. I think e-mail changed the way information has been exchanged
this time.
People get the news right away and are able to know what those so
far away are thinking.

	 Has it been able to help with intifada this time around?

I was online with Khan Yunis yesterday getting a live report about the
demonstrations and the injuries.
 It helps in terms of disseminating information quickly and spreading it
around the world. We get photos via e-mail about the demonstrations in
Bourj and they get our news from here.
Certainly, if it were up to me, I would teach every refugee everywhere how
to use e-mail and write  fluent English.The war with Israel is also a war
of media and PR and we never do well when it comes to image. Notice how we
don’t have one Palestinian  spokesperson who can address a Western
audience … we have too many spokespeople!

	Thank you very much, Muna.


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