Ben Moretti on 31 Oct 2000 03:01:40 -0000

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<nettime> [spam collection]

I have started to collect spam email. 

Have a look at my collection at

As with anyone else on the net, I am sent a fair amount of spam email. 

This used to really annoy me, however, since I decided to collect it, every
time I receive some spam I now just think "Excellent! I don't have one of those,
I can add it to my collection.". 

If anyone has some spam they think I would like and could put in my collection,
please send it to me. 

I am going to eventually organise them into a proper collection, with a taxonomy
and hopefully develop a classification nomenclature for them.

If you think this is weird, the fact that I have a degree in Entomology probably
explains it. 



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