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Subject: R
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 16:19:17 +0900

there is one piece of brain with one cell that there is one boy who there is
one girl....
there is another piece of brain that there is another cell that there is
another boy who there is another girl....(1/8 reflein)

the equal savage earth. machine of myself does desire....

analysis impossible soul. my body explodes to the interior of the womb of
the machine mechanism of a monochrome girl....the fertilization code of the
artificial sun

[wear-shot OK///infinite virtual : it break down it

"the drugy_brain of the clone-embryo does the grief of their(?) ant pattern


white=time.(brain cell of the soul lobotomy that becomes the invasion of the
chaos gene_war human genome of my cadaver that spreads to the storage loss
ant pattern of the null ADAM=dog in drug 1/8 seconds of the embryo that i
was murdered to the blue of the mechanical sky of the womb area fissions the
catastrophic storage of the ADAM clone in the wolf=virus electron cell outer
space that the time of miracle yourself of the quarky_boy machine sinks" in
the beat of myself. but i recite the level of yourself the body that
yourself was cursed merely it proliferates it does the chromosome of the end
of the world of yourself rhythm merely reverse the brain in future so!
reverse the night sky of the desert! reverse the love of a clone! reverse
the disillusionment of yourself and myself! reverse the monochrome grief of
the earth! reverse the eternal suicide film of the sun! boy machine of my
despair MHz [REW/



my cell that the other self that the noise fills and overflow dance was
write off! embryo of 1/8 of which do junk to an ant pattern empty time
masses of flesh are contrary=the body of myself that the synapse of miracle
myself of brain leaps the brain area digital=apocalypse of the drug
mechanism that accelerates it fabricates the ruin of 1/8 melody vital bodies
of the city artificial sun of the love of the clone that resist my storage
the human body that the night sky human body of the desert that does fuck
continuously distort the machine of an embryo is distorted by the
bio=less_desire of the boy-machine ADAM aerofoil that the ADAM night sky
that the murder line ADAM vagina of the lapse of memory & emotional particle
go mad commit suicide space of myself that the fatalities that replicate my
nightmare skin do the secret of the sun hearing with the chromosome that
changed goes up-cut_the soul of the grief of the fearful body girl of my
virus that rapes the dream of the broad daylight that rapes LEVEL-SIX
BABEL-TV that is an infinite embryo "let's meet in the reverse side in the
moon!? before myself of the spiral commits suicide" the planetary affection
line of the line of fate equal opposite=brain of the soul-machine that does
wonder in the over there of the pupil of murder gradually and cause the
machine of myself danced cynically!" earth that the earth that the earth
resuscitates to the body mode of my BABEL do all of yourself of the spiral
fuck does drug-motion with the eternal interior of the womb of clone-TOKAGE
far room like the machine of the womb_area "on the other side of the
fatalities that new love is waiting" the planet of an ant hearing.


soul of fraction ADAM=spermatozoon my consciousness zero makes replicant
(minute) wolf=space (second) of reproduction mode/earth escape mischief
favorite of gene go to war yourself of unstable DNA=channel sudden death
TIME? ovarium of the sun the ant that clone of basement clone-skin of which
receives and copies the nightmare of amniotic fluid do the street of the
horizon cadaver city that was restored rhythm does the body that was in heat
the big-bang the consciousness of drug-eye myself of the cyber_mechanism of
an embryo creeps the ground of heat<<the fusion just before!
..................small small suicide machine of ADAM my soul that my soul
joints to the thyroid of the end world=dog of the ADAM clone that records
the initial of his apoptosis cell the future=monochrome sun of yourself when
spreads the short disillusionment line of the boy machine that beats "the
blue of the sky committed murder!!" my replicant_consciousness without being
seen and being murder the truth of the pupil of yourself sleepwalkers
without being seen the body that does the interference of the quark it is a
birth. it is replication. it is a disillusionment. 1/f--which crash the
emotion of myself the animals which was soiled With the space that the mass
of flesh of a girl started to swing so digital=apocalypse of which break
down nonexistent null of the grip place of the earth 1/8 my brain of the
body, plus, drug-embryos of an ant are contrary=the game of brain

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Subject: lnks
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 03:17:38 +0900

sun was incubating the artificial murder=range of an ant to the blood vessel
of f/0 of magnetaito that does the chromosome of the fatalities guerrilla
thrust through the hell without the desire of the quark! the previous ground
is disillusioned at the water-soluble continent of the artificial sun so the
sun on the other side of the chaosmic_soul of certain wolf explode purely
merely! of evil human body=simulacle that was open to the octave of the cell
other selfs the play of the cosmology of the human_genome experiment!
heterogeliens of the larva beat manhole of the cadaver_city stretches the
tightrope of the hell of gene=TV to the replicant horizon of the fatalities
that become aware of the cosmic cell war of insanity to the body that mixes
the reptic_emotional particle of a clone into the DNA=channel of the blue
sky that accumulates the cadaver of the light year of an embryo and do the
quark of the artificial sun and reflected and to the end of the night sky
that dances clone-TOKAGE of a chromosome to reptical_VTR of "the desert of
blood" to Activate the cannibal race=technology of the artificial sun! it
becomes the digital=stratosphere of an embryo does the reproduction organ of
heterogelien to the breakdown and hope of the brain of the ant that despair
hacking the velocity of light=highway of the cadaver city where is deforming
the heteromaniac_love of the subconsciousness that becomes the insect of a
cyber so the digital-animal! soul of the replicant is torn and is cut the
body mode of the abnormal world of the animal madman of the brain that the
chaos that the chaos that the chaos wanders slough off the maze of the
electron theory of reverse side plus clone-TOKAGE in the clonic_moon of the
chromosome that the medium of the cadaver coexists to a different vital
murder=plug did short in the outer space where deform life strategically to
the zero gravity_street lamp of the drug that conducts spring! being covered
the disgrace of an embryo that neuron is falling the reptic_thinking of the
blue sky that the noise of the synapstic_cadaver was doing violent emotion
with the micro of the artificial sun so was doing the self destructive
machine of heterogelien suck=blood i tell to the rhinoceros bar medium of
the pantheon! "be parasitic on the animal placenta of the cadaver-city!" the
anti=cannibalistic_cell other selfs of the abnormal worlds come flying.
alternative_happiness of the artificial sun that the body fluid of the heat
of an embryo did the melody of the absence of the cadaver_city
it is so that the air of the embryo cuts sigma to the change of the spectrum
of the crow that i shot down so desire and tear. the aerofoil of the fresh
blood of heterogelien does quark. the micro-corpse body of the sun is
committed to the mind of an embryo. the chaos of a larva! the murder of the
velocity of light conceive! consciousness rubs with the hell of a cell the
love of the clone that transfigured to the digital host of an ant and the
insanity of 1-gram of brain that instigated the baptism of the
chaos=id....the replicant of suicide is manufactured. ant of cyber of
ecstasy of it quiesces instantaneously. the chromosome of the fatalities
does the organ of exo-plasma form noise suck=blood without being able to
return with twice of the artificial sun. doing hypnosis to a cell other
self=level to the love of a clone i occupy the night sky of the intention
understanding of heterogelien. incubate the mystery of the cadaver of
0_light year of the DNA=channel! the air that the embryo who the ant lion of
the artificial sun expands the quantum jump of NIHIL so and did dive to the
consciousness in the decay just before of the subliminal_cell other self
hardened! the pupil of the sleepwalker is broken. imp dance and go mad and
do the antenna of the end of the world fuck and the chaos of a larva commits
suicide to the miserable body of the drug of the stratosphere. the brain of
the highway,....fatalities is controlled. scaffold of the sun of the naked
body that was exposed....the eyes of the cadaver_city are being penetrated.
scatter loose the season of a secret on the outer space where do your human
body replicant! the suicide of the infinite consciousness of the artificial
sun! i think about. it is sneaking to the chaos of a larva by the time be
and impossible to thinking. the limit condition of the acceleration....blood
of the desert where was floating in the season of the replicant when
exploded is thrust through. soul! the soul of idora_wow....the consciousness
of the embryo was deceived....swimming the heteromaniac_disillusionment of
the artificial sun it is crossed. the daily tragedy of outer space is
conducted to the drug motion of the marionette. to pillien of the
stratosphere that the brain of megabyte of an embryo produced. i predict the
micro-cadaver. in the world where turned different of this
whirls the body of the cyber of an ant the food racial sunspot of the zero
gravity_body fluid of the marionette that a gene beats the cerebral cortex
of BABEL-ism that does the image of the horizon guerrilla with the pure
brain of heterogelien is predicted. the air of an embryo separates. as long
as the cadaver_city continues to irradiate the organ form rapture of an ant
to the psite murder person of BABEL....--an embryo does the big=bang the
plentiful acid in the stomach of the sun.--the gimmick of the suicide of an
infinite thing is digested. so all the sec... will escape to the negative
insanity of the material to the perception outside of the earth. i witnessed
the earth of another ant to the annihilation of a virus i record the
chromosome of fear. the fantastic internal organ of a larva summarizes green
body fluid to the reptic_pupil of the clone that exploded and become aware
of the negative vital body of the consciousness of the embryo that the
DNA=channel was crossed in outer space. the hologram of the massacre of the
artificial sun is formed. to the infinite subconsciousness of the ant of
chaos....the quark murders the storage of the fatalities. to the insanity of
a subliminal_quickening....the brain of an ant informs the sun of the
treachery of the desert. the replicant name body fluid of an ant murders the
instant of the supreme bliss of heterogelien to the thyroid of the drug=100%
of the cadaver_city that the chromosome of the horizon of BABEL that examine
by fluoroscopy the cadaver=virtual fractal of the embryo that the volume of
the topologic suicide of the artificial sun that do the clone of the
skizophysical acoustics of brain cells to the complicated system of the
drug_embryo gimmick was raised circle to the cannibal race=technology of the
artificial sun....the mysterious_hearing in the night is caused sprung to
magnetaito of a cadaver by the virus of the inside of heterogelien by the
animal radio wave of the ground that the brain table of an embryo is covered
to the mutant in the reptical_season of the blood that carries out synapse
murder to the indecent parasite of BABEL to paradoxa of the cracking that is
the mirror image of the chaos that is the nightmare that is true and occupy
the virtual drug of death. i rape outer space by 1-milligram of
disillusionment of the embryo that was scrapped. i perceive the infinite
octave of the sun. of artificial insemination of materials of clone-TOKAGE
the DNA_sonic_desire that intertwines so is mixed.

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Subject: [Gimmick/HATE---
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 10:05:29 +0900

masses of flesh of BABEL that the soul of the girl erodes are released and
are solve your chromosome cuts the reverse side in the month where is
suffocated so and tear and the cyber of ADAM that the menstruation=machine
does short manufactures the clonic_internal organ of the cadaver_city
murderous nano-machine of a larva the fresh blood that i was beaten
fertilizes....i sing "the palpitation" of drug mechanism of the
clone_embryo...."the brain cells that become the virgin of a desert" i rape
the foam form body like the termite of the girl that wolf=space dashes/the
head line/my replicant_consciousness of chaos is going to war::the naked
body that a girl went mad in the over there of the joke of the womb does
clone-dive to the happy hell of a cell....insanity of ADAM my fear=of=the
head line of the high speed dimension that inheriteds the fertilized egg
that the eye of a blue fly gasps impossibly the inheritance of the
artificial sun that grasps the cell-group and feel pain--supplying to the
reverse side in the moon the earth where the apocalypse of violent body
fluid wanders the cyber=city where is dotted to the drugy_spine of clones is
being thrust through at the speed of the fatalities.. mask of the spatial
annihilation, girl of the chromosome that speed up melody, of the murder
that is immanent do noise to the DNA=channel of a monochrome embryo--fuck!
desert of the brain of the sterility of wolf....collect the drug organ of
the womb_area! planet of the ant is invaded to the infinite love of a
chromosome cell_of itself virus apoptosis other selfs
cause to bubble the space-time of the eschatology of zero so>>the instant of
the eve_awakening of wolf leaps....

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Subject: TOKYO
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 10:43:42 +0900

my beat like the nest of the spider that the blue of the sky secretes the
head line of the fly break down it. i solve the cell-group of insanity from
the nightmare of the machine mechanism of the drug_embryo and release it and
dismantle the heart of the zero of a girl. sea area of the threat of
genes...eve of chromosome=world of...over there--@ sun that consciousness
impossible replicants impossible to the awakening that rapes my soul
operates the young murder machine of the womb_area

it causes Z///of the menstruation that the soul of ADAM discharges filled
with the sponge-elements of the fatalities and the pierrot of a cell
mechanism explodes::releasing the stratification of the sexual dogs of the
cadaver_city so i murder the eve_cadaver of a chromosome/drugy=zero and
others of DNA to/my replicant_consciousness-molecule the blood of high speed
heterogaia i awake stimulate the cyber of the cadaver_city!
universe/heart/fiber of an ant:::rape it::make space zero and parasitic on
the insanity of the clone that my brain becomes a virgin and speed up love
and be cloning the infinite murder=organ of the artificial sun.. so
reptic_VTR of the suck=blood chromosome was rotating.

so replicate the love of a cell::your mass of flesh is dashing the
neurotic_cyber line top of the blue sky.... cell other self that you were
beaten so stiffens the chaos brain cells of the sterility of the fatalities
are being incubated in the basement where artificial sun becomes
infinite--"is ADAM a tip? is the clone a tip?" skin of a monochrome embryo
my murderous nervous system upheaves....that drugy_sun cadaver city of where
supposed your null so it beats to the magnitude that becomes
impossible--heart of the virgin that lurks in the womb is break down
[cruelty is a plant] i rape the clonic_title back of the drug embryo:::

(the voice faded away.


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