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<nettime> from the archives: pit schultz's report of the net.time meeting (june 95)

note: my intro to yesterday's mail did not get through:

[report written by nils roeller on the "net.time" meeting in venice, june
95 where the nettime mailinglist was founded. file re-discovered during
digital excavation works. /geert]

today pit schultz's report of that same venice meeting:

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Berlin, 13, 14, 15.06.95


i just arrived from Venice, had some days of rest, art sightseeing and
rethinking what this meeting was about.

First, thank you all for letting this intensive situation happen. i assume
everyone of us mutated a little bit, in a way that there are new lines,
names, territories on one's own "cultural map" now, i hope especially
those which one likes to remember and looking forward to. i hope even
more, that this would have been not a singular event but something which
is part of a longer process of an effective collaboration confronted with
the big centralising machines appearing on the horizone of the nets.
Credits also to Mr. Martin and his admins ot Centro di Calcolo, Venice
which were very helpful and gave us an account on their machine.

15.6. I am sitting here in the room 242 of Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien inside
a installation of the Lebanese artists Jayce Salloom, called "There was
and there was not", it's somehow a "walkable CD-ROM" (Jayce), an memory
room of "reconstructing Beirut's idendity" from different angles of it's
western and middle east media representation, an archive of found footage,
fotos, interviews, experimental documentation videos, private material...
You'll find something about it near to

This letter has more than three parts:
(1)  participation: the nettime mailing list
(2)* practise: some thoughts about WEB*STOP SUPERSTAR as a wandering website
(3)  project: Why worried? The desire to be not wired
(4)* pedestrian: making music as an allegory for net.cultural production
(5)* post party: action, future meetings like Linz, Budapest, Hamburg

so, sorry when this one is a bit too long, therefore the "*"-parts are not
included and are delivered in a coming and improved version (only for

are there any news concerning the "video online" advertisment and the
relation to fininvest/Berlusconi ?

greetings and a good weather

(1) the net.time mailing list

** participants of net.time, June 7-9 1995, Teatro Malibran, Venice

Paolo Azuri <>
Heath Bunting <>
Claudia Cataldi <>
Vuk Cosic  <>
David Garcia <>
Hans-Christian Dany <>
Camillo De Marco <>
Paul Garrin <>
Carlos Leite de Souza <>
Geert Lovink <>
Allessandro Ludoviko <>
Diana McCarty <>
Suzana Milevska <>
Roberto Paci Dalo <>
Katja Reinert <>
Nils Roeller <>
Gereon Schmitz <>
Pit Schultz <>
Tommazo Tozzi <>

(i could put you on the list, but -first- i think
it's better if you decide for yourself ;)

** to subscribe:
send e-mail to
with "subsribe" in the subject line
** to unsubscribe:
the same, with "delete" in the subject line

** What's nettime?
  the nettime mailinglist started with a meeting in Venice in June 1995.
To continue the discussions which reflected the possiblities of action on
the fields of culture, politics and art in a phase of dynamic and deep
changes of "the internet".

  it should be an temporary experiment to continue the process of a
collective construction of a sound and rhythm -the songlines- of something
we are hardly working on, to inform each other about ongoing or future
events, local activities, certain commentaries, distributing and filtering
textes, manifestos, hotlists, bits and blitzmails related to cultural
politics on the net. It's also an experiment in collaborative writing and
developing strategies of group work. Therefore and because of the
different native languages of the participants it's a multilingual forum.
Every new subscriber should introduce himself with a brief description of
her projects, where she comes from etc. The list is not moderated. Take

(3) WORRIED or the desire to be not wired in such a way / proposal for a
            project of establishing a net.critique on Wired Magazine

  after the big brainstorm in Venice here are some tactic thoughts and
questions continuing the first day, certainly trying to integrate of what
i can remember of your voices. It's somehow a fictionary to do list, but
also a form to start right in the middle of the fight. Don't forget that i
see it more as a "virtual conflict" but a way to focuse bad feelings about
what's going on in the nets in a active mode of establishing a not ironic
free voluntaristic and utopic "gesture of revolution", a different form of
introducing desire into technique as the kind of revolution Wired is
promoting. It has also to do with the question "what is networking good
for?" To overemphasise the own forces is one of the elements of the game.
This means not that i don't like to see the white in the eyes of Kevin
Kelley. ;)

** to do:
- research about advertisment in Wired Magazine, product placement etc.
  and the relations to the "content" (like Video Online / Berlusconi)
- how wired is wired with other media, echoes and redundancies in
  Spiegel, Time, life style magazines etc. (besides our own discussions;)
- How big is WM's power, is it measurable in ads? how it is describable?
- How handles Wired it's outside "The problem with computers is that they
  have not enough Africa in them" (Brian Eno in WM 5/95) What about the
  non-wired? In which sense are them the problem of the wired world?
  Strange correlation of the growth of the internet and the growth of
- how extremeties, cultural, sexual, political are (not) appearing in this
  mag? which territory WM conquests, which centers, resources, borders,
  deserts? is there a certain redundancy or direction in deciding what's
  "wired" and what "tired".
- WM as a reterritoriliser of new songlines and substreams of fresh desire,
  formatting and decoding the public face of fringe scientists, strange
  artists, visionary authors, young movements.
- WM as a selector, accumulator and controller of hi-quality information
  about the cultural politics around the commercialisation of the net.
  Discourse leadership, strategic point and therefore endagered by
  external interests. Translator to the world outside the net.
- why writing for Wired? Wired as a processor of cultural capital.
- why do we need Wired, why we buy it, why we really love/hate it.
- WM as a perfect enemy in questions of style? Offending the clean and
  bright candy surfaces of californian postmodernism. Where is the dirt?
- Wired and the american dreams, the cowboy, the last frontier, esoteric
  roots, transcentendal pragmatism, the self-made-man, sexualisation of
  technique, reinventing life, male birth etc.
- toolbox: schizo-analysis of D/G, Debord's detournement, Foucault's
  archive, Butler's pastiche, Bey's TAZ, Dany's Multiple, Dali's critical/
  paranoiac method, Warhols machine, and?
- analysis (deconstruction?) of the language politics of Wired Magazine,
  simplicism, sloganomics, information hiding, by which energy and goals
  wireds hyper-rationalism is driven?
- the child language of the digital salesman: hot, cool, nifty, neat,
  savvy? "re:wired" means do your own Jargon Watch.
- connecting desire to the networks of power, Wired's electricity metaphor,
  power lines are stronger than superhiways, transforming market forces.
- Future evangelism, politics of colonizing and labeling time zones and
  fields of possibility, the virtual class escaping dirty reality, the fancy
  priestership californian net-religion, digital darwinism/calvinism.
- connects to hardcore liberalistic net.cults like the extropians
- which cultures/minorities WM represents which not...
- the _life metaphor_, another thread?
- yes THE BODY, doesn't it has a strange accent?
- self-reflection and self-critique: the boom of cultural studies, and
  their relation to the fetishisation of text and ratio, carreer design,
  institutionalisation, formatting language, simulating action, the BwO of
  the archive, rituals of citations, inscriptions, name lists...
- ok, where's the irony : i like to read wired, but i think it should
  change it a little bit.

** What we could do:
- announcing the WHY WORRIED price, let's say bringing $600
  together (12 people paying $50), 3 times $200 for the three
  most effective articles (maximum around 10K) formulating a critique on
  wired magazine. (these 12 people are building somehow a jury,
  the "nettime comitee")
- announcement via private mail and related newsgroups
- opening a uncensored RANTS+RAVES section on the net.
- using the wandering website WEB*STOP SUPERSTAR (or it's future names)
  for physical storage and distribution.
- building a resource list of related sites, texts, data. Critique as a
  collective and distributed process. Amplifiy the voices by indexing them.
  Name of the list perhaps "Re:Wired" (refering to a name of Greg Ulmers
- David Garcia said, that in January with Next Five Minutes, there will be
  maybe a possibility for a paper publication of WORRIED.

sure this "to do" is an extended one and not the last version, any comment's

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