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Re: <nettime> Thanks for that Robust Speculation, Brad...

@ Bruce Sterling ( :

> *E-Commerce: Your New Economy Solution to
> A Planet Quarantined by Anthrax Attacks  -- bruces
> From: Brad Templeton <
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> Subject: Could the failed e-commerce plans be the end of epidemics?
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> ../.. 
> Could the failed dot-com infrastructure be the answer to a
> biowarfare epidemic?

Dear Bruce,

A great novel by Jean-Michel Truong, _Le Successeur de Pierre_, tells such a
story. People are living in boxes, talk and meet and work through the lines,
and get delivered some food and necessary things by a mechanism. A bunch of
free men and women surviving outside are depicted as terrorists and
repressed as they should be. And the über-class drinks and parties in
Davos^H^H^H^H^Hsome place in the Alps. The author also has just published an
excellent essay about artifiicial networked intelligence, "Totalement
Inhumaine" (Totally unhuman). See his website at

-- Fil

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