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<nettime> Delegates to Sign Berlin Virtualization Charter

US Department of Art & Technology
PO Box 32265 Washington, DC 20007

Press Secretary
For Immediate Release:  January 28, 2002

Global Virtualization Council Delegates to
Sign and Ratify International Charter at Transmediale 02

WASHINGTON, DC - On Tuesday, February 5, 8:30 PM (GMT+0100), Global 
Virtualization Council delegates are expected to sign and ratify the 
official "Berlin Virtualization Charter" at the opening of the 
Transmediale 02 International Festival of Media in Berlin  The 
Council is directed towards the mobilization and coordination of 
artistic forces of virtualization internationally. Present at the 
signing will be the Secretary of the US Department of Art & 
Technology, Randall M. Packer; Festival Director, Andreas Broeckmann; 
and Council Delegates who include the Secretary-General and 
Artist-Ambassadors representing 9 nations.

Preparations for the Charter, to be signed at the opening of 
Transmediale, are now under way for this historic event that will 
potentially establish conditions under which the most far-flung 
aspirations of humankind are ignited. In light of the Festival theme, 
go public!, government officials and leading media artists from 
around the world will gather in Berlin under the auspices of 
Transmediale to endorse a global initiative that promotes radical 
aesthetic ideology in the larger political and social context.

As mandated by the Global Virtualization Council, the Charter aims to 
promote: (a) international standards for socially-engaged 
interactivity and collective action; (b) movements of international 
activist, hyper-mediated, utopian, and related ideologies; (c) 
universal respect for, and observance of, artist rights and 
fundamental creative expression for all citizens without distinction 
as to discipline, medium, gender, bias, or identity. [extracted from 
sub-paragraphs a,b, and c of Article 9]

The accord establishes a promising roadmap as it provides for the 
employment of media for the purpose of reaffirming our faith in the 
suspension of disbelief, as well as the advancement of all artists 
towards their desire to initiate social action. The Secretary of the 
US Department of Art & Technology has stated repeatedly that "to 
succeed in the 21st Century, we must be prepared to adapt to changes 
in our social condition - in how we communicate, where we seek 
cultural enrichment, and how we balance our real and virtual lives."

The Secretary considers that only negotiated and verifiable accords 
between media artists and government can adequately address the 
social and political impact of our increasingly cybernated world. 
Accordingly, the Charter states, "through representatives assembled 
in the city of Berlin, who have exhibited their full recognition of 
the power of the artist engaged with media... hereby establish an 
international movement of the avant-garde to be known as the Global 
Virtualization Council."

For further information, visit the following URLs:

US Department of Art & Technology:
Global Virtualization Council and Charter:
Transmediale 02:

Contact: Press Secretary of the US Department of Art & Technology



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