porculus on Wed, 24 Apr 2002 19:30:52 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> GENERATION FLASH (3A / 3)

when velix ztadler will be kick out this ztaff of nettime moderator, coz
it's him who odiously censored zis clementz thomaz excellent pozt about zis
guy le penis in my ass, i am feed up to read & zmoke & zniff zuch minable
bad crack serial az generazion flash, even minable vor macromediaz,
coz if i was in macromediaz ztaff advertizment except itz could be
commercialy good to speak of you in any caz az jean marie could think, it
rest i would wonder if it's good to have camomille in hiz camp, az good for
making dollar, or laugh or having good time, coz sometimez wonder nettime is
not just badtime, beside zis night i have a dream, i sew two camp in
internet, the one of camomille and the one of enlargement pill and i sew
everybody have to chose, coz next ztep would be worst : camomille in enemaz,
that iz quite possible internet could be a global pipeline for filling gutz
with herbal tea and tisane, it's as everybody suddenly forget of what gutts
could be fill, the phuck zis is a matter of fact nobody could deny exzpt in
hating onezelf, in hating his own gutz..and think itz a sheer shakespear's
langage idiome, 'the time iz out of its hinges' for inztance all israeli
press gibes at french & then also a bit europe self disqualification in some
politic credibility & 'ethic' will in the middle est conflit..then here in
france some representant rabbis say 'all the migrants (hear 'arabs') must
understand this election is a clear message for they keep quite' i
say..well done ! some know the good way to do politics, some knows at least
only force is last reason in this world, and know this is -never- ridicule
except for the victims..& is it possible to be victims is the things so much
ridiculous that ones tries to forget the more quickly possible
this is my 4B/4 and last of generation flash of my arse

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