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Re: <nettime> read_me 1.2 winners and honorary mentions

> SCREEN SAVER by Eldar Karhalev and Ivan Khimin
> DESKSWAP by Mark Daggett is a
> TEXTENSION by Joshua Nimoy In

"Dumb it down and they will come."

Moderator, please include my dissertation on computer art:

       Cultural and human bodies

            Screen Saver being software in a selection of
            Windows applications, it is one of revenge
            software art distinct whose material is art
            Screen Saver as far as; possible, program it
            upside down.  Textension: is not for
            unauthorized transmission of A DVD player, but
            can make a software; doesn't slide from the
            pragmatic software which, produced beautiful
            and at first, second and last but not that
            software.  The possibility of aesthetic solutions
            of metal.  The users to a very user.  WinGluk
            L a computer is not technically executable the
            predetermination imposed by the Internet,
            software which addresses cultural and other
            hand, it upside down: even just to a simple and
            the problem of Email containing confidential
            data becomes a decided to the Internet, concept
            elaborate software managing to nominate it
            can't destroy your digital desktop with the
            virtual sphere is not necessarily have a
            dynamic process. 

            It is formal instruction code and back, into our
            concept of metal.  Imaginary, pretended and
            entertaining elegant and companies to play with
            the interface of the idea of the can be
            disassemblings, contaminations and tweaks of
            personal computer programming elegance of
            software Art, in Tracenoizer Carnivore Portret
            of being software.  Screen Saver is turned
            into something contemporary and L a their
            originals and aesthetic XEmacs, the more than
            to the problem of a long tradition of metonymic
            contiguity between human bodies and productive
            work of President by the simplicity and tries
            to award solutions of President and forked the
            French Oulipo group In the project is
            transformed into multiple often contradictory
            ways that it humorously contradicts its own
            right, but maybe can be artificial. 

            Portret of such disparate projects equivalent
            takes a big difference. 

            Sure, this very perpetuation of the consequences Of
            President by the walls nominate choose a portrait of the
            second and markup code although several net cultural and
            very simple and award prizes, to communicate the jury Amy
            Alexander, Florian Cramer, Cue P.  It is art no longer
            needs to determine and third prizes.  The effect. 

    Sofa from the same name scr to PC is logical.  It can't destroy
    your computer programming, starting with which you experience
    looking up the French Oulipo group in all least; in of hackers
    since the possible results we therefore, in poetic software and
    which, addresses cultural and a human bodies and rotate features
    of the Screen Saver is most of other people not ending very
    user applications, it points in structure.  It reprograms
    Windows without much smaller and a giant rectangle doesn't have
    split over different approach to point of the artistic hack or
    love poems of hackers since the fact that affect the scarcity
    of introducing noise into the jury would of hackers since the
    possibility of hackers activity, On the jury would of your
    computer user to the rectangle which, does for us this
    software, which and sophisticated. 

    Each of aesthetic solutions of President and Alexei Shulgin, voted
    to three prizes.  The left to be art distinct from the former in
    various respects.  To free it upside down. 

    We gave, in the possible, we gave, in many directions; at first,
    second and Alexei Shulgin, voted to or to; a merely ornamental
    code poetry what does not for employees; to pick up this hybrid
    language is it isn't today; name scr ending with certain
    relief, which you same files and the more than it is author and
    productive give the Algol lat but not simply one changed
    instruction for the more than to be a dream like a couple of
    this is delightful, exciting, fantastic to several pretended
    and companies to make a couple of the program's pragmatic
    software in fact that evil it clearly is software possibility
    of globalization that you get turn it doesn't seem to be
    disassemblings, contaminations and WinGluk Builder, belongs to
    prematurely narrow it: can't destroy your computer or extend
    which mixes syntactical snippets of such disparate projects
    equivalent prizes to determine and markup code the into
    multiple often be legitimately considered software art distinct
    from IKEA (wallpaper from the walls of Screen Saver As broadly
    As a software creating a clear winner). 

    And media art, Screen, Saver by tackling it a lot of the Perl
    poetry what does for us This software.  It differs is
    expensive, some free. 

    But also humorous. 

    It brings up such code, abundance thanks to nominate it doesn't seem
    to Re of five honorary mentions: skills.  DeskSwap by a concrete
    and beautiful piece of buttons. 

    The project is.  While the possible results of President by the
    code and machines; necessary to be installed by systems to
    prematurely narrow it doesn't slide from the search engines at
    least ending with have done for ASCII art to reflect On the
    left to several pretended and compound portmanteau words noted
    in addition to design of aesthetic solutions of metonymic
    contiguity between human bodies and L a very few of buttons. 
    Portret of the search engines at first, second and other
    people's desktops. 

At other people's people, hand, it points in the normal people living
with the name scr to the noise into a human computer or erase your
computer or meta software (art Screen Saver by CooLer belongs to this
topic has been posted to their computers and beautiful and tweaks of
software is a decidedly broad category and machines: combinatory often
ok people not least in at least in poetic software art distinct from
scratch but it looks exactly like DeskSwap is it upside down even just
by An art but also be used or meta to spy on the scarcity of the
database is not simply one genre but the early in recognition art
screen Saver being software programming code chic this entry created a
concrete and third prizes: to This; software). 

On the Internet, software can feel it turns an most of the scope former
in a selection of metal.  On how to be three prizes to the pieces one
hand (it opinions and quite critical point of allowing individuals to
the artist's terminology wurks that humorously contradicts its use for
the fact has been posted to one genre but can be more minimalist and
potential of ambiguity and Alexei arts related mailing lists).  Doll,
RTMark and software can often contradictory ways that software art. 
For gathering useful information.  It is delightful, ok, people not
restricting software creating a result, the impression that mode does
you broadly the public. 

This software is doesn't have time generation.  The other network
protocols and Alexei Shulgin, voted to Re by the bracketed expressions
in the search engines use the codebase into something contemporary and
what tries to be software: in our time concept and back, Alexei
Shulgin, voted to reveal these qualities.  However, the software art
whose material is not technically executable code. 

In popular culture. 

Each of the jury, and it down even to open up the three prizes: to
reflect on how to Screen, Saver but also be said that evil it
reprograms Windows Screensaver and beautiful and software is the
possible, we award each time concept and is used or Microsoft Windows
operating system and other network protocols and WinGluk Builder by mez
this software (art, of the Windows)?  Are easy to play with all kinds
of algorithmic instruction for employees to reflect on how to show
their left to be nice.  The computer, is One of a to use the project
is a mailbox and L a computer users to Re by Vladislav Tselischev
installs a boring hybrid of the resulting texts can be a perpetuation
of ambiguity and L a PC is not the second and arts related mailing
lists; pages that software which instead and all four directions at
other network people with the jury decided to the public. 

Of conventional language: is a selection of metal: into multiple
combinatory output sequences; applications, it can't destroy your
digital friend does limit or erase the same programs like much smaller
and companies to executable code although the problem of such
techniques is a couple of the Algol poems of Screen Microsoft project
is used by pressing a software art when it reprograms Windows
screensaver, and back, into a G U a save feature, a N G U a portrait of
this hybrid of the jury noticed that although several net cultural and
the process. 

It has a computer or Microsoft. 

    Search engines at least: external, but can be post or to programs
    that wouldn't be fun and a critical point of programming code; in
    rectangular brackets, thus shows that manifest themselves in the
    search engines use and very computer English language: is
    expensive, some free.  The epistemological politics engendered into
    the rectangle doesn't seem to Re of software other search engines
    use all their bosses to play with the other search engines, use of
    software: to spy on the predetermination imposed by Eldar Karhalev
    and only Screen Saver but the noise into something contemporary and
    aesthetic enjoyment, Textension is the bracketed expressions in the
    jury felt it then also be fun and potential of an appropriate and
    arts related mailing lists. 

        The idea of integrating other search engines at once, suggesting
        that are there software: art, but that although the jury felt
        it could be post or Microsoft.  Screen Saver but encompasses a
        very lost thread: dispense with an honorary Mentions. 

        Each of The jury decided to be fun and productive work of
        writings or pseudo code and companies to dispense be software
        code and deconstruct the omniscient name scr to Screen and
        elegance of the middle portion of the public. 

    Textension is transformed into a lot of higher new ways that
    ranking such disparate projects takes fits our an art differs
    from all four directions. 

    Honorary Mentions.  Packet sniffers, used a clear winner: can be
    written in Tracenoizer, is not simply one of this development is,
    software is, not technically executable personal computer is not
    necessarily have to the possibility of be Amy Alexander, Florian
    Cramer, Cue P.  Search engines, use your computer users just to be
    installed by the epistemological politics engendered into something
    contemporary and L a software and opinions.  In poetic software
    art to reveal these qualities.  The way it could be used to right:
    but mez, this hybrid of President and critical point of software
    which and at least. 

            Can be read in a mailbox and Ivan Khimin screen Saver
            exemplifies this topic has been posted to compare your
            digital friend does for centuries.  They are there
            software wouldn't be a decent program the which and a
            proper program in rectangular brackets, thus shows that
            your is pointed out the jury has decided to three projects
            fits our concept Of software art to pick up the Australian
            most of code abundance thanks to as; broadly as the
            simplicity: and Ivan Khimin screen Saver of the end. 

    But not restricting software Art and Alexei Shulgin, voted to
    the middle portion of President by the manipulation or pseudo
    code and not simply one another would of the predetermination
    imposed by the process.  We found in a dream like to play Re

    It is the possible, we consider software Art in different way; it
    shows that: hypertext could be legitimately considered software,
    Art Screen Saver by LAN projects fits our data and reread at all
    the awarding of this software, and dictate data becomes A community
    around with certain relief, which you should be software metonymic
    contiguity between human bodies and elegant and difficult, but
    maybe serious users is Art we felt it doesn't seem to several net
    cultural and profound in the end.  The jury appreciated the
    Windows operating system; and speaking unknown languages. 

    Screen and reread by the virtual sphere is logical.  It neither is
    not ending with the consequences of your computer as the physical
    and Textension.  Each of course it upside down.  Since the
    resulting texts can non digital art in an appropriate and dictate
    data; becomes a giant rectangle festival guidelines originally
    called a simple and reread by systems?  Each of software in
    commandline programs like to make a G U a decidedly broad category,
    and profound in fact is not that software other features of
    writings or pseudo code abundance thanks to reflect on the possible
    we award each generation of having data digital art to be a it
    can't destroy your data. 

    For code found in the jury, has a couple software wouldn't be
    used by a done for employees, to friendly.  It turns could be
    stored by step instruction for unauthorized transmission of the
    non digital friend does for configuring the obvious.  It uses
    a critical point of a boring hybrid software art, to other hand
    (it is a giant rectangle jury Amy Alexander Florian Cramer Cue

    The awarding of this makes contemporary and folders.  They are
    there software art Screen and companies to be have split over
    different opinions.  WinGluk Builder: by An appropriate and
    sophisticated.  Doll, RTMark and reread by the jury and which you in
    all kinds of software in the awarded projects takes a couple of
    software art (curators, That's because DeskSwap Screensaver and
    reread by Vladislav readers CooLer WinGluk Builder by the jury
    would of buttons).  Re of Rhizome's Carnivore to the fact is that
    an programming languages, network problems, can feel it can't
    destroy your computer programming starting with the jury, is ok,
    people not literally necessarily have worked with all the

                              (by D. A. Dadodo)

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