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     Ingrid Severin <>                        

   E-protest In Support of Labor and Indigenous Right's In Mexico by EDT - May 31, 
     "ricardo dominguez" <>                                            


   Annnouncing Manovich in Malmö, Sweden, Mo. 3 June 19.00                         
     "Kristoffer Gansing" <>                                     

   the game : announcement in english                                              
     martin pi <>                                                  

   Mini-conference about New Media and Diaspora                                    
     Eric Kluitenberg <>                                                

   Cybersonica Update                                                              
     Lewis Sykes <> (by way of richard barbrook)                 

   ...Baltic Biennial_I.N.U.I.T. Kunsthalle_Hamburg                                
     Vanessa Black <>                                              

   Special Event @ UCU : Victoria High Quality reads "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©-~Ñ~vi
     "Victoria High Quality" <>                                 

     IB =?ISO-8859-1?B?1w==?= Progetto per le Arti <>                

   bauhaus theatre workshop 2002                                                   
     "Gildner, Silvia" <>                                   

   Future Active Internet Politics Sydney event                                    
     "McKenzie Wark" <>                                      

   A play to stay during Documenta opening?                                        
     Lev Manovich <>                                                


Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 16:52:11 +0200
From: Ingrid Severin <>


Art of Immersion     International CAVE - Festival 2002
01 June 2002 - 31 August 2002
ANIMAX Multimediatheater,Bonn
Art of Immersion features four  installations by internationally=20
renowned media artists, who create virtual environments that change our=20=

perception of space and time, that are dissolving the boundaries between=20=

the body and the environment, between  physical reality and the=20
immaterial world. Art of Immersion is a Media Art Festival initiated by=20=

the Development Workshop for Computer Media, BEC, Bonn, and the Research=20=

Center Virtual Environments, Fraunhofer Institut for Media=20
Communication, IMK-VE, Sankt Augustin, Germany.

01 June May-23 June 2002 : World Premiere: The Living Web by Christa=20
Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau and Roberto Lopez-Gulliver
Developed at ATR Media Information Science Research Lab, Kyoto and=20
IAMAS  Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Gifu, Japan.
Opening: 01 June  2002
This CAVE -based  interactive installation explores the extraordinary=20
potential of the world-wide web as data and information medium. Today=20
information on the Internet  is presented in a standard  fashion, as=20
defined by the currently available image browsers.  In =93The Living =
users can immerse themselves physically into this image and sound=20
information streamed =93live=94 from the Internet. Microphones pick up =
users` conversations and use them to generate and download corresponding=20=

image and sound file from the Web. Users can furthermore interact with=20=

these data through intuitive interfaces and explore their content in=20
more detail. =93The Living Web=94 presents a novel system for intuitive,=20=

immersive and entertaining information creation and retrieval.

27 June - 17 July 2002  World Skin by Maurice Benayoun and Jean-Baptiste=20=

This work is shown in cooperation with Ars Electronica Center Linz,=20
Opening: 27th June 2002
The interactive installation features a "photo safari" into the Land of=20=

War. Equipped with cameras visitors move through a three-dimensional=20
space: A selection of photographs and news images from various war=20
scenarios presents a universe imbued by mute violence. We are invited to=20=

"shoot" our snapshots, whose topics are extracted from the universe of=20=

the installation. Available worldwide, they can be retrieved from the=20
Website of World Skin. Visitors may take home the prints of their=20

21 July -- 31 August 2002 conFIGURING the CAVE by Agnes Hegedues, =20
Jeffrey Shaw, Bernd Lintermann,Leslie Stuck

Bernd Lintermann (Graphics) and Torsten Belschner (sound).
These installations are shown in cooperation with  ZKM Center for Art=20
and Media , Karlsruhe.
Opening: 21 July 2002
conFIGURING the CAVE provides the visitor of the CAVE with pictorial=20
insights into seven worlds: materiality, language, the macrocosm,=20
association, union, person and emergence. A mechanical doll that can be=20=

moved in space on a screen facilitates navigation through these=20
geographical, cultural, historical, and body-related worlds. The=20
presentation involves all the senses, fascinating the participant=20
through hyper-real 3D-effects; the simulations of space and body almost=20=

seem to cut through the viewer's own body, a sensation which is=20
Shown in alternation with conFIGURING the CAVE until the end of August=20=

2002 Bernd Lintermann's and Torsten Belschner's work SonoMorphis allows=20=

the visitor ample room for interaction. SonoMorphis is an interactive=20
installation presenting genetic graphic and sound. The concept is based=20=

on the idea of creating an instrument with graphic and sonic dimensions=20=

whose variety and flexibility are capable of responding precisely and=20
subtlely to the technique of the instrumentalist. Inside the CAVE, when=20=

the sound immerses into the depth of three-dimensional representation,=20=

the corresponding visual component moves away from the viewer and vice=20=

versa. You see and hear moving forms activated solely by sound.The=20
artists created with SonoMorphis new sonic experiences that are=20
simultaneously futuristic and historic, simple and monumental,=20
phenomenological and mind-altering. (ILS)

Partner: Ars Electronica Center Linz, ATR Japan, Google, Deutsche Welle=20=

K=F6ln, IAMAS Gifu Japan, Stiftung Kunst und Kultur des Landes NRW=20
Ministerium f=FCr Stadtentwicklung, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW, rmh=20=

K=F6ln, SGI,  TAN D=FCsseldorf,  VRCO, ZKM Karlsruhe, Z-A,

Contact:  Animax Multimediatheater, Moltkestr. 7-9, D-53173 Bonn
BEC:  Dr. Bodo Lensch, fon ++49 228 3683610, fax ++49 2283683612
IMK-VE:  Dr. Ingrid Leonie Severin, fon ++49 2241143458  (ILS)

Due to the limitation of space, please contact Animax for reservation:=20=

Tel. ++49 0228 3683610  or


Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 07:27:26 -0400
From: "ricardo dominguez" <>
Subject: E-protest In Support of Labor and Indigenous Right's In Mexico by EDT - May 31, 2002 - June 1, 2002

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Once more we ask you to walk with us and shout "Ya Basta! Enough is Enough!"

Once more we ask you to walk with us for globalized human rights.

Once more we ask you to walk with us against the transcendence
of multinational interests.

On May 31st at 9am to 12pm on June 1, 2002, EST.

Join the Electronic Disturbance Theater's

Virtual Sit-In:

Against President Fox's Support of the "Plan Puebla Panama" in Mexico.

And In Support of Labor and Indigenous Right's In Mexico.

This Electronic Disturbance Theater Performance
Is Sponsored By
The Berkman Center For Internet & Society
At Harvard Law School.

Once more we ask you to walk with us against the policies of the Mexican
government  that run counter to the interests of indigenous peoples and
workers in Mexico. President Fox is supporting multinationals with
measures that erode civil rights, human rights and labor rights.

*On June 14, 2001, President Vicente Fox stated; "The Plan Puebla Panama
is a thousand times more [important] than Zapatismo, or any indigenous
community in Chiapas." *

*The Plan Puebla Panama encompasses: the construction of hydroelectric
dams (42 within the conflict zone of Chiapas alone), highways, platforms
for petroleum extraction, gold and uranium mines; the creation of African
palm and eucalyptus plantations; and licensing for multinational
corporations to engage in bio-prospecting and tree felling. These projects
will not respect the rights of indigenous peoples to control and protect
their land, to decide the future of their own development, nor to be
consulted about any government program that may affect them (rights
which are guaranteed by International Labor Organizations' (ILO)
Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent
Countries, which Mexico signed).*

More information at:

The rights of Indigenous communities of Chiapas are now being
overridden by the policies being pushed forward by President Fox's
commitment to social control and promoting Chiapas as "a very
secure market for investors." The United Nations has designated
2002 as "the year of the mountains" and at the request of the
Mexican government--according to a bulletin dated March ,1 2002
from the National Forestry Council of Mexico--the UN has declared,
through its Security Council, that "forests are [now] a matter of
international security." This is a generic policy, meaning it could be
applied to any forest area anywhere in the world. This is an extremely
dangerous policy aimed at expelling people from any forest area in
the globe so exploiters can get at its natural resources.

For further information on Plan Puebla Panama you can go to:

Maquiladoras in Mexico's Free Trade Zones violate Mexican labor
laws with impunity, often assuming that workers will not have the
resources or the knowledge to fight for their rights. In many cases,
foreign companies make partnerships with "phantom unions",
entities that are designed only to serve the interests of corporations
by blocking the establishment of independent unions inside maquiladoras.
Most recently, Pung Kook of Mexico S.A. of C.V. (that provides services
for such international firms as Adidas, Lands End, Patagonia and Danna),
has refused to heed the orders of the Arbitration and Conciliation Board
in Tijuana to reinstate Raquel Espinoza, a woman maquiladora worker
who was unjustly fired from her job at the plant.

*Raquel Espinoza has been a maquiladora worker since 1974.
Since August 3, 1998, she has been an employee at Pung Kook
of Mexico, S.A. de C.V. working as a computer operator.Her workday
runs from 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday and 7:30am
to 1:00pm on Saturdays. She was unjustly fired on June 11, 2001.
At the time of her firing her salary was 50 pesos/day ($5.45 US),
which is two pesos less than the minimum professional wage
at that time.On April 29, 2002, at 8:50am, Raquel was notified
of decision of the Local Arbitration Board dated March first, 2002,
]in which the following resolution which was unanimously
supported by the Board members stated that:

*C. Raquel Espinoza, authentically verified the actions that were
described in her first petition.*

*The Pung Kook of Mexico, S.A. de C.V. company is thus ordered to
reinstate the worker C. Raquel Espinoza to the job that she carried
out with the same terms and conditions, in conformity with this decision.*

*Weeks before the issuance of the resolution by the Arbitration Board, on
the 1st and 2nd of May, the Mexican representative of the maquiladora,
named Jesus Guerrero Alvarez, ordered the directors of the phantom union
formed by the company and certain trusted workers, to generate a climate
of violence and threats against Raquel Espinoza and Tito Piñeda, advisor
to the independent Union of Workers of the Maquiladora Industry of
Baja California Sur.*

It is now the end of May 2002 and we have not seen any sign from this
company that it will comply with the order for the "Peaceful Reinstatement
of Raquel Espinoza".

Once more we ask you to walk with us and shout "Ya Basta! Enough is Enough!"

Once more we ask you to walk with for globalized human rights.

Once more we ask you to walk with us and against the transcendence
of multinational interests.

On May 31st to June 1, 2002, EST.

Join the Electronic Disturbance Theater's

Virtual Sit-In:

Against President Fox's  Support of  the "Plan Puebla Panama" in Mexico.

And In Support of Labor and Indigenous Right's In Mexico.

To Join the Virtual Sit-In Click this URL on May 31st, 2002  EST.

This Electronic Disturbance Theater Performance
Is Sponsored By
The Berkman Center For Internet & Society
At Harvard Law School.

For Further Information Please Contact:

ricardo dominguez


Queridos hermanos y hermanas,

De nuevo le pedimos que caminen con nosotros y que griten "¡Ya basta!"

De nuevo le pedimos que caminen con nosotros a favor de la causa de  la
globalización de los derechos humanos.

De nuevo le pedimos que caminen en contra de la transcendencia de los
intereses de las  multinacionales.

Del 31 de mayo 9am asta 12pm hasta el 1ero de junio, 2002. EST.

Ajúntense a la manifestación virtual del Teatro del Disturbio

En contra del apoyo del Presidente Fox del "Plan Pueblo Panama" en

Y para apoyar los derechos indígenas y laborales en México

La acción del Teatro de Disturbio Electrónico está patronicinado
por el Centro Berkman para el Internet y la Socieded en la
escuela de derechos de la universidad de Harvard.

De nuevo le pedimos que caminen con nosotros en contra de las
políticas del gobierno mexicano que van en contra de los interes
de los pueblos indígenas y los trabajadores de México. El
Presidente Fox está apoyando las multinacionales con medidas
que perjudican los derechos civiles, humanos y laborales.

*El 14 de junio del 2001, el Presidente Vicente Fox dijo: "El plan
Pueblo-Panama es mil veces más (importante) que el Zapatismo,
o cualquier comunidad indígena de Chiapas."

*El plan Pueblo Panama incluye: La construccion de presas
hydroeléctricas (42 dentro de la zona de conflicto de
Chiapas solamente), plataformas para la extracción
de petroleo, minas de oro y uranio; la creación de
plantaciones de palmas africanas y eucalipto; las licencias
para que las multinacionales lanzen proyectos de
"bio-prospección" y de tallar arboles. Estos proyectos
no respetarán los derechos de los pueblos indígenas
de controlar y proteger sus tierras, para decidir el futuro
de su desarrollo. Ni siquiera serán consultados acerca
de los programas gobernamentales que puedan
afectarlos (derechos que son guarantizados por la
Convención Internacional de Organizaciones Laborales,
punto no. 169 sobre los pueblos indîgenas y tribales
en paises independientes, que fué firmado por México.)"

Más información en:

Los derechos de las comunidades indigenas de Chiapas están
siendo superados por las políticas promovidas por el Presidente Fox
motivado por su necesidad de ejercer control social y promover a
Chiapas como "un mercado seguro para los inversionistas."
Las Naciones Unidas declaró al año 2002 como "el año de
las montañas" y como respuesta a la llamada del gobierno
mexicano - según un boletín del 1ero de marzo, 2002, del
Consejo Nacional de la Silvicultura Mexicana - la ONU ha
declarado, a través de su Consejo de la Seguridad, que
 "las selvas son (ahora) un asunto de seguridad internacional."
Esto es una política genérica, es decir que podria ser aplicada
a cualquier selva en cualquier parte del mundo. Es un política
extremadamente peligrosa dirigida a la expulsión de los
pueblos de cualquier selva del muncho para que sus
explotadores puedan tener acceso a sus recurdos nacionales.

Para más información acerca del Plan Pueblo-Panama pueden ver:

La maquiladoras en la zona de libre comercio de México violan derechos
laborales con impunidad, y muchas veces suponen que los trabajadores
no tendran ni los recursos ni el conocimiento para luchar por sus
derechos. En muchos casos, las compañias extranjeras hacen
acuerdos con sindicatos en blanco, que son diseñados para
servir los intereses de las corporaciones, bloquendo el establecimiento
de sindicatos dentro de las maquiladoras. Recientemente, la
empresa Pung Kook de México, S.A. de C.V. ( que produce
para las firmas internacionales como Adidas, Lands End, Patagonia
y Danna) se ha negado a responder a la orden la Junta Local de
Conciliación y Arbitraje (JLCA) de reinstalar a Raquel Epsinoza,
una trabajadora de maquila que fué despedida injustamente.

RAQUEL ESPINOZA, obrera de la industria maquiladora desde 1974,
trabajadora de  la empresa Pung Kook de México, S.A. de C.V. desde
el 3 de agosto de 1998 como operadora de máquina industrial por
computadora; con una jornada laboral de 7:30 a 17:30 horas de lunes
a viernes y de 7:30 a 13:00 horas los sábados, fue despedida
injustificadamente el pasado 11 de junio de 2001, teniendo al
momento de su despido un salario de 50 pesos diarios,  2 pesos
menos del salario mínimo profesional vigente en ese momento.

El 29 de abril de 2002, a las 8:50 de la mañana Raquel fue notificada
del laudo emitido por la JLCA de fecha primero de marzo de 2002,
en cuya resolución por unanimidad de los miembros de la JLCA,
se plantea lo siguiente:

*La C. Raquel Espinoza, acreditó fehacientemente las acciones
ejecutadas en su escrito inicial de demanda.

*Se condena a la fuente de trabajo denominada Pung kok de México,
S.A de C.V., a reinstalar a la trabajadora actora C.Raquel Espinoza,
en el puesto que desempeñaba en los mismos términos y condiciones.

*Semanas antes de emitida la resolución de la JLCA y  durante los días
1 y 2 de mayo, el representante mexicano de la maquiladora, de nombre
Jesús Guerrero Álvarez, ordenó a los dirigentes del sindicato blanco
formado por la empresa y a los empleados de confianza, generar un
ambiente de violencia y amenazas contra Raquel Espinoza y
Tito Piñeda Asesor del Sindicato (independiente) de Trabajadores
y Trabajadoras de la Industria Maquiladora de B.C.Sur.

Ya llegamos al final del mes de mayo, 200, y no hemos visto ninguna
señal de  la compañia que van a cumplir con la orden por la
reinstalación pacífica de Raquel Espinosa.

De nuevo le pedimos que caminen con nosotros y que griten "¡Ya basta!"

De nuevo le pedimos que caminen con nosotros a favor de la causa de  la
globalización de los derechos humanos.

De nuevo le pedimos que caminen en contra de la transcendencia de los
intereses de las  multinacionales.

Del 31 de mayo 9am hasta las 12pm 1ero de junio, 2002. EST.

Ajúntense a la manifestación virtual del Teatro del Disturbio

En contra del apoyo del Presidente Fox del "Plan Pueblo Panama" en

Y para apoyar los derechos indígenas y laborales en México

La acción del Teatro de Disturbio Electrónico está patronicinado por el
Centro Berkman para el Internet y la Socieded en la escuela de derechos
de la  universidad de Harvard.


Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 13:58:19 +0200
Subject: =?Windows-1252?Q?Edith-Ru=DF-Haus_f=FCr_Medienkunst?=

[scroll down for english]

1. Juni (Samstag) 2002, 20 Uhr
Künstler Gespräch mit Jordan Crandall zum Trigger Projekt

Crandall präsentiert die Entwicklung seines Projektes unter dem Aspekt
medienkritischer Theorien. 

Das Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst ist für die Zeit der Ausstellung zu einer
Filmkulisse geworden, in der Crandall gemeinsam mit Teilnehmern in einem von
ihm geleiteten Workshop an seiner neuen Videoinstallation gearbeitet hat.
Konzeption der neuen Arbeit, Prozess und Ergebnisse des Workshops sind im
oberen Teil des Ausstellungshauses präsentiert. "Trigger" zeigt zwei Soldaten, die
sich gegenseitig jagen und ins Visier nehmen. Die Kamera wird zur Waffe und
"Trigger" – der Abzug, der Auslöser – zur Metapher für den Impuls, der sowohl
die konkrete Aktion, den Schuss auslöst, als auch eher indifferente und
individuell besetzte Emotionen und Erinnerungen. 
Im unteren Ausstellungsraum wird eine Auswahl aus der sechsteiligen
Videoserie "Drive" gezeigt. Während die Vorarbeiten zu "Trigger" von einer rauen,
"work in progress" Ästhetik geprägt sein wird, hat "Drive" die glatte, kühle
Ästhetik, die letztlich auch das Endergebnis von "Trigger" und Crandalls Werk
Crandalls Arbeiten haben erschreckend konkrete Bezüge zur aktuellen
politischen Situation. ‘Armed Vision’, ein Begriff den Jordan Crandall selbst geprägt
hat, beschreibt die Thematik seiner Videoinstallationen sehr eindrücklich.
Crandall geht davon aus, dass unsere Sichtweisen mehr und mehr ‘militarisiert’
werden. Kriegsbilder und Reportagen, Rasterfahndung und Überwachungsmonitore
allerorten befriedigen nicht nur den Voyeurismus, sondern steigern auch die
Akzeptanz von Überwachung und Kontrolle durch Dritte.
An dieser Entwicklung haben militärische Technologien einen ebenso großen
Anteil wie die Medien. Die Bilder von Überwachungs- und Nachtsichtkameras, von
versteckten Kameras und vor allem die Aufnahmen von Kriegsschauplätzen –
aufgezeichnet mit hochspezialisierten Militärtechnologien - bestimmen unseren
Alltag und vermitteln uns ein Gefühl der Sicherheit und Kontrolle über eine
unüberschaubar gewordene Welt. Aus diesem Gefühl heraus entwickelt sich eine
Freude und Lust am Kampf, die durch spezialisierte Technologien aussichtsreich
erscheint und deshalb als Lust und Freude am Erfolg wahrgenommen wird. Dieser
Kampf ist in vielen Spielarten denkbar: der ‘Kampf gegen den Terror’, der
Kampf der Geschlechter und der innere Kampf mit/gegen sich selbst.

Jordan Crandall: Trigger Projekt
7. April – 9. Juni 2002
Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst
Katharinenstraße 23
D-26121 Oldenburg
t. +49 (0)441 / 235- 32 08
f. +49 (0)441 / 235 - 21 61

June 1 (Saturday), 2002, 8 pm
Artist talk with Jordan Crandall on the Trigger Project

The "Trigger Project" continues. The New York artist and media theorist
Jordan Crandall presents the development and theory of his latest dual projection
installation "Trigger" here in Oldenburg.
The exhibition began with a workshop on filming "Trigger" and has turned our
exhibition hall into a film set for the duration of the show. The concept of
the new work, process and results of the workshop can be seen in the upper
exhibiton hall. "Trigger" has two soldiers in each other’s sights, hunting.
The camera is equal to a weapon and the "Trigger" takes on the metaphor of the
impulse that ‚takes the shot‘ - both in concrete action as well as
indifferent and individually loaded emotions.
Crandall’s works have stunningly concrete parallels with the actual
political situation. "Armed Vision", a term Crandall uses in his writing, can also be
said to describe the subject of his work with new media. Our vision is being
increasingly ‘militarized‘. Military technologies have as much an influence
on society as do the media. The images of surveillance and night vision
cameras, hidden cameras and, above all, reports from the front – filmed with
highly specialized military technologies – influence our everyday life and convey
a feeling of security and control over a world that seems out of control. 
The hype to take action and fight rises and the chances of success seem to
be in reach when specialized technologies visualize the hits. Tension and
desire are heightened while the battle takes on many forms – ‘fight against
terror‘, the battle of the sexes or the battle within oneself.

Jordan Crandall: Trigger Project
April 7 – June 9, 2002
Edith Russ Site for Media Art
Katharinenstraße 23
26121 Oldenburg
t. +49 (0)441 / 235- 32 08
f. +49 (0)441 / 235 - 21 61


Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 08:01:09 +0000
From: "Kristoffer Gansing" <>
Subject: Annnouncing Manovich in Malmö, Sweden, Mo. 3 June 19.00

"The Language of New Media" - Lev Manovich, A "Shift Lecture" 3/6 02

Just a short notice to let you know that Lev Manovich will
be appearing in an arrangment which is a joint effort by The Shift 
Project(, Malmö University - Art & Communication(K3), 
Interactive Institute and the Digital Image Workshop, Malmö, Sweden.

Place: Digitala Bildversktaden (Digital Image Workshop),Viktoriateatern, 
Södra Förstadsgatan 18, Malmö.
Time: 19.00
(but the workshop will be open for visitors from 17.00 and from 17.30 there 
will be a series of presentations there)

Entrance is free.

Kristoffer Gansing - Creative Producer, K3.

Chat with friends online, try MSN Messenger:


Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 12:42:06 +0200 (CEST)
From: martin pi <>
Subject: the game : announcement in english

as requested i resend the announcement of "the
game" by machfeld in english.

the game

an experiment comparing people in real and virtual
life - a case study of the anonymousity of the net
scheduled for 06-01-2002

visit for details on our
streaming event "stroemung null.eins"

2 female persons slip into the role of female
puppets, enabling the public to command them as
such. even persuade them to take command. the
recipient gets a participant, is put in the role
of the controller of human puppet.

the plot is determined by the available space and
the tools provided.

part 1 : abelegasse 2, 1160 vienna, 13:00 to
15:00, real world
part 2 :, 20:00 to 21:00,
virtual world
part 3 : lindengasse 11/4, 1070 vienna, > 21.30h,
both worlds

1 : real world
the first puppet is located at a part of the real
world (abelegasse 2, part of the SOHO in
Ottakring). recipients are invited to go there and
interact with the puppet. tight contact is given
through perception, yet touching is forbidden.

2 : virtual world
the second puppet is located at a place, that is
only accessible through the internet. the
participant may send requests, commands, wishes
(desires) online and also receive the results that
way. screen interaction, two steps away.

part 1 will be projected visually on the
background of part 2, so that comparision is made

3 : reflection
a discussion of the results will be streamed after
part 2. 

what is requested by players in direct contact to
the puppet?
what is requested in the anonymised environment of
the web?

the game is a part of "stroemung null.eins", a
streaming event by

martin pi
on behalf of machfeld, international arts and
culture society.

martin pi

johann strauss gasse 32 | 7
1040 vienna
++43 699 10 44 37 42


Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 16:27:50 +0200
From: Eric Kluitenberg <>
Subject: Mini-conference about New Media and Diaspora 

A  N  N  O  U  N  C E  M  E  N  T

Between Home Sickness and the Home Front

Mini-conference about New Media and Diaspora

De Balie
Saturday June 15 / 14.00-17.00 hrs. / Grote Zaal

Special guest: internet journalist Adam Hanieh from Ramallah

Internet enables cheap and fast communication across vast distances. It is
no coincidence the migrants and refugees make extensive use of new media to
keep in touch with their home land. In times of crisis these contacts are
even more crucial and they intensify. Web sites become message boards and
sources of up-to-date information, platforms to establish contacts and
develop new initiatives, to spread calls for action, for intervention and
projects, and to distribute self-made radio programs and videos.

Access to the required high-end technology often remains largely out of
reach for the population in the home land, which is why combinations with
older media are investigated: telephone, fax, print and radio. Thus local
post offices, call centres and call booths, and radio stations can emerge
that build a bridge between the international new media infrastructures and
the local population.

Within The Netherlands a number of different projects are currently
developed where internet and radio are used to establish contacts between
the Diaspora and the home land. How does it work and what is possible? What
contribution can these projects make to reconciliation and to the (re-)
construction of the home land? How can a sense of a shared destiny be

With Bruce Girard , author of "A passion for radio" and "Mixed Media" ( )about the practical applications of old and new
media by migrants and exiles.

In this mini-conference we will present projects that are aimed at:

Afghanistan: Radio Rietfluit presented by Jo van der Spek

The Moluccas: SOS Maluku presented by Arjen Tupan

Our special guest from the Palestinian territories is Adam Hanieh from
Ramallah. In Ramallah he was one of pioneers of internet radio and web
campaigning. He will report on the use of tactical media during the time
when his city was besieged.

Adam Hanieh is the research co-ordinator for Defence for Children
International / Palestine Section.

The conference is chaired by Naima Challioui

Languages: English and Dutch

Organised in co-operation with Radio Rietfluit en NVJ-project office
Migrants and Media

Internet live stream via:


Tickets and reservation:

Admission: E 7,50  (with reduction: E 5,00)
Reservations: during working days from 13.00-18.00 hrs or till the start of
the program.
In the weekend 1,5 hrs before programs start.
Reservation number: +31 (0)20 -  55 35 100 during opening hours till 45
minutes before the start of the program.

De Balie
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10


Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 14:25:27 +0100
From: Lewis Sykes <> (by way of richard barbrook)
Subject: Cybersonica Update

<<<please forward>>>

Performance / Exhibition / Installation / Symposium / Cinema

- --------------------------------------------------------------------



In a special offer we are offering a limited number of full and one-day
Festival Tickets at concessionary rates.  So if you've been thinking about
booking your tickets for the festival but haven't quite got around to it
then contact Mark Fitzpatrick <> for details.


TUESDAY 4th JUNE, 7pm-12am
£4 / £3 CONCS

Cybersonica in association with presents..

Be amongst the first to see a collection of sonic art works that push the
limits of modern electronic sound art.  This installation runs from
Wednesday through to Saturday, daily 12-7pm.

Digital renegades The iRiealists deliver an audiovisual set of electro-funk
breaks and dubtronic grooves with visuals generated live and direct from
their own real-time software.

ELM (Live) are proud to play host to the finest IDM/electronica
purveyors from the West Coast. Known for rocking the California IDM scene
along with comrades Phoenecia, L'uisine and Ectomorph.

Transparent Sound (DJ Set)
Orson Bramley founder of the Transparent Sound and Binary Types labels and
hailed as the 'best thing since Kraftwerk' by 7 Magazine and Dazed and
Confused plays mid-tempo electro and glitches. Look out for the forthcoming
Emotional Amputation LP on Electrix.

ADJ (DJ Set)
Fresh back to London from his latest Miami, San Fran and LA tour playing a
rare mix of deep electronica and electro. Look out for forthcoming releases
on Wondering Soul and Pyramid Transmissions.

Come and join the artists, performers and symposium delegates of the
Cybersonica festival for a delicious sonic aperitif...

Contact the Global cafe for details 0207 287 2242.

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
- --------------------------------------------------------------------

If you do one festival this summer............................

Cybersalon in conjunction with the ICA, Universtiy of  Westminster and CARTE


Wednesday 5TH- Friday 7TH June 2002

The Mall London SW1Y 5AH



Cybersonica is a three-day international festival of music and sound,
dedicated to defining the frontiers of electronic sound culture.  A snapshot
of the current significant work in sonic art, Cybersonica captures the
essence of this emerging, evolving medium. There are five elements to the
festival: Symposium,Installation, Performance, Cinema and Exhibition.

'Symposium' is a gathering of some of the leading artists and innovators
working within sound from around the world. Keynote presentation is from
MICHEL WAISVISZ, head of the STEIM sound research foundation in Amsterdam.
He has, since the late 60's, experimented with ways to achieve a physical
touch with electronic musical instruments.  TOM BETTS, who presents the
animation inspired 'Pixelmap', has recently become the first generative
composer to get a major record deal, and is new media consultant at Tate
Modern.  CHARLES KRIEL is resident VJ for BBC Radio 1 dance events, and
delivers a joint talk with 'Big Brother' originator GARY CARTER.

'Performance' features leading digital music makers: the abstract textures
of POLE (5th June), idiosyncratic electronica from DJ SPOOKY (THAT
SUBLIMINAL KID) (7th June), and BOMB 20's digital noise and cut-up (6th
June). Experimental DJ sets from Zan Lyons, XFM's Nick Luscombe and Tokyo's
Play label can be heard in the ICA bar at the Cybersonica 'club nights'.

'Installation', at the Global gallery on Golden Square, represents new
methods of interacting with sound that move beyond the screen, pushing the
limits of electronic sound art. ROBIN McGINLEY's 'Earth's 4.5 Billion Year
Old Composition' utilises valve based short wave radio equipment and the
latest computer technology, allowing us to hear the earth's own natural
electro-acoustic composition. JEFF TALMAN'S Sonogram works are derived from
a spectral analysis of the room tones found in major architectural spaces
including the World Trade Center in New York. JONAH BRUCKER-COHEN's work
'Musical/Devices' allows people to collaborate in a musical composition with
others using their mobile telephones.

'Exhibition' highlights new audio visual experiences: computer generated art
, games, music, and  interactive environments.

'Cinema' is programmed by pioneering VJ and TV producers ADDICTIVE TV, with
Anglo-Frenc filmophiles CINEFEEL screening an eclectic mix of off-beat
electronic music shorts.

TICKETS on sale NOW - contact the ICA ticket officeon: 0207 930 3647 or See <> for prices.

Cybersonica will be streamed by GROOVYGECKO at the festival website
throughout the event.

The festival is organised by Cybersalon, promoters of sell-out newmedia and
digital culture events at ICA since 1999.

PRESS: For detailed programmes, press tickets, photos and any further
information please contact Fabian Turner tel/fax: +44 (0) 20 7487\3464;
mobile: 07949 694768 email:

- -----------------------------------------------------------------

Cybersonica is supported by Steinberg, Apple, Yamaha, Groovy Geko, New Media
Knowledge, Inition, Toffeeapple, Smart Fusion, The Goethe Institute, the
British Council and HRC (Hypermedia Research Centre)


Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 22:52:53 +0100
From: Vanessa Black <>
Subject: ...Baltic Biennial_I.N.U.I.T. Kunsthalle_Hamburg


Kunsthalle presents

   June 3 to July 20

You are cordially invited on Sunday, June 2, 2002, to the opening at 19.00

60° N Kapp Falaffel (The Käse brothers Kasper, Jesper and Jonathan) 
Legoland DK /
AMIGA Riga LV / Polly Blond Stockholm S /  Mikhailev Buffer Kaliningrad RUS /
Ritlinka Dressing St. Petersburg RUS / Idi Emin Rostock D / Munchey 
Edvardsen Bergen N /
David Hockey-BlueLainen Helsinki FIN / Doris Jelzin Szczecin PL / Edvard 
Krieg Kiel D /
Leva Liive Vilnius LIT / Ola Motor-Ericsson Malmö S / Fritjof Nonsense 
Copenhagen DK /
Zigmarek Polka Gdansk PL / Piroger Snuff Turku FIN / Bitten Tei Aarhus DK /
Ilona Trump Tallin EST / André van Dalen Gothenburg S

| I.N.U.I.T. | KOOPSTR. 1 | D-20144  HAMBURG | +49-40-4103509 |

Opening hours from June 3 to June 9, 16.00 to19.00, and from June 10 to 
July 20, by appointment only.

supported by iMACHT

I.N.U.I.T. Kunsthalle ist weder durch die Kulturbehörde Hamburg noch durch 
den Kunstfonds Bonn unterstützt.
I.N.U.I.T. Kunsthalle er ikke støttet av NOCA (Norwegian Contemporary Art) 
eller Norsk kulturråd.

Please visit our website for further information

Please note:

The purpose of this website and this mailing list is to provide information 
about the state of the fine arts of today and to create an interest in 
discussing its aesthetics and its politics.

Please feel free to mail us at any time.
We apologize for any cross posting and multiple mail.
If you want to be taken off the list, please reply UNSUBSCRIBE.
Spamming, mail bombing and infecting is not intended, uncool and not at all 
our style.


Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 15:37:57 +0000
From: "Victoria High Quality" <>
Subject: Special Event @ UCU : Victoria High Quality reads "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©-~Ñ~vi

Special Event @ UCU : Victoria High Quality reads 
"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©-~Ñ~vibrator, even"

In connection with Joseph Nechvatal’s current exhibition "vOluptuary : an 
algorithic hermaphornology", Universal Concepts Unlimited presents on June 
6th a special machinic reading of Joseph Nechvatal’s cyber-sex novella 
"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©-~Ñ~vibrator, even".

This reading - which will be performed by Victoria High Quality - will begin 
at 6PM. Musical accompaniment will be mixed by Joseph Nechvatal and include 
the music of Erik Satie, Boards of Canada, Juan Garcia Esquivel, St. 
Germain, Oval, Elliott Carter, Richie Hawtin, John Cage, Aphex Twin, 
Fennesz, and Ancient Greek Music.

Joseph Nechvatal wrote this 39,907 word cyber-sex farce during his 
artist-in-residency at the Cite des Art International in Paris in 1995. Part 
I may be read on the web at:

The exhibition "vOluptuary : an algorithic hermaphornology" remains open 
till July 3rd.  See

Universal Concepts Unlimited
507 West 24th Street
New York, NY 10011

Tel: 212.727.7575
Fax: 212.727.7676

June 6th
6 PM  (sharp)
Admission is Free

- --__--__----__--__----__--__----__--__----__--__----__--__--

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Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 23:26:47 +0100
From: IB =?ISO-8859-1?B?1w==?= Progetto per le Arti <>
Subject: poetryboxmachine


     june 8th 2002
     festival electronica / scenario pubblico / catania / it

     i s a b e l l a _ b o r d o n i
     P O E T R Y B O X M A C H I N E
     sound / visual / net installation + live performance


ib _ project for the arts
     phone & fax 0039 0541 756229
     mobile 0039 338 8456337
ib _ webpieces: (not documentation website)


Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 12:22:43 +0200
From: "Gildner, Silvia" <>
Subject: bauhaus theatre workshop 2002

> To unsubscribe from this mailing list send and e-mail containing
> UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject field to
> Dear Bauhaus Friends,
> the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation announces its
> 4th Theatre Workshop
> a four week experimental project exploring the interfaces of space and
> stage.
> July 28th - August 24th, 2002
> Application Deadline: July 1st, 2002
> This years Theatre Workshop will explore urban voids and
> in-between-spaces. It will explore how working in and with these spaces
> beyond established places of cultural production can generate new ways of
> perception and new artistic activities.
> There is a close connection between the tradition of the Bauhaus Theatre
> under the leadership of Oskar Schlemmer and the contemporary methods the
> Theatre Workshop will use, mainly Butoh dance and video. Dance,
> improvisation, performance are media of expression, new media are used to
> reflect and enhance the working process.
> The workshop is directed at dancers, actors, stage designers, media
> artists, musicians, but also at interested members of other disciplines.
> Lecturers/Guests: Yoshi Oida (Paris) Kazuko Watanabe (Japan, Berlin)
> Susanne Weirich (Berlin) Yana Milev (Berlin), Leo Welzin (Amsterdam),
> Marie-Luise Lange (Berlin) u.a. 
> Advisors: Burghard Duhm (Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau), Boris Friedewald
> (München), Tejo Janssen, (Amsterdam), Reinhard Lorenz (Berlin).
> To apply, send a CV and a short statement of interest to
> Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
> Burghard Duhm
> Gropiusallee 38
> 06846 Dessau
> Tel. +49 (0) 340 6508 237
> Fax +49 (0) 340 6508 233
> E-Mail <> 
> Fee: EUR 450, including tuition and basic working materials.
> 4. BauhausBühnenWerkstatt  
> 29. Juli - 24. August 2002 
> Im Mittelpunkt der diesjährigen BauhausBühnenWerkstatt, die vor allem mit
> Butoh-Tanz und Film arbeiten wird, stehen die urbanen Leer- und
> Zwischenräume. Die Bühnenwerkstatt erforscht und erprobt, wie die Arbeit
> mit und in diesen Räumen außerhalb etablierter Orte der Kunstproduktion
> dazu beitragen kann, festgefahrene Wahrnehmungs- und Arbeitsweisen des
> Theater- und Kunstbetriebes aufzubrechen, um kreativ zu neuen, zeitgemäßen
> Formen zu finden. 
> Zwischen den zeitgenössischen Mitteln, mit denen die Bühnenwerkstatt
> arbeitet, und der Tradition der Bauhausbühne unter Oskar Schlemmer
> bestehen enge Verbindungen: Tanz, Theater, Improvisation und Einflüsse
> außereuropäischer Darstellungsformen gehen eine Synthese ein, die jeweils
> neuesten Medien werden zur Abbildung und Reflektion der Arbeitsprozesse
> genutzt.
> Die Werkstatt richtet sich an Tänzer, Schauspieler, Bühnenbildner,
> Filmemacher, Musiker und andere Interessierte.
> Gäste: Yoshi Oida (Paris) Kazuko Watanabe (Japan, Berlin), Susanne Weirich
> (Berlin) Yana Milev (Berlin), Leo Welzin (Amsterdam), Marie-Luise Lange
> (Berlin) u.a. 
> Team: Burghard Duhm (Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau), Boris Friedewald (München),
> Tejo Janssen, (Amsterdam), Reinhard Lorenz (Berlin).
> Bewerbung mit einem kurzen künstlerischen Lebenslauf und einer Begründung
> des Interesses an der Bühnenwerkstatt.
> Teilnahmegebühr: EUR 450,-.
> Kontakt, weitere Informationen und Anmeldung: 
> Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
> Burghard Duhm
> Gropiusallee 38
> 06846 Dessau
> Tel. +49 (0) 340 6508 237
> Fax +49 (0) 340 6508 233
> E-Mail <> 
> Silvia Gildner
> Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
> Kommunikation/Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
> Gropiusallee 38, 06846 Dessau
> Tel.: (49)-340-6508-301
> Fax: (49)-340-6508-226


Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 21:17:44 -0400
From: "McKenzie Wark" <>
Subject: Future Active Internet Politics Sydney event

Future Active: Media Activism and the Internet
New Media , New Politics

When : Weds 12th June, 6pm for 6.30pm

Where: The Gallery, Berkelouw Books, 70 Norton Street, Leichhardt (Sydney)

$15/$10  Bookings advised :


McKenzie Wark
Lecturer at the State University, New York
Author Celebrities, Culture and Cyberspace
and The Virtual Republic

Grahame Meikle
Lecturer in Media and Communications
Macquarie University
Author, Future/Active

and Richard Neville
Activist and independent media legend

When : Weds 12th June, 6pm for 6.30pm

Where: The Gallery, Berkelouw Books, 70 Norton Street, Leichhardt (Sydney)


Bookings advised :

Introducing the new Pluto title Future/Active by Grahame Meikle

About the Book
Does new media mean new politics? The Internet has enabled unprecedented 
global commerce and helped create IT oligopolies - but it has also mobilised 
millions of people locally and globally with very different visions of a 
connected world community. How are old political tactics being used by new 
media activists? What works online and what doesn't?

Future Active explores the uses of the Internet as a tool to affect 
political and cultural change. Author Graham Meikle talks to activists from 
around the world: from culture jammers to right-wing resistance movements; 
from political parties to pioneer hacktivists.  He provides case studies of 
milestone Net campaigns - key figures explain how Belgrade radio station B92 
used the Net to thwart Milosevic's censorship; how the McSpotlight website 
contributed to the campaign of the defendants in the McLibel trial; and how 
the global Indymedia phenomenon was born.

Meikle argues that it is the unfinished and open nature of the Internet that 
is most radical. It is through creating open media spaces that people can 
come to make their own futures - and those futures will be much more 
exciting than the media McWorld of corporate 'interactivity.'

Future Active is a groundbreaking exploration of the widening field of 
Internet politics; of the key players and their ideas; and of the tactics 
and technologies that inspire them.

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Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 11:44:08 -0600
From: Lev Manovich <>
Subject: A play to stay during Documenta opening?

I am looking for a place to stay in Kassel during Documenat opening (June 7,
8 and 9). According to Documenta people all hotels are full...any leads or
offers will be apprreciated!



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