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Re: <nettime> on material and 'immaterial' labour

> But there is nothing 'immaterial' about this. Its a misunderstanding
> of materiality to think that information belongs to the real of
> the ideal. Its a weirdly imperial move, reserving the immaterial
> (aka the ideal) for the overdeveloped world.

oui oui it's kind of super ideological division of work, the more
material the more mamalian heavyly hairy sexued proletarian, the more
'informational' the more shaved anima disembodied androginal fianancial ,
kind of 'you are the brain & you are the leg cause it's it's the asshole in
the middle that take the cash..'as usual'

> The emerging regime of global IP is heavily biased
> towards the needs of the overdeveloped world. One forgets that
> when the US was a 'developing' country, it freely stole patents
> and copyrights from Europe.

as charles the Quint demand to melt down -all- in gold incas marvel -befor-
they came in europe (that was some kind of crime even for some hairy & rough
conquistador) .all power come from a deliberate amnesia, the real power is
to voluntary to not examine "all" information, the oxymor is at some point
that the information must ratified the ante-choice. it's not only elementary
pentagon pedagogical strategical brain command..that run since caesar's
gouvernance. imagine this arse have just to see all what he wanted to

> The immaterial comes to exist precisely *because* it becomes a form
> of property.

beside the air dont exist so how the fuck do you want to bug us with it's
co2 pollution...btw did you know from what vivendi universal get its so rare
cash for the moment ? from its first bizness that made itself so big, the
water, yes these cats and dogs you have to take care it doenst drop in
your cognac..

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