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Table of Contents:

   conference 'cultural citizenship and globalisation' call for papers             
     fran ilich <>                                                   

   [Psrf] Photostatic Retrograde Archive, no. 45                                   
     Lloyd Dunn <>                                                    

   Urban Drift is online                                                           
     Urban Drift <>                                               

   DIAN Announcement for June                                                      
     DIAN <>                                                    

     onlineonsite <>                                          

   Evolving Traditions: Artists Working in New Media                               
     Seth Thompson <>                                         

   interarchive publication (kunstraum lueneburg)                                  
     "geert lovink" <>                                                

   CITY STATE : flow/capture/control/rupture                                       
     s|a|m <>                                                       

   Il linguaggio dei nuovi media                                                   
     "Tommaso Tozzi" <>                                               

   HF Critical Mass software                                                       
     Barbara Lattanzi <>                                          Fresh Ideas                                                         
     Seth Thompson <>                                         

   Year Zero One presents: the Splash Page Project                                
     Michelle Kasprzak <>                                        


Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 08:13:42 -0500
From: fran ilich <>
Subject: conference 'cultural citizenship and globalisation' call for papers

The Deakin University Research Priority Area in Citizenship and
Globalisation calls for papers addressing the broad theme of cultural

Conference sub-themes are:

Theorising Cultural Citizenship
Globalisation, cultural identity and cultural heritage
Citizenship and cultural difference
Post-national modes of cultural belonging
Is multiculturalism dead? Is cultural citizenship a more useful concept?
Ethnic minorities and ethno-nationalism
Cultural maintenance in diasporic communities
Human rights and cultural rights
Role of civil society and NGOs
Cultural citizenship of business
Cultural citizenship and democracy
Cultural and social rights of refugees
Implications for policy-makers

Please send proposals for 20-25 minute papers,
with a 200-word abstract by 12 July 2002 to:
Michael Leach,
RPA Research Fellow


Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 13:54:34 +0200
From: Lloyd Dunn <>
Subject: [Psrf] Photostatic Retrograde Archive, no. 45

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now available for download, retrograde release no. 5, june 2002:

Retrofuturism 16


direct download:

Description. "One World One Virus." Not unusually, media critiques 
form the core of this dispatch. Negativland files a report detailing 
their views on the Island Records vs. SST/Negativland case over the 
provocatively named recording U2. The Immediast Underground's 
contributions include plans for liberating us from the 'ecology of 
coercion' by turning the force of the media spectacle back on itself. 
It is fair to say that plagiarism is on everyone's mind, judging from 
the contributions of Steve Perkins (in a guest editorial entitled 
'Plagiarism: The Bastard Child') and Mark Palmer (an essay entitled 
'Plagiarism: The Truth in Doubling'). The Copyright Violation Squad 
also makes an appearance in support of Negativland, offering to make 
copies their suppressed 'U2' recording to all who send in a blank 
tape. And the League of Disdainists weigh in with a satirical 
'Cultural Survey' on Mail art.

Contributors include. Stephen Perkins, Potlach, Immediast 
Underground, League of Disdainists, Negativland, Copyright Violation 
Squad, Enrico Aresu, Mark Palmer, Benjamin Allen, Thomas Wiloch, 
Lloyd Dunn, Fintan Friel, Clint Simonson, Ross Martin, Florian 
Cramer, U.A. Sanabria, Jean-François Robic

Project Overview: The Photostatic Retrograde Archive serves as a 
repository for a complete collection of Photostatic Magazine, 
Retrofuturism, and Psrf, (as well as related titles) in electronic 
form. We are posting issues in PDF format, at more or less regular 
intervals, in reverse chronological order to form a mirror image in 
time of the original series. When the first issue, dating from 1983, 
is finally posted in several year's time, then this electronic 
archive will be complete.

issue directory:

project URL:

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Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 18:55:28 +0200
From: Urban Drift <>
Subject: Urban Drift is online


+++Urban Drift  Event ++ Berlin: October 09 ­ 12 2002 +++

+++From Formalism To Flux Management + Symposium + Mobile Cultures - New
Urban Strategies + Nightspace + Urban Interfaces + Open Workspaces  + Call
for contributions + DEADLINE 15 ­ 06 ­ 02 +++

URBAN DRIFT is an independent label and network based in Berlin, which
promotes a trans-cultural urban strategy employing all forms of media and
using the cityscape as both a medium and a sphere of action. Members of
Urban Drift act as tacticians for a contemporary urban praxis, developing
the discourse within Berlin as one of the primary cities of flux. Our aim is
to communicate architecture and urban design to a wider audience, to extend
the boundaries of the architectural discourse, and to maximize the potential
of interdisciplinary practice.

URBAN DRIFT is ....// a hybrid urban praxis, opening up and communicating
architecture to a wider audience // urban survival strategies // time-based
architecture,  temporary and ephemeral // urban transformation and the
reanimation of lost, forgotten, hidden city spaces // drift-inspired by
random movement // neon-inspired // trans-cultural collaboration // the city
as a medium // scavenging, remapping and resampling the city in light, sound
and text // urban nomadism // 24 hours nightwalking // the reinvention of
spaces // intervention // urban curating //  'cities need planners for the
next century, planners who are autonomous, able to grasp multiple aspects of
reality and refashion them as narratives, to link an increasingly
heterogeneous population in decision making processes' // working with the
city's second skin // fluid identities which are never fixed, communicating
a mobile, fluid urbanity /

Enjoy the drift....


Initiator / Curator: Francesca Ferguson
Urban Drift project space
@ Datenflug, Zehdenickerstr 21, 10119 Berlin


Date: Sat, 01 Jun 2002 17:17:03 +0200
From: DIAN <>
Subject: DIAN Announcement for June

              DIAN - Digital Interactive Artists' Network




DIAN - Digital Interactive Artists' Network -
Our focus for the month of June is MOTOMICHI NAKAMURA. We proudly
present his work:


In this occasion "Qrime" deals with questions, as manifested in
primitive legends and myths, of natural human curiosity towards violent
themes, discriminatory acts inflicted towards those whose differences
arise some sort of irrational fear in their fellow people and our
preconceived fear of divine punishment and its violent consequences.

DIAN - Digital Interactive Artists´ Network - is a network for artists
who are seriously involved in using Internet technology in the domain of
contemporary art. We are deeply interested in artists working in this
Artists working with the web, the net and related domains, please submit
your work here:

        Visit DIAN and explore what can be done on the Internet.


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Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 00:43:01 +0200
From: onlineonsite <>

MERCREDI 5 JUIN 2002 - à partir de 14h/start at 2pm
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Salle du CID
14, rue Bonaparte - 75006 Paris - Métro St Germain-des-Prés


- ----
14h/2pm : introduction, anne laforet
14h30/2:30pm : cha-at - d2b + mi_ga
rendez-vous online
- ----
15h30/3:30pm : introduction, florence ormezzano
16h/4pm : XXERO - xxero moo-performances
rendez-vous online - telnet, port:7777
tutorial : english, + fr,
- ----
17h30/5:30pm : l'art et le code/art and the code, nathalie magnan
+ 'Connexion Art Média Réseaux'-annick bureau, nathalie magnan

- ----> : ascii-art-mailing-list-web-archive

asco-o est une liste de discussion et un site web consacré à l'ascii art, 
au spam art, aux détournements textuels en tous genre.
Le site envoie automatiquement à une liste de diffusion des messages 
générés via des formulaires et des spam-machines, ou provoqués par le 
simple passage des visiteurs sur le site.
Le site est une des sources d'alimentation de la liste parmi d'autres : 
asco-o est un organisme qui se nourrit du réseau, en relation avec d'autres 
spam-machines, sur les sites,,,,
asco-o est la rencontre de deux artistes programmeurs, mi_ga et d2b.
Le site possède une archive des messages générés affichés aléatoirement.
Réseau, automatisation, anonymat, code sont au coeur d'asco-o, explorés de 
manière ludique, poétique, jouissive...
liste de discussion asco-o :

asco-o is a mailing-list, and a web site dedicated to ascii-art, spam-art, 
textual misappropriation/diversion/playing of all kinds.
The web site automatically sends to the mailing-list messages generated by 
forms and spam-machines or by the only presence of visitors on the web-site.
The website is one of the sources of the mailing list, among others : 
asco-o is an organism that feeds itself on the network, with spam machines 
on other servers (,,,,
asco-o is the meeting of two artists-programmer :mi_ga and d2b.
The website has an archive of all the messages generated randomly.
At the heart of asco-o, network, code, automation, anonymity are explored 
in a playful, poetic way.
mailing-list asco-o :


XXERO est à la fois un environnement collaboratif de type MOO, et une 
plate-forme pour des rencontres et des événements live.
Elaboré par un réseau international de femmes associées à la liste de 
discussion Faces-, ce projet initialement pensé comme 
un outil de présentation et de communication pour participer à Ars 
Electronika, continue maintenant un développement en parallèle de Faces.
Les contenus de XXERO sont axés sur les nouvelles technologies, le 
cyber-féminisme, le langage puisqu'il s'agit d'un environnement utilisant 
du texte.
Les membres de Faces ont, dans le choix d'un nom pour le MOO XXERO - "la 
chose flottante" dans l'attente d'un nom - fait appel à une multitude 
d'images auxquelles une identification était possible, des formes 
organiques aux références digitales à la science fiction.
Cette discussion a reflété, et activé la question de ce que pourrait être 
le féminisme aujourd'hui et l'identité en général, une question explorée 
pendant la dernière décennie en conjonction avec les théories queer et 
souvent dans un rejet des catégories dichotomiques masculin/féminin.
Les différents aspects de XXERO permettent le log in log out, à cet espace, 
dans l'élaboration d'un discours et sa remise en question, celui d'un 
projet, d'un contexte, d'une sphère sociale.
Le MOO et les événements live sont parties intégrantes d'un tout. Xxero est 
un espace où s'élaborent des palaces de contenu, se rêvent des mondes et se 
construisent en collaboration un village fait de textes, en une dimension, 
qui s'ouvre sur un monde virtuel très concret.
Les événements live donnent lieu à des lectures, des workshops, une table 
au café, pendant lesquels l'information est partagée et discutée, en privé 
et en public. Complémentaires l'un de l'autre, le contenu et le media sont 
inextricablement tissés ensembles, partagés et échangés sur la place du 
marché là où nous vivons.

XXERO is both a collaborative, moo-based environment and a platform for 
real life meetings and events. Built up by an international network of 
women associated with Faces-, the project was 
conceived in a real life Faces meeting as a tool for participating in Ars 
Electronica, and continue now a developpement parallel to Faces.
XXERO contents are about new-technologies, cyber-feminism, and langage as 
the environment is a tex-based one.
Faces members, has, in the choice of a name for the MOO XXERO - the 
floatting thing waiting for a name - thought to a multitude of images from 
organic forms to digital references.
What kinds of images can women identify with today? The complexity of this 
question corresponds to the complexity of the larger question of "female 
identity" in general, a question that has exploded over the last decade in 
conjunction with queer theory and, in many cases, a rejection of the 
dichotomous categories of "female/male" altogether.
The different facets of xxero allow for the participants to log in and out 
of a vital discourse that they are creating as much as criticizing, one 
that is a project, a context, and a social sphere. The MOO and the real 
life events are integral parts of the whole - the MOO provides one realm 
where participants build up content palaces, dream worlds that imagine the 
best and worst of what technology has to offer. The real life events are 
lectures, workshops, a table in the cafe, where information is shared and 
discussed, in private and in public. Each half complements the other, the 
content and the medium are intricately woven together as they are shared 
and exchanged in a marketplace of our own.

- ---->
17h30 : l'art et le code/art and the code, nathalie magnan
+ Présentation du livre 'Connexion Art Média Réseaux'-annick bureau, 
nathalie magnan

Net art, création en réseau, art de l'écran, art du code, création 
collective, position de l'auteur, copyleft, cyberespace, identité en ligne, 
culture du net, quels sont les concepts, les idéologies, les désirs et les 
fantasmes, les plaisirs, les enjeux esthétiques, politiques et culturels ? 
Quelles sont les pratiques ? Dans quelle histoire s'enracinent-elles ?
Des éléments de réponse et d'autres questions à partir d'une approche 
historique : Quelles sont les pratiques de l'art de la communication de la 
fin des années 70 et des années 80 ?.
D'une problématique actuelle : les rares pratiques de l'art du code 
émergeantes en France font écho à une activité bouillonnantes à 
l'extérieur. Qui sont ces nouveaux acteurs de la scène artistique, quel 
déplacement y opèrent ils ?
Ce livre est un recueil de textes sur les pratiques artistiques qui sont 
catégorisées sous les termes de "Net art" et "d'art de la communication" 
c'est-à-dire qui prennent, ou ont pris, les moyens et les technologies de 
communication (les médias) comme matériaux et lieux de la création et comme 
enjeux esthétiques, artistiques et politiques. Il réunit des textes 
historiques et actuels, des textes de référence et des fragments d'obscurs 
mails, des manifestes, etc., qui proposent des descriptions, des analyses 
et des prises de position sur les pratiques artistiques mais aussi des 
décodages culturels et techniques, des repérages de rapports de forces.

- ----
++ -
- ----> sorry for multiple post


Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 11:46:49 +0800
From: Seth Thompson <>
Subject: Evolving Traditions: Artists Working in New Media

Seth Thompson

For Immediate Release


Akron, Ohio-June 4, 2002- Media artist Seth Thompson recently 
completed the documentary Evolving Traditions: Artists Working in New 
Media. The hour-long documentary focuses on four internationally 
recognized artists and how their work has evolved from traditional 
disciplines into the form now coined "New Media."

Featured in the documentary are artists Mark Amerika, Tennessee Rice 
Dixon, Toni Dove and Troika Ranch. Ranging in such diverse artistic 
backgrounds as painting, dance, music, bookmaking and writing, these 
artists have incorporated current computer technology into their work 
to enhance their artistic visions.

"The documentary serves two purposes," said Thompson. "One, to show 
people how artists are incorporating computer technology into their 
work with new and innovative ideas. Two, to serve as an historical 
document, so that in the future people can look back to the beginning 
of the 21st century and see what some of the leaders in this movement 
were thinking at the earliest stages of this developing new art form."

Don Freeman, director of programming at PBS Channels 45/49, said, 
"The evolving interaction between artists and computer/video 
technology is an area that hasn't been explored often in traditional 
television terms.  Thompson's documentary will significantly 
contribute to a wider understanding of this field."

Evolving Traditions: Artists Working New Media was supported in part 
by generous grants and contributions from the Ohio Arts Council, the 
Wexner Center Media Arts Program at The Ohio State University, Media 
100 Inc., and The University of Akron (Myer's Faculty Grant).

The documentary is currently distributed by Wigged Productions and is 
available for $29.95 (includes S/H) at .   

- -more-

- -Evolving Traditions Documentary Continued-

Mark Amerika
Mark Amerika, a "Time Magazine Top 100 Innovator," is the author of 
two novels, The Kafka Chronicles and Sexual Blood. His most acclaimed 
project Grammatron (, a groundbreaking work of 
Internet art, was one of the first Web sites to be included in the 
prestigious Whitney Biennial. Amerika is also the publisher of Alt-X 
(, dubbed "the literary publishing model of the future" 
by Publisher's Weekly.

Tennessee Rice Dixon
Tennessee Rice Dixon creates interactive texts and animated works for 
CD and performance art. Her first interactive digital work, Scrutiny 
in the Great Round, is an award-winning CD-Rom that is dreamlike in 
effect and sensibility. Scrutiny is based on her limited edition 
artist book of the same name. Her recent work is focused on moving 
pictures with verse and behaviors responsive to sound and other 
environmental data. Dixon currently teaches at the School of Visual 
Arts, New York.

Toni Dove
Toni Dove is an artist/independent producer who works primarily with 
electronic media, including virtual reality and interactive video 
installations, performance and DVD-ROMs that engage viewers in 
responsive and immersive narrative environments. Dove has received 
numerous grants for her work, including support from the National 
Endowment for the Arts, The Rockefeller Foundation and the Langlois 

Troika Ranch
Since forming the dance theater company Troika Ranch in 1993, 
Artistic Directors Mark Coniglio and Dawn Stoppiello have been 
creating dynamic live performances that combine dance, music, theater 
and interactive digital media. Through fierce choreography, dense 
musical scores and an evocative use of media and theater, they 
explore how we can maintain our most human attributes in a time of 
accelerating change and growing physical disconnection

Seth Thompson
Seth Thompson is a media artist and educator whose work has been 
exhibited internationally. Thompson began his career at Harvestworks 
Digital Media Arts where he was Business Manager and Education 
Director.  In addition, Thompson was a Contractual Artist/Lecturer 
with the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Thompson holds a BFA in Studio 
Arts from the University of Colorado, MA in Visual Arts 
Administration from New York University and an MFA in Visual Art from 
Vermont College.

- -- 
Seth Thompson

Evolving Traditions: Artists Working in New Media
Video Documentary. 2002. (Color, 56:35)
Directed and produced by Seth Thompson.

Profiles four internationally recognized artists who have 
incorporated current computer technology into their work to enhance 
their artistic visions.  Artists addressed are: Mark Amerika, 
Tennessee Rice Dixon, Toni Dove, and Troika Ranch.


Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 10:17:09 +1000
From: "geert lovink" <>
Subject: interarchive publication (kunstraum lueneburg)

interarchive publicationFrom:

The Kunstraum der Universit=E4t L=FCneburg is happy to announce:

Archival Practices and Sites in the Contemporary Art Field

Available from June 6th, 2002 in Kassel at the documenta 11 in the =
container of the Buchhandlung Walther K=F6nig, Friedrichsplatz.

Beatrice von Bismarck, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Diethelm =
Stoller, Ulf Wuggenig (ed.). Art concept: Hans-Peter Feldmann. Curator: =
Hans Ulrich Obrist. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther K=F6nig, =
L=FCneburg/K=F6ln 2002. 19,7 x 26,5 cm; 640 pp. with 545 illustrations, =
402 coloured. Hardcover. Texts in German and English language.

ISBN 3-88375-540-0
Euro 40,-

In collaboration with the D=FCsseldorfer artist Hans-Peter Feldmann and =
based on the archive of the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist the "Kunstraum =
der Universit=E4t L=FCneburg" developed an extensive exhibition project =
on the significance of archives in the field of contemporary art. The =
publication "Interarchive" presents an extension of the project in form =
of a book: a documentation of the different discussions related to this =
theme is given. The book focusses on the current discourse on practices =
of archives. The functions and chances of collections, museums or =
cultural archives under circumstances of globalisation and virtual media =
are discussed as well as the constitutions, modes of work and the =
potentials of memory.

The subdivision of the book in the three segments "Approches", =
"Perspectives" and "Interlinking" substantially, structurally and =
formally mirrors current important attempts of this discourse. The first =
segment refers to the exhibition, the second part aimes at opening up =
the practices of archives argueing with numerous text contributions by =
artists and scientists of various disciplines. The third part of the =
book offers an unique survey on art and culture archives of the last 25 =

WITH: Franz Ackermann, Elisabeth Arkhipoff, Julie Ault, Bart De Baere, =
Vittore Baroni, bildwechsel e.v., Beatrice von Bismarck, Waling Boers, =
Jan B=F6ttcher, Lionel Bovier, Beatrix Brandes, Christophe Cherix, =
Thorsten Clauszen, Beatriz Colomina, Neil Cummings, C=E3lin Dan, Iris =
D=E4rmann, Chris Dercon, Michael Diers, dokumenta Archiv, Sabine Dreher, =
Arnold Dreyblatt, C=E9line Duval, Sonja Eichele, Volker Eichelmann, =
Maria Eichhorn, Annika Eriksson, Wolfgang Ernst, Jonathan Faiers, =
Arlette Farge, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Robert Fleck, Andrea Fraser, Anne =
Fr=E9my, Gy=F6rgy Gal=E1ntai, Fabrizio Gallanti, Paul-Armand Gette, =
Gilbert & George, RoseLee Goldberg, Kirby Gookin, Ren=E9e Green, Joseph =
Grigely, Eiko Grimberg, Johan Grimonprez, Marina Grzinic, B=E4rbel =
Hartje, Jens Hartwig, Jean-No=EBl Herlin, Anika Heusermann, Patricia =
Holder, Tom Holert, Tina Kaiser, Michael Katchen, Christoph Keller, =
Peter Kerschgens, Josif Kiraly, J=FAlia Klaniczay, Jan Knikker, Andrea =
Knobloch, Inga Koehler, Kasper K=F6nig, Koo Jeong-a, Ulrike Kremeier, =
Jan Lackner, John Latham, Anton Lederer, Marysia Lewandowska, Thorsten =
Liesegang, Armin Linke, Ken Lum, Margarethe Macovec, Gesine M=E4rkel, =
Pierangelo Maset, Kobe Matthys, Shaheen Merali, Charles Merewether, =
Ariede Migliavacca, Nina M=F6ntmann, Maurizio Nannucci, Olaf Nicolai, =
Carsten Nicolai, Jean Pierre Nouet, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Georges Perec, =
Peter Piller, Lisl Ponger, Karin Pr=E4torius, Catherine Qu=E9loz, Walid =
Ra=B4ad, Lioba Reddeker, Jos=E9 Roca, Irit Rogoff, Roland Rust, Bart =
Rutten, Hilmar Sch=E4fer, Ulrich Sch=F6tker, Nicol Schwaderer, Sarah =
Shneiderman, Judy Freya Sibayan, Sean Snyder, Erik Steinbrecher, Barbara =
Steveni, Diethelm Stoller, Harald Szeemann, Detlef Thiel, Tjebbe van =
Tijen, Mark Tribe, Mark Turin, Anthony Vidler, Anton Vidokle, Cornelia =
Vismann, Madelon Vriesendorp, Martin Warnke, Carmen Wedemeyer, Wanda =
Wieczorek, Jan Kristian Wiemann, Paul Willemsen, Martha Wilson, Ulf =
Wuggenig, Lydia Zimmer, Heike Zollondz
Kunstraum der Universit=E4t L=FCneburg

K=FCnstlerisch-wissenschaftliche Projektleitung:
                Beatrice von Bismarck, Diethelm Stoller, Ulf Wuggenig

Postanschrift:     Kunstraum der Universit=E4t L=FCneburg
             D-21332 L=FCneburg

Phon:           +49.4131.78-1210
Phax:           +49.4131.78-1246


Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 10:54:14 +0900 (CST)
From: s|a|m <>
Subject: CITY STATE : flow/capture/control/rupture


call for contributors : call for contributors : call for contributors :  

The CITY : STATE  Network and Surveillance Unit of the UTS Community 
Law & Legal Research Centre are compiling a reader of critical materials
on/around surveillance to coincide with the upcoming conference: 

CITY STATE : flow / capture / control / rupture
- - a critical forum on surveillance and social control -
July 20 2002 : Horti Hall, Melbourne

The CITY STATE reader is an attempt to go beyond the continual silence 
of governments, industry and conservative privacy organisations by 
mapping the different ways surveillance is reconfiguring social space, 
power and the ways that we live, and tracing critical paths of 
understanding and response.

The only real restriction on contributions at this stage is that they be:
* brief (500 - 2000w)
* sent to us by 10th June 2002 
* critical - i.e., providing new (beyond privacy) insights into how
surveillance works/is used in informatic environments. 

Academic/Artistic/Activistic creations and reflections that are
surveillance related are all welcome.

For more info about the CITY STATE : flow/capture/control/rupture
conference and reader - or to send contributions - write to:

* or 

or check [to be updated]. 


Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 10:55:55 +0200
From: "Tommaso Tozzi" <>
Subject: Il linguaggio dei nuovi media

HelpPresentazione del libro:
Luca Toschi (a cura di), "Il linguaggio dei nuovi media", Milano - Apogeo -
2001. Pagine LXIII + 349 - Contiene CD-ROM - Euro 25,31. 

Incontro con gli autori: 
Luca Toschi, Tommaso Tozzi, Alessandra Anichini, Giorgio Cognini, 
Cristian Contini, Lelio Camilleri, Pierangelo Bonazzoli, Barbara Gualtieri. 

Conduzione Raffaele Palumbo di Controradio.
domenica 2 giugno 
ore 21:00 
Al Parterre, in Piazza della Liberta' (Firenze) 

Verrà presentata una ricerca di una equipe di studiosi diretta da Luca
Toschi sulla natura del linguaggio della comunicazione multimediale
(CRAIAT-Università di Firenze). Nell'attuale retorica neoidealistica sui 
contenuti, una domanda: Come elaborare efficacemente i contenuti se non si 
ha una conoscenza approfondita del linguaggio multimediale? "
Realizzare contenuti per i nuovi media (dai CD e DVD al Web) più che
all'attività tradizionale dello scrivere assomiglia alla progettazione e
realizzazione di uno spettacolo, con la possibile presenza contemporanea di
testi, immagini, animazioni, suoni, programmi che consentono
l'interattività. Non si ha più quindi l'autore singolo, ma una squadra di 
operatori, ognuno con professionalità diverse, i quali, sotto la guida di 
un supervisore, collaborano alla realizzazione di un progetto in equilibrio 
fra autonomia creativa e obiettivo comune. In modo analogo, il libro 
esplora le regole e le strategie di questo nuovo linguaggio composito con 
il contributo di autori diversi, che concorrono con le proprie conoscenze 
ad approfondire i molteplici aspetti della produzione multimediale.

all'interno di "DIGITAL ZONES", rassegna di eventi culturali a cura del gruppo di lavoro sulla comunicazione sTRANONETWORk [] al PARTERRE 2002 estate d'iniziative a cura de Le Nozze di Figaro, Controradio, Comune di Firenze, 

Tommaso Tozzi
Docente di Teoria e Metodo dei Mass Media, Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara
Docente di  Teoria e Metodo di Sceneggiatura Multimediale, Master in Multimedialita', RAI e Universita' di Firenze
Via XXIV Maggio 14, 50129, Firenze, Italia
Tel. 055-485996


Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 18:53:40 -0400
From: Barbara Lattanzi <>
Subject: HF Critical Mass software

=_ =_ =_ =_ =_ =_ =_=

_ _ _ _ _H_F _ _ _ _ _


  _ _ _ M_A _S _S _ _


HF CRITICAL MASS is freely available software, which is based on a 1971 
film by Hollis Frampton titled "Critical Mass".

HF CRITICAL MASS adopts the structure of the earlier film as an interface 
for improvising playback of digital video (quicktime movies).

Mac and Windows versions for download at:

=_ =_ =_ =_ =_ =_ =_=

The films of the late Hollis Frampton spanned the late 1960s through the 
early 1980s. His work, Critical Mass, is one of a series of films 
collectively titled "Hapax Legomena" that investigate "the specific 
conditions of cinematic representation and the limitations and paradoxes of 
visual description and narrative."  (description by Steve Polta - San 
Francisco Cinemateque, 2002)

=_ =_ =_ =_ =_ =_ =_=

Barbara Lattanzi


Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 11:00:48 +0800
From: Seth Thompson <>
Subject: Fresh Ideas

WIGGED.NET  JUNE 2002 E-NEWSLETTER--VOL. 2 ISSUE 11 ( is an evolving Webzine focused on 
bringing innovative short videos, animations and interactive works 
over the Internet.  Our mission is to be a showcase, distribution and 
promotion center for experimental artists via the World Wide Web. is for audiences seeking innovative alternatives to 
traditional forms of entertainment.


Check out featured artists in the new issue of

Humberto Ramirez's HATE.
Ramirez writes, "This is a video in which the cultural dynamics of 
hatred are explored through a series of talking heads and monologues. 
The video seeks to denaturalize a condition in which the potential 
solidarity amongst different people is subverted by notions of 
nationalism, race, gender, class etc.
By problematizing what seems to remain hidden or at least unspoken 
this work seeks to provoke a conversation." United States. 2002.

Agricola de Cologne's Never Wake Up.
Based on the artist's poem of the same name.  The poem/movie uses 
some fundamental images: The "soldier" is metaphor for the human 
individual.  "War" is a metaphor for life, respectively the fights of 
everyday day life; and the "veteran of war" is the human being who 
cannot rid himself of the shadows of the past.  Never Wake Up 
addresses the loss of identity where the soldiers become distorted 
and veterans have difficulty with reintegration into post-war 
society. Germany. 2001.

Jimpunk ironically states that in his piece, 
"everything is under control."  However get ready for a nerve-racking 
event.  At first you may think that your computer has been infected 
with a virus.  But don't worry, it's not.  Fasten your seatbelt as 
you embark on a mind-blowing journey that is a masterful mixture of 
image and sound.  Kudos to jimpunk! France. 2001.

Daniel Young's NewZoid.
NewZoid is a work of generative art. It plays with the most common 
information form of our time - the headline. NewZoid continuously 
collects the daily news, tears it apart, chops it up and endlessly 
reassembles the pieces into absurd, funny, shocking and 
thought-provoking headlines. The Site has been operating on its own 
since April 8, 2001. United States. 2001.

Dinorah de Jes=FAs Rodriguez & Gustavo Matamoros's L'Anatomie du D=E9sir. 
This assemblage of erotic images, found and damaged footage, and 
handcrafted 16mm film was originally projected onto the torso of 
Butoh artist Helena Thevenot as part of the one-hour collaborative 
piece "The Anatomy of Desire."  A tribute to biophysical impulses, 
the video version synchronizes the film to its original score by 
Gustavo Matamoros. United States. 2002.

Thomas Swiss and Seth Thompson's In the Woods.
In the Woods, a collaborative effort between Thom Swiss and Seth 
Thompson examines the ideas of memory, aging and loss.  The result of 
the collaboration suggests the way language (in this case a poem by 
Swiss) can be re-represented and changed by images (a film by 
Thompson). United States. 2002.

To view these works visit the "Now Showing" page at


Read Peter Schmideg's web essay, CORY ARCANGEL: 8-BIT VIRTUOSO.

The above article can only be found on the "Wigged News" page at


Evolving Traditions: Artists Working in New Media
Video Documentary. 2002. (Color, 56:35)
Directed and produced by Seth Thompson.

Profiles four internationally recognized artists who have 
incorporated current computer technology into their work to enhance 
their artistic visions.  Artists addressed are: Mark Amerika, 
Tennessee Rice Dixon, Toni Dove, and Troika Ranch.

The documentary is currently distributed by Wigged Productions and is 
available for $29.95 (includes S/H) at .   


Seeking innovative and experimental video, animation and net art. 
Please visit and go to the "submit media" page 
to fill out our on-line registration form and send requested 

DEADLINE: July 15, 2002 for Wigged's September-December, 2002 issue.


We are looking to promote your upcoming exhibitions and new releases. 
If you would like for us to promote your work either through our 
newsletter or webzine, please send your press releases to:

Seth Thompson
Wigged Productions
418 Woodland Ave.
Akron, OH  44302

or you may e-mail press releases to  No file 
attachments will be accepted.  If you have images that you would like 
to include, please send them via snail mail to the above address.

Please Note: To remove your e-mail address from my list simply reply 
to this message and type the word "unsubscribe" in the Subject field 
at the top of your reply.  If you have more than one e-mail address 
through which you might be receiving this, please be sure to list 
them all.

temp list

- -- 
Seth Thompson


Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 01:05:04 -0400
From: Michelle Kasprzak <>
Subject: Year Zero One presents: the Splash Page Project
June 1 - August 1 : M.River and T.Whid Art Associates

+ + +

Year Zero One presents: the Splash Page Project
June 1 - August 1 2002 : M.River and T.Whid Art Associates

Year Zero One has offered its splash page as an exhibition space for 
artists that will operate on a bimonthly basis.  A selection of 
Canadian and international net.artists have been invited to show 
their work in this forum.

We are pleased to present the artists featured for June 1 - August 1 
: M.River and T.Whid Art Associates (MTAA).  MTAA's work is entitled 
"website unseen #1: Random Access Mortality" and was commissioned by  Please visit to view the 
work.  Flash 6 Player is required.  To see more of MTAA's work, 
please visit their website at

The Splash Page Project launched on Feb. 1, 2002 with a piece by 
net.artist Mouchette.  The Project is curated by Michelle Kasprzak. 
If you have a proposal for this space, please e-mail:  Please note that we are booked for 2002 and are 
accepting applications for 2003 only.

Year Zero One is an on-line artist run centre which operates as a 
network for the dissemination of digital culture and new media 
through web based exhibitions, an extensive media arts 
directory/bulletin, and the Year01 Forum - an electronic art journal.

+ + +



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