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<nettime> Re: Kostunica hits out at the Hague

Earth to Kostunica: Milosevic is a pathological liar who uses The 
Hague Tribunal for his personal amusement, manipulating the 
system and tormenting witnesses that used to be victimized by his 
thugs. And we are all surprised that ICTY is letting him get away 
with that. Maybe Kostunica should volunteer to testify against 
Milosevic and help a little to change that picture, instead of just 
complaining incessantly how The Hague got it all wrong?! Just a 

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Radio B92 News for June 8, 2002

Kostunica hits out at the Hague

  18:41  BELGRADE, Tuesday - Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica
has called on the country's democratic authorities to react decisively
to certain statements made at the trial of Slobodan Milosevic before
the Hague tribunal, Tanjug news agency reports.

  "Whenever I think that all the surprises have been used up and
that the Hague tribunal has nothing else with which to surprise -
they actually prove me wrong," Tanjug quotes Kostunica as saying.

  According to the news agency, Kostunicas comments are in reaction
to claims made during the trial of the former Yugoslav president that
every Serbian politician had their own paramilitary units which they
sent to Kosovo.

  Kostunica insisted there was no way the International Criminal
Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia could prove the collective guilt
of the Serbian people. (Tanjug)

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