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<nettime> June 2002

___________________________________________________________      June 2002

Participating artists as of June 5, 2002:, Cory Arcangel, Peter Coffin, Vuk Cosic, Christoph Draeger,
Ken Feingold, Peter Fend, Rainer Ganahl, Janine Gordon, Johan Grimonprez,
Noritoshi Hirakawa, Heidrun Holzfeind, Simone Huelser, Serge Kliaving,
Richard Kongrosian, Joseph Kosuth, Philipp Lachenmann, Joerg Lohse,
Miltos Manetas, Paul Myoda, Stephan Pascher, Gabriele Picco, Cesare Pietroiusti,
Walid Raad, Erwin Redl, Karin Sander, Max Schumann, Frank Schroder, John Simon,
Beat Streuli, Gwenn Thomas, Mark Tribe, Doug Wada, Oliver Wasow, Lawrence Weiner,
David West, Hartmut Wilkening and Carlo Zanni.


Last Bids Party at The Good World Bar
starts at 9pm on Sunday June 16, 2002.

Watch last minute bidding on large video screen.
Computer terminals to place bids.
Proceeds from Cash Bar to benefit THE THING.
Entertainment all night.
DJs/Acts to be announced in the course of the week.
Sponsored by GOOD WORLD BAR, 3 Orchard Street, NYC, near Canal Street.

Bring your wireless notebook to be on the safe side.


Since 1991 THE THING has provided an ongoing space for developing, supporting,
and presenting innovative media art and criticism.

   From sponsoring a prescient electronic edition by the noted artist Peter Halley
in 1993, the ranks of artists who were among the earliest to explore the
possibilities of electronic networks through THE THING include Beat Streuli,
Mariko Mori, Rainer Ganahl, Craig Kalpakjian and Daniel Pflumm. Similarly,
notable curators such as Benjamin Weil and Jordan Crandall undertook many of
their foundational projects in conjunction with THE THING.

THE THING has served as a workplace with access to production and network
facilities for visiting artists, cultural workers, and technicians; as a space
for ad hoc gatherings, events, and exhibitions; and as the publisher and
maintainer of a series of arts-oriented newsletters and publicly accessible
websites, most notably the

BBS at

Please contribute to this ongoing, innovative cultural project.


"Overcast Skies"
A Book Review of
"The Clash of Fundamentalisms"
John Menick [Click Reviews]

Questioning Subject
An interview with Conor McGrady
Kevin Noble [Click Reviews]

Looking for the BIG Idea
A Report from BIG Torino 2002
Rene Gabri [Click Reviews]

Eyes Wide Shut
An Interview with Karin Campbell
on her Whitney Biennial Performance
Brian Boucher [Click Reviews]


New Horizons in Third-World Agribusiness Globalization
Kinnithrung Sprat

*Another THEYESMEN project.*

Full text  of the lecture presented:  [Click Video]


'Poem for Echelon'

web economy bullshit generator



Woomera Refugees' Day in Court

The End of Liberty
Gore Vidal

The Law and Politics of Internet Activism
Anita Ramsastry


Don't Just Read The Ad! Click It!*

___________________________________________________________      June 2002

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