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<nettime> hackmeeting 2002, cyberpunk is an attitude

HACKMEETING 2002 Bologna, 21-22-23 June 2002

Hackmeeting is a meeting of Italian digital communities and
countercultures. Three days of workshops, games, parties, debates,
exchanges of viewpoints and ideas and common learning. Hacking as an
attitude: this is our vision, not just computer knowledge.

We are "hackers" all day long, even when we aren't using a computer, when
we fight to change what we don't like, such as the untrue and forced
information, the exploitation of not affordable but expensive technologies,
as the unavoidableness of acknowledging information without any interaction.

We regard hacking to be an attitude that isn't confined to information
technology. Our way of being hackers is apparent in day-to-day life, even
when we're not using computers. It reveals itself when we fight to change
the things we don't like, such as force-fed misinformation, the use of
expensive technologies that are not available to everyone, and having to
accept information dispensed without any interactivity.

This is the fifth edition of the Italian hackmeeting. Like the previous
ones, this year the event will take place in an autonomously run location,
Teatro Polivalente Occupato
(TPO in Bologna.
And like we did in the past, this edition is totally self-managed and
self-financed. We have no sponsors and no labels.

Organization is managed by a virtual group which sets up both tech aspects
and logistics on the mailing list.

The focal point of the meeting is the "networked space", an area in which
everyone can bring his own computer and wire it to the net to communicate
with everyone else, experimenting, playing and sharing freely everyone's
stuff. It isn't a public net, in fact it will not be accessible from the
Internet and it will not allow access to the Internet. We encourage
internal sharing of knowledge. And we encourage the use of free and
not-for-commercial-use technologies and software, i.e. Linux OS and other
programs developed by this way of thinking.

Hackmeeting also provides workshops and debates, freely open to the public,
in which we'll talk about technology but also about politics. We'll develop
the debate about digital rights that the Italian digital underground has
been discussing for a long time; we'll talk about free software and related
ways of thinking, we'll talk about Net economies, Net work and more over.

For more info: read our FAQ or join our mailing list.



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