Barbara Lattanzi on Wed, 19 Jun 2002 06:00:03 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> AMG STRAIN Software

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_ _ _ _ _A M G _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ S T R A I N_ _ _ _

version 1.0  SOFTWARE

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A M G  S T R A I N  is freely available, copyleft software written by 
Barbara Lattanzi. The software is based on the structural algorithm 
conceived by Anne McGuire for her deconstructive videotape, "Strain 
Andromeda, The" (1992).

Visit the website to download PC and Mac versions 
of  "AMG  STRAIN" software:

A M G  S T R A I N  is based on Anne McGuire's video detournement of the 
Hollywood feature film, "The Andromeda Strain"  (directed by Robert Wise, 
1972, based on the 1968 Michael Crichton novel).  The software translates 
McGuire's structural algorithm by dividing the viewer-selected Quicktime 
video into dynamically-variable length segments and playing back the 
segments in reverse order.  The source code written for the core action of 
"AMG STRAIN" software is also available at the website.

A M G  S T R A I N  Software, via "Strain Andromeda, The", pushes cinematic 
representation out of its creaky containment by montage (even while 
depending upon it). AMG STRAIN Software ventures into an area that "Strain 
Andromeda, The" anticipates: a different temporal field of affective 
projection and play.

Barbara Lattanzi

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