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<nettime> Stasi Informer List on the Internet

[I just spotted this on Cryptome - I wonder if other ex totalitarian 
regime countries would do the same? Or for that matter currently 
totalitarian regime countries?]


22 June 2002. See related news report:

13 January 2000. Thanks to Quintessenz and Primavista.

The Stasi List: ftp://ftp.uni 

Cryptome mirror:; or

Parrhesia mirror:


ZDNet, Germany

13 January 2000

"We will bring democracy to its feet with the Internet"

The desired Stasi List, which was available during the past weekend 
under ready for download, until the administrator 
closed it again due to "legal doubts," is again available under other 

On the bulletin board of the Gauck authority 
( Internet addresses 
are listed from which the large 1.5 MByte "zip" file can be obtained. 
"Alone the past Saturday we had for our site over 37,000 accesses," 
ZDNet was told by the operator of the site, who would in particular not 
like to be named. Thousands of downloads were made on weekend.

To the question, why was the list -- which names coworkers of the Stasi 
in particular with date of birth and income -- placed on the Net, the 
57-year-old former East German official answers: "We cannot conceal it 
any more. There was a dictatorship, and many of the informers are again 
today in the highest positions."

He points to the fact that after the blockage the list is offered again 
for download on foreign sites.

This wish was fulfilled in the meantime: The desired file is to be found 
among other things on the server of "The only way which will 
help us bring democracy back to its feet is the Internet," explains the 
administrator of the site. It states that the owner of the domain 
changed in the meantime and the former owner announced to the Denic he 
does not have to do anything with the Stasi list.



"Sitting and dozing I always have a pot of wine at hand
My eyes don't wish to see the capital of the emperor
I am a lazy fellow who enjoys leisure
My name is not famous between heaven and earth"

Han Chung Li

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