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<nettime> world trade design center

  [it could be argued that the following has a design
  precedence, in that some architects collect minia-
  tures of buildings, whether for iconography or similar
  to that of egg-holder collectors, yet, for buildings.
  so the following commemoration materials are not new
  in one sense, but i wonder about the cultural aspect
  of politicizing (through endorsement/connections) of
  the WTC/9-11 events, with fake money and also
  Administration involvement with the events, which to
  me borders on war profiteering and desecrating truth.]

  conscientious objector


  saw one of the most sickening adds for a WTC
  miniature, an insert (paperized spam) in the
  local newspaper, with a quote from President
  Bush II, entitled: September 11, 2001
  "We will not waver; we will not tire;
  will will not falter; and we will not fail.
  Peace and freedom will prevail."
  President George W. Bush
  The part that gets me is the idyllic symbolism
  of the WTC in its pristine, original state, and
  the clean, packaged sell, but also with the words
  (via speechwriters) of the US President stamped
  onto this 79.00 US dollar memorial in miniature,
  Twin Towers Commemorative, from The Danbury Mint,
  in Norwalk CT. which, has no website for the WTC,
  but does do sports miniatures at the following url:

scanned copies of the newspaper commercial insert...

side 1 of brochure:

side 2 of brochure:

company is online at (without info on the WTC miniature)... or


  then saw this beauty, as the .gov is printing
  new money, i saw this pop-up add on the
  website, and thought it was satire, so clicked it,
  and it went to another _mint_ site, and no joke-
  it is fake money with the US President Bush II
  affixed on it... (for full info)

  [and, guess what- "Get Sep 11 FREE Cash Gift!" (free money!)
  that is the blinking advertisement. and here is the page's copy:

  FREE ColonialMint $2001 Bush Memorial Dollar Bill
  A memorial for those lost during the events of 9/11/01. Retail 
selling at $19.95 per piece. Great gift ideas for mom, dad, family 
members, friends and co-workers. Every American should have one.

These bills are the same size as legal tender, professionally printed 
and designed. Real color and real paper money feel.

For a limited time, we are giving away this item for FREE for the 
first 20,000 visitors. Grab one on first come first serve. Click here.

IMPORTANT: This item is limited to U.S. residents only. Limited 1 
item per person. "]


here's a chess set  $165 US (15 donated to the WTC)


pin with WTC/9-11 $42 US


Welcome to:

America's New War Store Products Page

"Thank You For Your

Support and your Patriotism!"

"10% of the proceeds from all the products offered in America's New 
War Store are given to the Rewards for Justice Program right off the 
top!. For complete details visit our site at
Visit: Untied We Stand Web Ring (suspended)"


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