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<nettime> makeworld.paper#2: First Call for Content - no border

dear nettimers,

once again it's about time. the next makeworld
reader is in preparation. distribution nodes include
Kassel (Sarai (www.sarai.net) project at Documenta),
Strassbourg (bordercamp) and other events during this
summer. the entry limit date (formerly called deadline)
is the 7th of July, 2002.

the format will be newspaper style in print
and size, 32 pages, 10.000 copies, euro=0, in a
barebone layout.

your brilliant contributions are needed.
main topics may include:
   - crossing borders beyond borders
   - the question of europe
   - the future of copyright
   - local struggles vs. global bubbles
   - hacking as discourse and practise
   - digital civil rights initatives
   - the art and politics of code
   - tactical media revisited
   - global player, game over
   - the productivity of negativity
   - introducing generation flesh
   - the organic intellectual and the end of space
   - architects of new modes of organisation
   - biopower, bioproperty and other weapons
   - how to fight FIFA, WIPO, GATT, ISO and the WWF.
   - a users guide to the Schengen Information System
   - non-digital global network structures
   - tales from the database of world problems
   - how to conquer corporate state propaganda
   - the notwork economy and it's institutions

specially needed are copyeditors and
translators: italian, spanish, portugesian,
indonesian, japanese, german, french, russian etc.
into empire-english.

if you are part of a local group
project, institution or movement which
is neither happy to be commercial nor
fully state owned, try to write your
city-report, campain-protocol,
describing your special kind of approach.

if you are a theorist, writer or teacher
please send an update, but no original
versions already published in larger
media channels.

if you stumble above smaller snippets of
useful stuff, reviews of software tools,
special books or records which might be
meaningful in this context, please send
a review with reference to it's source.

all textes will be put under a
open content license, not for commercial
use. (see creativecommons.org)

send your texts (brief is beautiful) to:
-> nettime@bbs.thing.net (central text laundering)
-> fürther email adresses will follow later.

if you want to donate to make the production
of this magazine possible, please contact

makeworld reader #1
Bastard Newspaper about Kosovo
by Arkzin/Zagreb, compiled by an international group.
ZKP #4

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