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<nettime> Media Statement Woomera Hunger Strike - Submission period Extended

By way of Woomera Embassy Mailing list - Please forward through your channels

ALERT: Media Statement Woomera Hunger Strike - Submission period Extended

Hello all

The response to our Collective Media Statement responding to the Woomera 
Hunger Strike has been overwhelming: more than 280 endorsements were 
received from individuals, refugee support centres, action groups and 
others. Amongst the signatories are the entire crew of Radio 3CR in 
Fitzroy, Vic, the Indo-China Refugee Association, the Burma Hope Foundation 
Inc, the Catholic Parish of Caloundra QLD Refugee Support Group, Bellingen 
Rural Australians for Refugees, the Melbourne Catholic Migrant & Refugee 
Office, CHILOUT at Flinders University Adelaide, the National Union of 
Students Inc, the Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project and the Macquarie 
University Branch of the National Tertiary Education Industry Union.

There are too many to acknowledge. I do want to make a special mention of 
Tony Kevin, former Australian ambassador to Cambodia: the person who 
started to uncover the SIEV-X saga with an article in The Canberra Times 
"353 dead: this could be our Watergate" on May 10 this year.

A VERY warm thank-you to all of you who immediately jumped into action and 
sent the alert to hundreds of people. Australia is NOT a mean-spirited 
country, but a compassionate country, where those without stupid political 
ambitions do not tolerate lies, deception, cruelty and inhumanity. Remember 
that please, as I try to remember that!

And still about ten submissions come in per hour....

Submission period Extended

The Media Statement has been sent to about 40 news media yesterday evening 
and this morning. But we're committed to relay this Statement further. Next 
week Monday/Tuesday the Statement will be sent to EVERY politician in the 
Australian Federal government.

It has now been installed on our website, and signatures can be submitted 
using the "Sign it!" button on the document, via a website submission form.

The document now has its new place on our website here:


Please alert everyone through your lists, and please remember to make it 
clear to NOT submit endorsements any longer through email.


Jack H Smit
Project SafeCom Inc.

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