tobias v on Sat, 29 Jun 2002 01:06:09 +0200 (CEST)

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"... there is no way of knowing that the
message got through.... but the work has
been done.... "

 ( ...i considered your request carefully ... and left
something for you under your pillow... )

            contact established
            TELE POESIS

ssiess : last actions reported in vietnam cambodia laos southern china
saibot : coordinating net-response in montreal vancouver new york city

 --- ---- ---- --- -- --

an ever-evolving daily-growing live collaboration between two friends
separate by a planet of distance ... .. .   using the medium of the
website the directory information storage and chat to archive a postal
relationship ... ssiess he sends postcards to saibot in montreal hundreds
of them and ssiess he attempts to gather intelligence saibot reinterpret
recontextualise reproduce the message the transmission fading onto the
ephemeral the poetic medium the net the web the digitalis without matter

.. ... i'm listening to a vietnamese version of
new kids on the block... in this internet cafe...

there is no way for me
to understand
this morning i awoke
at the renakse hotel
pnom penh
to what is commonly
known as misery morning
by travellers

*tuning* ... 


*faint voice*

"come in... "

" ... Ôs there anybody there "
"come in ... "

"..... the dialog must begin..."

"... if you can here me... "

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