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<nettime> POK 110

> Interviews with the people in detention - whether on a ship or in the 
> desert - are not allowed by those who make these sorts of decisions. 
> Regardless of what we may know or think of the media, the absence of 
> the screen mediated reality (stories) of people who are inside these 
> systems, means that people outside (you and I, the person who serves 
> you in the deli, those who know the world through commercial television 
> and tabloid newspapers) remain untouched by the everyday reality of 
> those detained.
> These drawings were made recently by kids detained alongside their 
> parents at Woomera. Their names, and the numbers that are used to 
> address them with (see POK 110 below), have been pixelled out. It's 
> more than sad that they can't be named here, that you and I cannot 
> say ---- felt this, that their lives go unacknowledged.
> The images here are excerpts from quite detailed drawings. click on any 
> excerpt and the complete drawing will download - each image is approx 
> 700k so it will take a while if you have a slower connection.
> more drawings here soon
> image by POK 110 "The artist was given the name 'POK 110' by the 
> Australian Government when he arrived.'POK' is the first 3 letters of 
> the name of the boat he arrived on, and 110 is the sequential number as 
> each arrival was processed. That was how he was referred to, during the 
> time he was in Australia, by the Department of Immigration and 
> Multicultural Affairs and also by Australian Correctional Management, a 
> private operator."
> Jeremy Moore, Lawyers for Woomera Refugees Statement

ben moretti

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