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Re: <nettime> Fukuyama and biotech

> The Small Matter of Our Humanity
> Cloning, embryonic stem cell research, xenotransplantation, genetic
> screening ... the onslaught of new medical and biological technologies are
> pushing us towards a posthuman future whose meanings, possibilities and
> peril we have barely begun to contemplate.

coz it is no question ov enlargement pillz so why this question of the sad
contemplation of our posthumanity, or barely, it's evident this zience is
not truckdriver oriented & all race together, i have not so much occasion to
do some politics but i agree with coco frusco az for art, scienz is just a
heap ov projeczion of reader of newyorkerz always zearching technological
zolution for keeping their tacky menage a trois & under iron lung if

> Why concern yourself with IVF or cloning when the
> contraceptive pill has already uncoupled the relation between sex and
> reproduction?

well it'z highly probable in the long human history the human awareness of
relationship beetween zex und reproduction is relatively recent, it'z
patriarchy und metalurgie und white netart that give the idea to handcuff
the women to the metal tub of the bed. at the origin and zpecially befor
netart, the male was good and sweet and gentle

> Fukuyama focuses on the posthuman ends that arise through the
> adoption of technological means but he fails to interrogate what motivated
> the desire for such ends in the first place.

here we are, fukuyama avter having emasculated hegel he will stuffed drug in
gladiator marximus'stomac & horse hormone in truck driver panz for soon
saying "we have abolished human execution, but not posthuman execution
'reader of the newyorker!  today we dont send an human to the electric chair
but just a bag of chemistry'

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