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<nettime> empire vs. empiricism

	tactical individuals
	tactical groups
	tactical networks

  	one tactic of many individuals
	many tactics of one group

  	many networks with one tactic
	many tactics in one network


	operational structures (inter/infra/sub/super-)
	operational science-technology-art
	operational tools/techniques (media)

	the individuals, group, and network
	each performing unique operations

  	operations, when connected, flowing as force
  	fields of a polarized electromagnet,
	unified, while differentiated


	strategic individual

	strategic group

	strategic network


	- of many, of one



  	ideas relating one to many, individuals and groups
	through temporary networks, common and uncommon
	for larger goals, shared, desired, necessary.

	sacrifice of some [individual/group/network]:


	for the benefit of larger (paradigmatic) change...

	whereupon rules of engagement are shifted from the

  	game-board 'of life' to living itself, here, now.

	shared determination. shared consequence. shared burdens.

	shared identities, however fleeting and abstract.

	humans, one [individual][group][network].

	humanity, many [individual][group][network].

	where to begin?

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