Ricardo Bello on Thu, 12 Sep 2002 12:05:55 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Primer Cyborg Festival online

Today September 11th, one year after the WTC attack and five months since
the Venezuelan events of April 11th, we start an Electronic Arts Festival.  
It is a nice day to something the other way around, instead of senseless
deaths, we assume the courtesy to know each others minds. It's not about
aesthetics, but transparency, effortless communications, instant touch,
Babel undone. We live near Caracas, amid political struggles and
intolerance; the event will take place in a common ground, the only
landscape available. We have neither specific guidelines for thematic or
ideological content of entries, nor do we restrict the areas of these
encounters to age group or geographical origin.

The First Cyborg Festival initiate its first phase today, based on the
intent and the will to stimulate emerging talent working in cyberspace.  
This event transcends conventional art boundaries, linking people and
communities who create encounters that help us understand and enhance our
life experiences in the twenty-first century. It will open its doors to
creative minds who have made digital technology an essential tool for
communal living; it will be a place for diversity and freedom of
expression. Details ot the Awards, Jury and Organizing Committee can be
found at:  www.cyborgfestival.com

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