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Re: <nettime> ICANN Contract up Sept 30 2002 - What is to be done?


> As the deadline is soon approaching, a burning question 
> remains: Can a private entity and a public treasure be 
> mixed?" (The public treasure is the Internet.)

That question burned out . . . long AGO!! <g>

Since the *infrastructure* that comprises the Internet (as well as the other 
"critical infrastructure" now in need of "protection") is 90%+ owned by the 
private sector . . . it seems rather quaint for you to assert that this is a 
"public treasure!"

The fact that the world is now *officially* shifting from a "National 
Security" framework to a "Critical Infrastructure Protection" (i.e. "Homeland 
Security") framework -- that is to say we already live in a New World Order 
in which post WW-II vehicles like the "National Security Act of 1947" and its 
underlying UKUSA agreement, ECHELON, etc. have already been discarded -- 
means that this shift has ALREADY occured and requires some NEW WORLD 
thinking about these matters.

Rearview mirror glances, such as the nostalgic remembrances employed by the 
"Privacy Lobby," the "FOIA community" and the "Public Internet Community" are 
just as obsolete as silly 19th-century retro-Marxist/St.-Francis-wantabe's 
references to "Empire."

Get with it!!

New technologies have completely redefined the world in which we live!!

The RULES are completely different now!!

For a primer on the specifics as these new rules appear in the "Homeland 
Security" legislation now being debated in the U.S. Congress, take a look at 
my article posted at --

And, for a window into what is replacing ECHELON (and so forth), point your 
browser at --

The New World Order is already here . . . what are you going to do NOW?

Welcome to the 21st Century,

Mark Stahlman
New York City

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