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RE: <nettime> creators & users

My word, I like the KOP site. ''At the end of the storm...''
I like the 'navigating the minefield' metaphor. Source?

 I think that we are just about at the point where 'veracity'
'legitimacy' and ''Šuthority' as concepts are seen and known to 
be disloacted from conventional media and their institutions to
new media formations and their institutions. Institutions appear,
retrospectively, to be the source of their own sense, and they
are unlikey to be recognised at the time of formation.

Among these are the institutions of the 'self'' - which has seemed under erasure, as it should be, but heck, it keeps insisting on
its self, we simply cannot get away from our selves, our desires, needs, wants, as well as the legalities and economies that locate them socially and so on. This is why everyone is writing 'fansigns'
on their bodies. Everyone is saying ''my ass is belong to you/us/

Yes, the institution of 'the self': I was thinking about going 
to see Cronenburg's new film but think I probably have the gist 
of it already. I merely refer you back to the second paragraph of
this email message.


>>The genie is out of the bottle. But on unholy alliance of money and ego is
>>trying to get it back in. Their battle cry is piracy, what they really
>>mean, though, is the end of privilege given to them by print culture. If
>>they succeed in making everyone understand what's going on in their terms -
>>theft and piracy - they will win. New concepts that reframe the
>>relationship between producers and user focussing on their mutual
>>dependence are urgently needed. And, no, prosumer won't do.

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