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   Call for Submissions                                                            
     Brandon Keim <>                                           

   job posting                                                                     
     nnisbet <>                                             

   open_digi @ studio_unosunosyunosceros > 12 september 02                      (atty)                                                         

   DAC call for works                                                              
     Adrian Miles <>                                              

   (Fwd) Rieff lecture                                                             
     "Ivo Skoric" <>                                                

   National Brown Nose Day - 7th October                                           
     aniMAL <>                                        

   URBAN DRIFT 2002                                                                
     "Gildner, Silvia" <>                                  

   NPO/NGO Media & Technology Calendar [09/17/02 - 12:40 PST]                      
     Art McGee <>                                                

   Next 5 Minutes Radio this week                                                  
     Derek Holzer <>                                                    

   Glowlab event Saturday 21 September 2:00pm in Brooklyn: SHUFFLE                 
     ray <>                                                           

   Invitation Killerclub Dark Fiber 30 sept.02                                     
     "Floor van Spaendonck" <>                                         

   FW: Paradise: A large-scale interactive artwork at the intersection of Art & Tec
     "Kanarinka" <>                                              

   Danger Museum at iniVA                                                          
     =?ISO-8859-1?B?TGVk9m5r?= <>                                  

   Call for abstracts: Gender and ICT                                              
     "sanart" <>                                                     

   Install.exe - Jodi exhibition in Basel @ plug in                                
     Tilman Baumgaertel <>                                 

   Transmedia Postgraduate Program: Last Call for Entries                          
     herman asselberghs <>                                         


   OFF-BEATS. Experimentelle Kunst aus Litauen                                     
     =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=A4?= <>                                             


Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 18:07:27 -0400
From: Brandon Keim <>
Subject: Call for Submissions

17 September 2002

Dear Nettimers,

I am the editor of GeneWatch, the bimonthly magazine of the Council for
Responsible Genetics.  GeneWatch is the only publication in America
dedicated to monitoring the social impacts of biotechnology.

Traditionally, GeneWatch has been very academic in style and, to some
extent, content.  We are trying to rejuvenate ourselves and expand our
appeal beyond a core group of scientists, academics, and  activists.  This
does not mean that we are looking for experimental screeds or purely
editorial rants, but there is room for thoughtful, stylish journalism.
Currently I am commissioning articles for the November / December issue.
Topics are listed below:

1) (750 - 1000 words) An analysis of the issues surrounding the recent
findings of a gene which is activated (in males) by child abuse,
predisposing individual to adult violence.  What are the consequences?  On
the one hand, it is a somewhat more evolved concept of DNA, not ascribing to
our genetic material rigidly causal properties; on the other hand, the
potential exists for genetic discrimination, and the root problems could
simply be ignored as the potentially violent are simply funneled out of
civil society.   

2)  (750 - 1000 words)  The risks of a system of national identification
which includes genetic material -- something that has been long speculated
upon, but is edging closer to reality in America, with bills in Congress
calling for the creation of biometric national ID's.  The article would need
to include both more abstract objections to national identification card and
the practical -- the insecurity of government networks, dangers of identity
theft, and so on.  

3)  (1000 - 1500 words)  An analysis of the struggle currently raging in
Oregon over the labeling of genetically modified foods.  In addition to
dealing with the obvious issues, we'd want to give special attention to the
efforts of the biotech industry and its partners.  The article will have a
sidebar (500 words) analyzing a piece of industry propaganda, which can
either be done be the article author or someone else.

4)  (750 - 1000 words)  An article about the efforts of Craig Venter to fix
global warming by genetically engineer a bacteria which consumes carbon
dioxide.  This is a topic very dear to me, and at the moment I have dibs on
it, but if there's a very good reason why you should be the one, fire away.

5)  (750 - 1000 words)  Analyzing the recent fortunes of Monsanto:  their
financial problems and seeming defeats, coupled with their professed desire
to move away from more utilitarian crop modifications, such as pesticide
resistance, towards the consumer-oriented.  Of course, Monsanto rags can get
tiresome, so there's a good  possibility this article could be superseded by
an examination of biopharming:  the biological production of
pharmaceuticals, now taking place in top-secret but open fields scattered
about the United States.

If one of these topics interests you, please email me with some background
information about yourself and two writing samples; keep in mind that the
final author draft will be due by October 9.  If there is something you
would like to write about in the future, let me know.

Unfortunately we offer no financial renumeration, but can guarantee a
sophisticated audience of scientists, academics, and activists.  We do
require that authors grant us rights to first printing, along with
electronic and promotional reprints.

Thank you,

Brandon Keim

GeneWatch Editor 
Director of Communications
Council for Responsible Genetics
5 Upland Rd, Suite 3, Cambridge, MA USA 02140
Phone: (617) 868-0870 / Fax: (617) 491-5344 /


Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 13:05:43 -0700
From: nnisbet <>
Subject: job posting

Visual Art

The University of British Columbia invites applications for a 
tenure-track faculty appointment in Visual Art, at the Assistant 
Professor level, beginning July 1, 2003, subject to final budgetary 

UBC, one of the largest and most distinguished universities in 
Canada, is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver is a 
young, vibrant city whose thriving art community is internationally 
renowned. The Department of Art History, Visual Art, and Theory 
integrates the visual arts and art history, and is associated with a 
leading contemporary art gallery. For more information visit our 

We seek a candidate who possesses a demonstrated expertise in the 
theory and history of photography and in both theoretical and 
practical aspects of photographic imaging and new media.

The successful candidate will have the following qualifications:
- - an MFA degree or equivalent
- - an active exhibition record, including national and/or international
- - a record of written publications
- - the capacity to teach at all levels from foundations to graduate courses
- - a strong commitment to administrative responsibilities and to 
curriculum development

Applicants should submit:
- - an application letter including a statement of interest, 
professional strengths and teaching philosophy
- - visual documentation of current work (eg: 20 slides, video, CD Rom)
- - relevant publications including authored works as well as reviews
- - detailed curriculum vitae
- - the names, addresses and emails of three professional references

Applications should be sent to: Chair, Visual Arts Search Committee, 
Department of Art History, Visual Art, and Theory, University of 
British Columbia, Room 403-Lasserre Building, 6333 Memorial Rd., 
Vancouver, BC  V6T 1Z2.

UBC hires on the basis of merit and is committed to employment 
equity.  We encourage all qualified candidates to apply; however 
Canadians and permanent residents of Canada will be given priority.  
Deadline: December 13, 2002.

- -- 


Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 20:29:10 GMT Daylight Time
From: (atty)
Subject: open_digi @ studio_unosunosyunosceros > 12 september 02

Hi nettime-l people,

una NUEVA EDICIÓN DE LA FIESTA MOVIL de open_digi esta ha a punto de

open_digi @ studio_unosunosyunosceros
20:00hs > jueves 12 de setiembre
DEMOS > miguel mendoza MX > fllanos OFFLINE & MX > atty OFFLINE & UK >
brian mackern OFFLINE & UY > laura carmona MX > arcangel OFFLINE & MX >
willy UY > adolfo gonzalez MX> 
SONIDOS ELECTRONICOS EN VIVO > alvaro ruiz MX > mario de vega MX >
enrique greiner MX
LOCATION > residencia privada, por favor email para recibir mas información

19:30hs > viernes 13 de setiembre Brian Mackern, atty y arcangel
participarán en la conferencia "netart como arte público" en el Museo
Tamayo, Bosque Chapultepec, Mexico/DF. La historia del concurso anual
abierto que se desarrolla en, así como la del
open_digi, serán tratadas junto a experiencias y reflexiones acerca de
otros espacios de (virtuales y no-virtuales). Este trabajo será
proximamente publicado.

a SPECIAL MOBILE PARTY EDITION of open_digi is about to take place

open_digi @ studio_unosunosyunosceros
20:00pm > Thursday 12th September
DEMOS > miguel mendoza MX > fllanos OFFLINE & MX > atty OFFLINE & UK >
brian mackern OFFLINE & UY > laura carmona MX > arcangel OFFLINE & MX >
willy UY > adolfo gonzalez MX> 
SONIDOS ELECTRONICOS EN VIVO > alvaro ruiz MX > mario de vega MX >
enrique greiner MX
LOCATION > private residence, Mexico city, please email for more information and invite

19:30pm > Friday 13th September > Brian Mackern, atty and arcangel will
participate in symposium entitled "netart como arte público" at the
Museo Tamayo, Bosque Chapultepec, Mexico City. The history so far of the
open annual arena at as well the story so
far of open_digi will be discussed together with experiences of and
thoughts about other spaces, virtual and non-virtual. A paper on
this subject will also be published in due course.

hasta luego


Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 13:23:47 +0200
From: Adrian Miles <>
Subject: DAC call for works

Apologies for any cross posting that may occur.
This announcement may be of interest to some list members.

begin announcement

conference url
cfw url

+playengines+ MelbourneDAC exhibition

Melbourne Digital Arts and Culture Conference 2003 is inviting 
artists working in the areas of computer games, interactive film and 
streaming media to submit projects for +playengines+ a juried 
exhibition exploring innovative creative work in the fields of 
computer games, interactive hypermedia, interactive fiction and 
nonfiction, and streaming media arts.

Artistic works selected for inclusion in the conference exhibition 
will be presented to an international audience of peers, critics, 
producers, academics, local industry partners and the broader public. 
+playengines+ will be staged in Melbourne, Australia in May 2003.

+playengines+ competition
MelbourneDAC in partnership with the Australian Centre for the Moving 
Image (ACMI) are also offering the +playengines+ competition. Works 
will be judged by an international jury of peers and winners 
nominated in each of the games, interactive film/video, and streaming 
media categories. These works will have the opportunity to be 
acquired for ACMI's Public Programs Collection.

ACMI is a world's first purpose-build complex dedicated to the moving 
image in all its forms - film, television, games, video, digital and 
emerging media. ACMI has state-of-the-art facilities for the 
exhibition, promotion and preservation of Australian and 
international screen art. Across four levels, the Centre houses the 
world's largest screen gallery, it operates Australia's largest 
public lending collection of moving image titles and it will be 
actively involved in the development of the screen culture industry.

Exhibition categories (one category per work):
computer games, interactive film/video, streaming media, hypermedia

what genre(s)/category(ies) your art might nearly just about go in:
online game, browser game, interactive film/video, streaming fiction, 
streaming nonfiction, streaming other, text game, interactive graphic 
narrative - fiction , interactive graphic narrative - nonfiction , 
interactive graphic narrative - other , interactive text narrative - 
fiction, interactive text narrative - nonfiction, interactive text 
narrative - other, Flash fiction, Flash nonfiction, interactive 
fiction, (other?)

entry is open to:
independent artists, students, researchers, producers and/or small 
teams, computer game artists, real timers, 3D on-line gamers , 
interactive film/art creators, Flash artists, word players, 
interactive fiction creators

adrian miles

Adrian Miles Conference Chair

Antoanetta Ivanova Conference Producer

end of announcement

- -- 

+  lecturer in new media and cinema studies 
+  interactive desktop video developer  []
+  hypertext rmit []
+ InterMedia:UiB. university of bergen []


Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 11:51:21 +1200
From: "Ivo Skoric" <>
Subject: (Fwd) Rieff lecture 

- ------- Forwarded Message Follows -------

Thursday, October 3, at 8pm
"The Humanitarian Trap"

Lecture by David Rieff
Author of "A Bed for the Night: Humanitarianism in Crisis" and
"Slaughterhouse: Bosnia and the Failure of the West"

Bard Program on Globalization and International Affairs
Bard Hall, 410 West 58th St., New York City

Limited Seating. Reservations Required.
RSVP: 212-333-7575 or


Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 18:21:13 +0800 (WST)
From: aniMAL <>
Subject: National Brown Nose Day - 7th October

National Brown Nose Day - October 7th

Happening everywhere

In Solidarity with National Pine Gap Convergence October 7-9

we're calling on peacemakers, politicians, activists, artists, actors,
acrobats, skaters, jugglers, kids, the unemployed, workers of all kinds,
comediens to support and organise locally for NATIONAL BROWN NOSE DAY.

This is timely + with some serious last minute madness we can pull off a
phat media jam + have heaps of fun. creating spontaneous interactions
about Australia's shamefull and continued brown nosing of the US in
workplaces, trains, schools, uni's etc etc on the last day of the PINE GAP

It's as easy as 1,2,3, 4 we don't support the US and it's war(z) {makes
me[sic]} 1) get a crew together that love the idea and start brainstorming
strategy + let us know what you are planning so we can share ideas, media
+ stuff 2) start making brown noses and boxes for distribution. we
recommend cheap ping pong balls, elastic, passion fruit shells, old fake
noses and heaps of brown paint! 3) have a launch this sunday or monday,
let us know about it Launch of . . . 22/3 October Theatre, BRown noses +


because there's blood on our hands and shit on our nose australians are
sick of our governments compliance with the US war machine; we are an
integral cog, with blood on our hands, and shit on our nose thanx to our
constant brown nosing of the US no matter what they do! Here's some things
that make us want to scrub up!

1) Our compliance in the ludicrous 'war on terror', the atrocious bombing
of Afghanistan, and planned attack on Iraq
2) Pine Gap The US's largest communications and military installation
outside the US, right here in the Australian Desert, linking the global
web of terror to our surrounding regions.
3) Cockburn Sound Sea-Swap is the WA example of our open port policy to US
Warships and submarines. The State and Federal Government are currently
lobbying to dredge more of this channel and make it a major refuelling and
restaffing base.
4) Missile testing on the coast of Lancelin, just north of Perth
5) US spy base 'Echelon' just out of Geraldton WA
6) Refusal to sign KYOTO Protocol, another brown nose for us.

get back to the Pine Gap affinity crew from the west side

To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:


Autonomous-brisbane mailing list


Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:50:52 +0200
From: "Gildner, Silvia" <>
Subject: URBAN DRIFT 2002 

Falls Sie E-Mails von diesem Verteiler nicht mehr wünschen, senden Sie eine E-Mail unter den Betreff: UNSUBSCRIBE 
An folgende E-Mail Adresse:

Pressinformation deutsch/english


Konferenz, Nightspace, Open Workspaces, 9.-13. Oktober 2002 im Café 
Moskau, Karl-Marx-Allee 34, Berlin Mitte/ Friedrichshain

Von Formalismus zu Flux - Mobilität und neue urbane Strategien

Der Visionär und Architekt Cedric Price definierte  bei dem Symposium 
2001, "Urban Drift" als einen Begriff, der sowohl Bewegung als auch 
Großzügigkeit impliziert.
Dieses Jahr, vom 9.-13. Oktober, wird Urban Drift dieser Definition mehr 
denn je gerecht werden: Die breit angelegte Plattform besteht aus einer 
zweitägigen Konferenz, dem  Nightspace, ausgefeilten 
Abendveranstaltungen und für die Öffentlichkeit zugängige Ateliers und 
Büros in ganz Berlin (Open Workspaces).

Der diesjährige Hauptveranstaltungsort, das Café Moskau, befindet sich 
auf der Karl-Marx-Allee in der Nähe des Alexanderplatzes und ist, gerade 
im Kontext der Rekonstruktion und Neuentwicklung Berlins, eines der 
bemerkenswertesten Gebäude der Stadt.
Das Café Moskau gehört zu den "Sonderbauten" der DDR-Architektur aus den 
frühen sechziger Jahren. Es schmückt sich mit utopischen Mosaiken und 
dem Modell eines Sowjet-Sputniks. Das Gebäude liegt auf dem direkten Weg 
zur deutsch/polnischen Grenze.
Über fünf Jahre war das Café Moskau geschlossen und Urban Drift wird 
nach der Wiedereröffnung eine der ersten Veranstaltungen in diesen 
Räumen sein.

Die Konferenz - Von Formalismus zu Flux - Mobilität und neue urbane Strategien -
Freitag 11. und Samstag 12.Oktober 2002

Die Konferenz von Urban Drift ist ein zweitägiges, internationales 
Symposium, das Teilnehmer unterschiedlicher Disziplinen wie Architektur, 
Urbanismus, interaktives Design, Kunst und Medienaktivismus in einem 
Diskurs über Mobilität, Netzwerk-Urbanismus, das "Design der Flüsse" und 
globale Mobilitätsphänomene für die Bereiche Architektur und Urbanismus 
zusammenbringt. Urban Drift wird dabei die Repolitisierung des 
Architekturdiskurses thematisieren.

Hauptredner sind Lars Lerup, Dekan der School of Architecture aus 
Houston, Texas und Irene McAra Mc William, Computer Related Design, 
Royal College of Arts, London.

Themen der Urban Drift Konferenz und Panels:
- - Die urbane und politische Dimension drahtloser LAN-Netzwerke (mit 
Armin Medosch, James Stevens von, Simone Worthington, Mute 
Magazin und Shu Lea Cheang, Medienkünstler).

- - Die flüchtige Dynamik der Stadt lesen: Wie können Architekten und 
Urbanisten Inspirationen aus den spontanen, ungeplanten, 
selbstorganisierten, beschleunigten Prozessen ziehen, mit denen in 
Großstädten Individuen ihre Räume gestalten? (mit Stefano Boeri, 
Multiplicities, Mailand, Guido Borelli, Direktor für urbanes Management 
an der Domus Design Akademie, Mailand, Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Normal 
Group, Belgrad, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Studio bow wow, Tokio).
- - Die Mangelwirtschaft und das Potential der Leere: mit Stephen Kovats, 
- - Berlin als Grenzstadt ( mit Uwe Rada, die tageszeitung, Berlin)
- - Mobilität contra Ort: periphere, verlassene urbane Plätze (u.a. mit 
Jean Louis Paillard, Périphériques, Paris, L21 Architekten, Leipzig)

- - Taktische Mobilität - u.a. Nikes situationistische Branding Marketing 
Aktivitäten und die Reaktivierung und strategische Nutzung 
unterberwerteter öffentlicher Räume, mit Knowbotic Research und 

OPEN WORKSPACES - vom 9.- 13.Oktober in ganz Berlin
Für Urban Drift öffnen in ganz Berlin zahlreiche Architekten, Designer 
und Künstler ihre Arbeitsräume für die Urban Drift-Teilnehmer. In Berlin 
werden die Besucher, im Vergleich zu anderen Großstädten, mit einer 
Besonderheit konfrontiert werden: In den meisten Fällen sind die 
tatsächlichen Arbeitsräume mehr als nur das. Sie sind Ausdruck des 
eigenen Selbsverständnisses, oft außergewöhnlich großzügig und 
gleichzeitig Ausstellungsraum, Treffpunkt und Labor für 
interdisziplinären Austausch und Zusammenarbeit.

Mit dem Velotaxi können sich die Urban Drift - Besucher auf eine 
ausgewählte Open Workspace -Tour durch Berlin begeben.

Teilnehmer unter anderem: Hoyer und Schindele Architekten, filesharing, 
Raumlabor, Die Alex psd (Künstler und Aktivisten, die mit öffentlichen 
Aktionen auf die Situation am Alexanderplatz aufmerksam machen), Platoon 
( die in zwei Überseecontainern in Berlin Mitte ein temporäres 
Medienlabor mit WLAN-Zugang ermöglichen), e27, Pfadfinderei, Standard 
Rad Berlin und Latif Oberholz.

Außerdem: Workshop von im Bootlab. Ziel des Workshops ist 
es, die Kolloboration zwischen Berliner und Londoner Wireless-Groups zu 
vertiefen und die kulturellen und politischen Implikationen von 
Freenetwoks zu demonstrieren und zu diskutieren.

NIGHTSPACE 10.- bis 12. Oktober ab 20.00 Uhr, Café Moskau

Ein Forum für transformatorischen Urbanismus oder "das unerschöpfliche 
Inventar der Strasse".

Die Abendveranstaltungen des Nightspace präsentiert Gespräche, 
Rauminstallationen, Video Screenings, Lesungen und DJs. Mit einer 
Durchmischung von Theorie, Aktion, und Party wird der Abend im Geist der 
situationistischen Dérive gestaltet.

Teilnehmer (unter anderem):
Leo Villareal: über die temporären Architekturen des Burning 
Man-Festivals / Heath Bunting:  über borderXing, ein europäische 
Netzkunst-Projekt, in dem 28 Grenzen Europas illegal überquert werden. / 
Rafael Horzon präsentiert BELFAS, eine minimalistische 
Fassadenverkleidung für missglückte Neubauten / José Perez de Llama, 
Sevilla, über "Zapatista urbanism" / Cit é des Ondes, Montreal, zeigen 
Videostücke aus ihrem urbanen Festival / A Non Mag, Dublin präsentieren 
ihr anonymes Architekturmagazin, dass gratis in den Vorstädten verteilt 
wird und Interesse für neues Design und Architektur in Suburbia wecken 
will / eine Diskussion über die Historie und Zukunft des Café Moskaus / 
Marc Neelen ( Stealth Group, Belgrad) präsentiert "wild city", Belgrad 
in einem komplexen Interface / Claudia Basrawi, Dérive, Jamaica Avenue, 
NY / "Remake Las Vegas" / pro qm, Berlin / flora&fauna visions /
Acts: Mitte Karaoke u.v.a /t.b.a

Schirmherrin:  Kristin Feireiss, Aedes
Initiatorin & Künstlerische Leitung:  Francesca Ferguson
Produktion & Pressearbeit:   flora&fauna media, Lizzy Fichtl

Urban Drift wird vom Hauptstadtkulturfond finanziert.

Vom 28. September 2002 bis zum 12.Januar 2003 zeigt das Vitra Design Museum Berlin 
die Ausstellung "Living in Motion - Design und Architektur für flexibles Wohnen. Vitra 
Design Museum Berlin, Kopenhagener Str. 58, 10437 Berlin / Prenzlauer 
Berg, T: 030. 47 37 770, 
Informationen und Material erhalten Sie bei Britt Angelis, T: 030.47 37 
777 12,

aedes gallery
TU Berlin (Architekturfakultät)
Transmediale Salon
Italian Cultural Insitute
Canadian Embassy
French Cultural Insitute

taz - die tageszeitung, de:bug

flora&fauna media
Lizzy Fichtl
Wolliner Str. 18-19
10435 Berlin
Tel.: 030 440 10 312
Fax: 030 440 10 313
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

9th - 13th October, Café Moskau, Karl-Marx Allee 34, Berlin/Friedrichshain, and
workspaces throughout Berlin


At last year's urban drift symposium, the architect Cedric Price defined
the term urban drift as one which implied both movement and generosity.
This year from the 9th to the 13th October 2002, urban drift will be
able to do greater justice to its name and will manifest itself as a
broad-based platform made up of a two-day conference, a night space - a
forum for transformational urbanism - drawing together artists,
architects, filmmakers, writers, sound artists and DJs in a mutual
exchange - and open workspaces throughout the city.

The main location, Café Moskau, on the Karl-Marx-Allee near
Alexanderplatz, is in itself a significant building - particularly in
the context of Berlin's redevelopment.
One of the notable buildings of the early sixties, adorned with utopian
mosaics, and a model of the USSR sputnik - donated to the GDR - it has
been closed for over two years and by the time urban drift takes place
it will be partially renovated and open for events and temporary use. 10
minutes away from Alexanderplatz, Café Moskau stands on the main artery
towards the German/Polish border.

The conference - From Formalism to Flux - mobility and new urban
strategies - October 11th and 12th, 2002

A two-day international symposium drawing together international
participants from the disciplines of architecture, urbanism, interactive
design, art and media activism, in a mutual discourse on mobility -
mobile connectivity, the "design of flows", and global mobility
phenomena in urbanism and architecture. Urban drift will reflect the
re-politicisation of architectural practice.

Keynote speaker is Lars Lerup, Dean, School of Architecture, Houston
Texas and Irene McAra Mc William, computer related design, RCA London
will discuss mobile connectivity.

Panel themes include - the urban and political phenomenon of wireless -
LAN - networks, (including Armin Medosch, James Stevens of,
Simon Worthington, Mute Magazine, and Shu lea Cheang, nomadic media

accommodating flux and reading the urban dynamic: How can architects and
urbanists draw inspiration from rapidly accelerated urban processes: the
unplanned, spontaneous and self-organized processes in cities where
individuals are designing their own spaces....
(participants include: Stefano Boeri, Multiplicities, Milan, Guido
Borelli, Director of Urban Management at the Domus Design Academy,
Milan, Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Normal Group - Belgrade, Yoshiharu
Tsukamoto, Studio bow wow, Tokyo).

Further themes include: the potential of urban voids - Stephen Kovats,
Montreal; the "economy of scarcity" - Mangelwirtschaft; Berlin as a
border city: Uwe Rada, Die taz, and Mobility versus Place:
residual/peripheral urban spaces (with Jean Louis Paillard,
Périphériques, Paris, L21 architects, Leipzig),
Finally, Tactical Mobility, will include media activists - knowbotic
research, analysis of Nike's situationist branding, and a discussion on
the reactivation of underused, or undervalued public spaces.

OPEN WORKSPACES - from 9th - 13th October, 2002 throughout Berlin.
As part of urban drift this year, we will include a number of workspaces
in Berlin - architectural practices, designers, and artists.
With Open Workspaces we mean spaces which are more than offices and
studios, rather they are hybrid spaces, incorporating exhibition spaces,
laboratories for interdisciplinary exchange and collaborations, and
meeting points for mutual exchange on the urban drift themes. These
hybrid spaces are a phenomenon very specific to Berlin.
- - A map - provided by velotaxi - will allow for an urban drift between
these different locations between the 9th and the 13th October.

amongst the participants of the open workspaces are lessrain, Hoyer and
Schindele architects, filesharing, Raumlabor, die Alex psd (artists and
activists bringing current public space issues to the forefront through
interventions and actions on Alexanderplatz), Platoon ( a group of
designers who will place 2 shipping containers in Mitte, and will offer
WLAN access, and provide a temporary media lab for berlin's
'sub-cultural' scene), e27, Pfadfinderei, Standard Rad, and Latif

THE NIGHTSPACE+ October 10th/11th and 12th - at Café Moskau, Karl-Marx-Allee 34
and workspaces throughout Berlin

A forum for transformational urbanism: "The inexhaustible inventory of
the streets"

The night space will bring together talks, presentations and visuals,
video screenings, readings, and Dj's in the spirit of the situationist
derive. The participants are actively engaged in affecting,
transforming, intervening, in the urban landscape. Themes include: urban
nomadism and mobile urban strategies, urban curating.


Leo Villareal - on the portable temporary architecture of the burning
man festival/Heath Bunting, on borderXing - a net art project and a
radical dérive throughout Europe, supported by the tate modern  / Rafael
Horzon will present BELFAS, modern facades for minimalistic urban
regeneration  /Wilfried Houjebeck, on psychogeographies and the urban
dérive with algortithms (  / Jose Perez de Llama,
on "Zapatista urbanism"  /  Cite des Ondes from Canada, will screen
video work from their recent festival  /  Actar publishers will present
their new issue of Verb (on connection)  / A.non.mag, from Dublin, will
present their anonymous architecture magazine, for distribution in the
shopping malls and the petrol stations of the suburbs, to garner
interest in new architecture and design for suburbia  /  Steffan Saffner
presents mobile porch, a foldable, rollable architecture for
interventions and interactions in public spaces  /  There will be
discussions on the history and the fate of the café moskau, left empty
for the past 3 years  /  Turbo space - the uncontrolled urban processes
of Belgrade, will be presented in a complex interface - Datacloud by the
Stealth Group  / flora&fauna visions /

Supported by:

 From september 28, 2002 to january 2003  Vitra Design Museum Berlin 
shows the exhibition
"Living in Motion - Design and Architecture for Flexible Dwelling"
in Vitra Design Museum Berlin, Kopenhagener Str. 58, 10437 Berlin / 
Prenzlauer Berg,
T: 0049.30.47 37 770,
For further information and pressmaterial please contact:
Britt Angelis T: 030.47 37 777 12,

aedes gallery
TU Berlin (Architekturfakultät)
Transmediale Salon
Italian Cultural Insitute
Canadian Embassy
French Cultural Insitute

taz - die tageszeitung, de:bug

Initiator and Curator: Francesca Ferguson
Patroness: Kristin Feireiss, Aedes Gallery

press contact Urban Drift: Lizzy Fichtl, lizzy@flora&, 

Urban drift is financed by the Hauptstadtkulturfond Berlin.

Initiator/curator : Francesca Ferguson,
Urban Drift Project Space
@ Datenflug
Zehdenickerstr 21, 10119 Berlin
Production: flora&fauna media GBR
Heike Blümner / Lizzy Fichtl
Wollinerstr 18/19, 10435 Berlin


Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 22:08:08 +0000 (UTC)
From: Art McGee <>
Subject: NPO/NGO Media & Technology Calendar [09/17/02 - 12:40 PST]

NPO/NGO Media & Technology Calendar [09/17/02 - 12:40 PST]

Next 5 Minutes: Tactical Media Lab
Amsterdam, Netherlands, EU
September 12-22, 2002

Networking the Networks:
Public Access Computing in Arizona
Mesa, AZ, USA
September 17, 2002

CivicNet '02:
Build Local Power with Community Networks
Internet, Cyberspace, Universe
September 18-October 2, 2002

Community Connections:
Prospects for Electronic Democracy
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
September 20-21, 2002

Media, Technology, and Social Change:
Broadening the Base, Building the Movement
Boston, MA, USA
September 20-21, 2002

Open Source Content Management
Berkeley, CA, USA
September 25-27, 2002

The Web of Change
Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada
September 26-29, 2002

Labor's Voices/LaborTech
New York, NY, USA
September 26-28, 2002

Midwest Regional Technology Conference:
Creating A Social Network
Minneapolis, MN, USA
September 27, 2002

Telecommunications Policy Research
Alexandria, VA, USA
September 28-30, 2002

United Nations:
Information and Communication Technologies Task Force
New York, NY, USA
September 30-October 1, 2002

Pull Focus ---> Pushing Forward:
Media Arts Connecting Culture and Community
Seattle, WA, USA
October 2-5, 2002

The New Media: Critical Approaches
Newcastle, Australia
October 3-4, 2002

Dark Markets:
Infopolitics, Electronic Media and Democracy
Vienna, Austria, EU
October 3-4, 2002

Autonomous Media
Tucson, AZ, USA
October 3-6, 2002

Developing Country Access to Online Scientific Publishing
Trieste, Italy, EU
October 4-5, 2002

Break the Media Blackout:
Media Democracy & the Struggle to End Poverty
Philadelphia, PA, USA
October 4-6, 2002

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility:
Shrinking World, Expanding Net
Cambridge, MA, USA
October 5, 2002

Rural Telecommunications Congress:
Building Demand for Broadband
Des Moines, IA, USA
October 6-9, 2002

Global Congress on Community Networking in the Digital Era
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
October 7-12, 2002

World Summit on Internet and Multimedia:
Bridging the Digital Divide
Montreaux, Switzerland, EU
October 8-11, 2002

Electronic Networks & Democratic Engagement
Nijmegen, Netherlands, EU
October 9-12, 2002

Union for Democratic Communications:
Democratic Communications and Social Justice
State College, PA, USA
October 10-13, 2002

Race in Digital Space 2.0:
Race and New Media Technologies
Los Angeles, CA, USA
October 11-13, 2002

Internet Research 3.0: Net / Work / Theory
Maastricht, Netherlands, EU
October 13-16, 2002

Advancing the Research Agenda on Open Source
Brussels, Belgium, EU
October 14, 2002

Technology Initiative Grant Conference
Chicago, IL, USA
Octber 16-18, 2002

Media Democracy Day
International, Global, Universe
October 18, 2002

Web Design that Works for Everyone
Providence, RI, USA
October 18-19, 2002

Action Coalition for Media Education
Albuquerque, NM, USA
October 18-20, 2002

New Orleans Book Fair:
The Intersection of Art Books, Zines and Print Publishing
New Orleans, LA, USA
October 26-27, 2002

Circuit Riders/N-TEN Chicago Regional Conference
Chicago, IL, USA
October 31-November 1, 2002

IMAGeNation Aboriginal Film and Video Festival
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
November 7-10, 2002

Doors of Perception:
The Design Challenge of Pervasive Computing
Amsterdam, Netherlands, EU
November 14-16, 2002

American Society for Information Science and Technology:
Information, Connections and Community
Philadelphia, PA, USA
November 18-21, 2002

Circuit Riders/N-TEN Boston Regional Conference
Boston, MA, USA
November 19-20, 2002

African Studies Association:
Africa in the Information and Technology Age
Washington, DC, USA
December 5-8, 2002

Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning
San Juan, Puerto Rico
December 8-11, 2002

International Conference on Information Systems:
Virtual Community Informatics Workshop
Barcelona, Spain, EU
December 15, 2002

International World Wide Web Conference
Budapest, Hungary
May 20-24, 2003

World Summit on the Information Society
Geneva, Switzerland, EU
December 10-12, 2003

CopyLeft (c) 2002 by Art McGee <>
All Bragging Rights Reserved. [09/17/02 - 12:40 PST]


Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 13:15:54 +0200
From: Derek Holzer <>
Subject: Next 5 Minutes Radio this week

Next 5 Minutes Tactical Media Lab @ Imagine IC, Amsterdam ZuidOost

Live stream:   
Next 5 Minutes:
Imagine IC:

Wednesday 18 September 18.00-21.00 GMT+1
- ----Presentation: Ambient TV
Ilze Black and Manu Luksch of Ambient TV will present various streaming and 
wireless media projects from the London area, including Wireless R&D, a local 
community wireless network in the East End, and Virtual Borders, a non-linear 
streaming documentary project.

Ambient TV:
Live stream: 


Friday 20 September  18.00-21.00 GMT+1
- ----How the Schengen Information System Works
The Schengen Information System is a huge database in Strasbourg containing 
files on illegal immigrants, and is used to track their movements in and around 
Fortress Europe. Decoy of ASCII will give an in-depth presentation on the inner 
workings of this system, which will be followed by a public discussion. Live 
simulcast with Radio 100 in Amsterdam!

Schengen Info Act:
Radio 100:
Live stream:   

Saturday 21 September 18.00-21.00 GMT+1
- ----Debate: Migration and Illegality
How can illegal people tell thier own stories while still remaining "invisible" 
to the authorities? And what can be done against the systems in society, 
politics and the media society, used to catagorize and register people?  A 
panel including Florian Schneider and Paul Keller of the "Everyone is an 
Expert/ExpertBase" campaign alongside local immigrants' and immigrants' rights 
groups, will address these questions with the participation of a public 
audience. We are investigating the possibility of live simulcast on Radio 100 
and/or RAZO right now.

Live stream:  


- ----RAZO [Radio ZuidOost]
Jaromil of and Jeremy of ASCII hooked up Radio Zuidoost, a division of 
local broadcast group SALTO, as part of a workshop. This workshop has 
the ulitmate goal of making connections between radio makers in Southeast 
Amsterdam with the their respective homelands. Cross streaming-experiments are 
in the works with radio stations currently streaming from Ghana and Surinam. 
RAZO streams using a special boot-disk written by Jaromil, containing his 
custom Linux [dyne:bolic] operating system and his streaming software MuSE. The 
stream itself is hosted by, an informal network of computer and 
Internet experts working voluntary for NGO's, which ASCII uses to host its own 

Razo Live Stream:   
Public Voice.FM: 



Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 02:23:38 -0400
From: ray <>
Subject: Glowlab event Saturday 21 September 2:00pm in Brooklyn: SHUFFLE

A psychogeographic experiment
with a deck of cards and your own two feet.

Saturday, 21 September, 2:00pm [rain or shine]
Williamsburg [Brooklyn]
Meet at the corner of Bedford Ave. and N. 7th Street
in front of the Salvation Army thrift store.
[Closest train is the L to Bedford Ave.]

***Please bring a small notebook/pen [paper or digital].
Digital camera, video camera, GPS receiver, voice/audio recorder, laptop,
area map, chalk, stickers, breadcrumbs, etc. are optional...

Psychogeography can be broadly defined as the study of how physical
surroundings affect mood and behavior. Explorers who wander the world as
psychogeographers have various motivations ‹ political, artistic,
scientific, technological, philosophical, historical. There are those who
engage in demographic research, social protest or the documentation of
overlooked spaces. Others study patterns of movement and navigation by
setting specific parameters for constrained walks. Audio/visual artists and
writers who use the landscape as raw material gather objects, data and
recordings, and often alter their cities by means of stickers, graffiti,
performance or intervention. Some psychogeographers use GPS receivers to
locate hidden caches or make drawings in the landscape. High-speed networks
and wireless devices are also being used as psychogeographic tools. Areas of
related activity include urban planning, cartography, gaming, virtual
environments, the creation of mazes and labyrinths and urban code (tagging,
warchalking, hobo signs). Finally, there are always those who stroll, drift
and wander simply for the pleasure of turning the next corner...

Taking a cue from those working in generative/algorithmic psychogeography,
Glowlab is interested in devising a method with limited rules that can
generate diverse actions. SHUFFLE is an attempt to incorporate the various
sub-genres of psychogeography in a list of instructions that will be printed
as a deck of cards. Examples of the instructions include "take the next
right," "note any landmarks on this block," "chalk the sidewalk with a
message," "go into the nearest shop and have a look," "describe any
surveillance devices in this area," "do nothing for one minute," "photograph
or sketch graffiti/stickers/flyers on this block" and "keep walking straight

At the start of the session, participants (working alone or in groups) will
be given an identical deck of cards stacked in numerical order. Each group
must shuffle the deck of another group, thus randomizing the order of their
walk. Heading in different directions, each group will turn over the first
card of the shuffled deck and follow the instructions. Cards are to be
'played' in succession for about an hour, after which there will be a
gathering at a local bar for drinks and discussion. Depending on the results
of this first experiment, future sessions could be set to last an entire
day, or until the deck has been run through.

Hope to see you...

- -- 
brooklyn-based arts collaborative

- ----------------------------------
To unsubscribe from the Glowlab mailing list, reply with REMOVE in the
subject line.


Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 01:37:35 +0200
From: "Floor van Spaendonck" <>
Subject: Invitation Killerclub Dark Fiber 30 sept.02

DARK FIBER Tracking Critical Internet Culture
Geert Lovink
3O September 2002 -17.00 o' clock

Waag Society invites you to join the Dutch Launch of Geert Lovink's Dark
Fiber in the Theatrum Anatomicum.

According to Sydney-based media critic Geert Lovink, the Internet is being
closed off by corporations and governments intent on creating a business and
information environment free of dissent. Calling himself a radical media
pragmatist, Lovink envisions an Internet culture that goes beyond the
engineering culture that spawned it to bring humanities, user groups, social
movements, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), artists, and cultural
critics into the core of Internet development.

In Dark Fiber, Lovink combines aesthetic and ethical concerns and issues of
navigation and usability without ever losing sight of the cultural and
economic agendas of those who control hardware, software, content, design,
and delivery. He examines the unwarranted faith of the cyber-libertarians in
the ability of market forces to create a decentralized, accessible
communication system. He studies the inner dynamics of hackers' groups,
Internet activists, and artists, seeking to understand the social laws of
online life. Finally, he calls for the injection of political and economic
competence into the community of freedom-loving cyber-citizens, to wrest the
Internet from corporate and state control.

The topics of Dark Fiber include the erosion of email, bandwidth for all,
the rise and fall of dotcom mania, the fight for a public Internet time
standard, the strategies of Internet activists, the ups and down of
community networks, mailing list culture, and collaborative text filtering.
Stressing the importance of intercultural collaboration, Lovink includes
reports from Albania, where NGOs and artists use new media to combat the
country's poverty and isolation; from Taiwan, where the September 1999
earthquake highlighted the cultural politics of the Internet; and from
Delhi, where the Sarai new media center explores free software and the
digital commons.

Dark Fiber - Tracking Critical Internet Culture
Geert Lovink (The MIT Press- ISBN 0-262-12249-9, 7 x 9, 394 pp.
US$29.95/£19.95 (CLOTH)

Date:		 	3o September 2002
Location:  		De Waag / Theatrum Anatomicum
Start:        	17.00 o'clock
Entrance:        	Free
Contact:		Floor van Spaendonck (

Waag Society/ for old and new media
Nieuwmarkt 4
NL-1012 CR Amsterdam
t:+31-20-5579898   f:+31-20-5579880


Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 12:37:54 -0400
From: "Kanarinka" <>
Subject: FW: Paradise: A large-scale interactive artwork at the intersection of Art & Technology

[[[ Printable version:

The iKatun Collective presents

Paradise: A large-scale interactive artwork at the intersection of Art &

Opening reception: Saturday, September 21st from 6PM to 8PM at the Mills
Gallery, Boston, MA

Media Contact
Pirun | 617-501-6538 |

"Paradise", a large-scale interactive installation created by the iKatun
collective and based on
Dante's Paradise will be running at the Boston Center for the Arts'
Leland Center from September
18 - 25.

iKatun's Paradise is based on Dante's Paradise from the Divine Comedy,
however, iKatun's
Paradise is not about perfect morality but about perfect information.
iKatun's Paradise alludes to
a faultless model of information to which all media systems aspire and a
space where entropy
does not exist.

Visitors to the Paradise installation walk through labyrinths of white
fabric and minimalist
soundscapes to reach a large grid of LED lights controlled by a computer
program. The LED grid
runs patterns of light based on "The Game of Life" [1]. The patterns
change and evolve based on
the visitor's voice.

Paradise involved the work of more than 10 local artists, programmers,
engineers, and musicians
working collaboratively over the past year. Paradise will be presented
at the Boston Center for the
Arts' Leland Center in conjunction with the South End Open Studios
weekend and other exhibits
at the Mills Gallery and the Cyclorama.

The opening reception will be on Saturday, September 21st from 6PM to
8PM at the Mills Gallery,
located at 539 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116. Paradise
will be open to the public
at the Leland Center from September 18 - 26. On weekdays, the hours are
12PM to 5PM.
Saturday, September 21st: 11AM - 10PM. Sunday, September 21st: 12PM -

About iKatun
iKatun is a non-profit collective of artists and technologists
co-founded in 2000 by Catherine
D'Ignazio and Savic Rasovic. iKatun creates multimedia, installation,
and performance artworks
in physical space and cyberspace. iKatun also curates and produces art
exhibits that bring
technology and interactivity into the artwork. iKatun works in a
uniquely collaborative way that
involves the efforts of many different types of professionals including
artists, engineers,
programmers, designers, musicians and administrators. iKatun is a 501c3
organization based in
Boston, MA.

21 Symphony Rd. 1-A, Boston MA 02115 Tel: 617/501-6538 Email:

[1] For more information on the Game of Life, please view this link:


Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 18:43:53 +0200
From: =?ISO-8859-1?B?TGVk9m5r?= <>
Subject: Danger Museum at iniVA

Danger Museum at iniVA News:
Week 3 at the Space@inIVA:18th September - 20th September 2002 Matze 
    Schmidt   Sebastian Stegner: two German artists use the space for 'real.-Mapping', 
    an ongoing research project that creates a global map of social life.

live from Danger Museum, The Space@inIVA, London, UK

Friday, 20/09/2002
Join Matze   Sebastian between 17 - 18 h tomorrow as they present 'real.-Mapping' 
    first sketches and maps of it all.
Viewable via web stream by motherboard :

    With material from Danger Museum's project at inIVA 11.9 - 13.9. 02: Print 
    your own postcards: "Singaporeans" by Nicola Meitzner (Curated by Kyong Fa 
    Che). Order books and CD's from The Artists Village.

The Space@inIVA
Institute of International Visual Arts (inIVA )
6-8 Standard Place, Rivington Street
London EC2A 3BE

open: Wednesday - Friday, 12noon - 6pm

+44 (0)20 7729 9616

Danger Museum


Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 07:35:44 -0400
From: "sanart" <>
Subject: Call for abstracts: Gender and ICT

SANART  art and culture network


Call for abstracts: Gender and ICT

The Dutch Gender and Technology Association is pleased to announce a
symposium entitled, ‘Gender and ICT: Where are we at?’
It will be held in Amsterdam on 17 January 2003. We shall review the
international state-of-the-art and the Dutch situation. A number of
internationally renowned speakers have already agreed to open the day’s
discussion, including Wendy Faulkner, Knut Sørensen and Liesbet van Zoonen.

During the afternoon there will be parallel sessions. We invite abstracts
on the following themes:
- - social relations of the Internet
- - gender and the design of ICT
- - the digital divide
Both theoretically and empirically focused presentations are welcome.

The deadline for abstracts (max. 400 words) is November 15. The final
programme will be available by December 15. The working language of the
symposium will be English.
Abstracts may be submitted to: Els Rommes or


SANART  art and culture network


Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 13:57:28 +0200
From: Tilman Baumgaertel <>
Subject: Install.exe - Jodi exhibition in Basel @ plug in 


Sept. 18th, 7pm
Introduction by Tilman Baumgärtel and Annette Schindler

in [plug in] from September 18. till October 27. 2002

Exhibition-Finissage and Publication-Opening
October 26. 2002, 9pm as a part of VIPER 22 Internationa Festival fro Film
Video and New Media

They simulate error messages, viruses, computer crashes. They overflow your
screen with never ending streams of colorful hieroglyphs. They revitalize
dead computer languages. Jodi's work is about what lies behind the well
known surface of the browser, its about the code. And it is about the
dialectics between humans and technology, between controlling and beeing
controlled: Jodi lets us experience these things, makes us navigate though
irritating systems and become aware of our own blindness. Jodi finds a
poignant visual language for these realities of life. A language which
comes across not only for computer nerds but also for all of those of us
who ever sat down at a computer.

Jodi (Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans, Barcelona) were among the first
ones, who used the browser as an artistic tool. They succeeded in
developing a precise artistic language with digital means and to create
some substantial content with it. No one had set an example for them. They
were the ones to set standards and provide the reference.

With install.exe Jodi sabotages the supposed certainty that their art can
only take place on the internet: They present an exhibition in the physical
space of [plug in] as well as a print publication. For orthodox approaches
to net art this means breaking a taboo. For Jodi it's the consequence of
their disturbance-tactic.

Install.exe is the first comprehensive solo show of Jodis work, and their
first solo print publication. The project is a collaboration of [plug in]
Basel and network agent Tilman Baumgärtel from Berlin. As a independent
writer he publishes on media- and internet-culture and has set standards on
the mediation of netart with his two books  Materialien zur
Netzkunst, Nürnberg 1999 und  Neue Materialien zur
Netzkunst/new materials on net art, Nürnberg 2001.

 The print publication is designed by the young Swiss designer Rafael Koch
in close collaboration with Jodi. Flipping though the pages, the book will
show only Jodi-images at first sight. Inside the fold out image pages the
texts are to be found: Contributions in english and german from Annette
Schindler and Waling Boers, Tilman Baumgärtel, Frederic Madre, Pit Schulz,
Florian Cramer and Josephine Bosma. The book is edited by [plug in], Tilman
Baumgärtel and BüroFriedrich and published by Christoph Merian Verlag, Basel. 
112 pages, colour illustrations, CHFr. 38.-, Euro 26.- plus shipping.

Jodi and Tilman Baumgärtel will be present at the opening of the
exhibition. For further informations or to set um a date for an interveiw
please contact [plug in], Annette Schindler, tel +41-(0)61-283 6050, email:

Guided tours:
Deutsch: Sat, Sept. 21. 7pm and Sat, Oct. 12. 4pm
Espanol: Wed, Sept. 25, 8pm
Italiano: Wed, Oct. 9th, 8pm
Francais: Wed. Oct. 16th, 8pm
Englisch: Sat. Oct. 19th, 8pm

[plug in], St. Alban-Rheinweg 64, 4052 Basel,
opening hours: Wed, 6pm-10pm; Thur  Sat, 6pm-8pm
special opening hours during Viper 22  International Festival for Film
Videoo and New Media, Oct. 23  27: daily noon - 8pm  

install.exe / Jodi exhibition and publication have been generously
supported by:
Kanton Basel-Stadt; Christoph Merian Foundation; Mondriaan Foundation;
Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation; Migros Kulturprozent and Jacqueline
Spengler Foundation, Fonds voor beeldende kunsten, vormgeving en bouwkunst

- -- 

Annette Schindler
[Plug in]
St. Alban-Rheinweg 64
CH - 4052 Basel
Tel: +41-61-283 60 50


Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 22:54:09 +0200
From: herman asselberghs <>
Subject: Transmedia Postgraduate Program: Last Call for Entries

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gedeeltelijk of geheel niet leesbaar.

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The Transmedia postgraduate program in arts, media & design is a two-year,
full-time course and leads to a postgraduate diploma in Transmedia studies.

During the first INPUT year, you hone your production skills in the
Transmedia lab, learn directly from visiting artists, engage with the
history and theory of transmedia art in seminars, attend public events and
devote time to your own work. This input confronts and fuels you with
different ways of working and thinking in order to develop your ideas and
methods further. We do not want you to switch discipline and start from
scratch. The program is not designed to turn web designers into filmmakers
or conceptual artists into graphic designers. Instead, we set up an
interdisciplinary research environment from which you can learn and deepen
your own practice. You will be challenged to rethink your process, develop
new approaches and redefine your work. At the end of the year, you will
submit a portfolio as well as a research dossier that outlines your
individual graduation project. Since there are no exams at Transmedia, your
admission to the second year hinges mainly on the review of this dossier.

During the second OUTPUT year, you devote most, if not all of your time to
your individual graduation project that consists of a substantiated art
work, i.e. a work supported by a contextual statement and defense. This
argumentation can take on different forms (a written essay, a live
presentation, a web site, a slide show, a video tape,=8A) and is meant to
contextualize your project. At this stage in the program, a tutor of your
choice helps you further refine your skills and ideas through discussions,
readings, research, and small projects. Visiting artists comment on your
work-in-progress and public events continue to inspire you as you pursue th=
intensive, final transmedia project of your own design.

Transmedia offers you a stimulating environment where you have access to
state-of-the-art facilities. The aim of our program is to encourage you in
producing art-work that involves the computer either as a working tool
(editing, designing, programming) or as a presentation model (multimedia
installation, web site, CD-ROM). Still, we emphasize the user's creativity
rather than the machine. You are challenged to engage computer-mediated
interactivity as broadly as possible, that is, using different and
alternative forms of narration, installation and interface to foster
innovative forms of communication and expression through transmedia
art-work. We believe that people of different backgrounds and experiences
are central to this collaborative, multi-disciplinary practice. Therefore,
we welcome candidates from a variety of backgrounds: from graphic design,
visual arts, architecture, and performance to photography, film, video,
installation, and new media, but also from the humanities, sciences, music
composition, dance, and industrial design.

What sets the Transmedia program apart from university-based and regular ar=
school training programs is its exceptional focus on research and its
integrated mix of art practice and critical thought. This enables you to
emphasize not only technical knowledge, but also the conceptual
understanding and insights you will need to produce thoughtful, engaging,
and professional art-work. You work closely with internationally recognized
teachers and visiting artists who are actively shaping the direction of
thinking and practice in the rapidly evolving transmedia field through thei=
own work.

Things you should know:
- - Transmedia is housed in Brussels, Belgium at the Hogeschool Sint-Lukas
Brussels near the center of the city.
- - The working language of this international program is English, so
proficiency in that language, both spoken and written, is required.
- - The Transmedia program (1st and 2nd year) starts on November 4, 2002 and
ends on June 30, 2003.
- - The final deadline for applications for the 1st year is October 1, 2002.
The number of new admissions for the 2002-2003 academic year is limited to




Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:44:20 -0400
From: Christiane_Paul@WHITNEY.ORG
Subject: CODeDOC

An online exhibition 
at the Whitney Museum's artport 

Participating artists: Sawad Brooks, Mary Flanagan, Alex Galloway, John
Klima, Golan Levin, Kevin McCoy, Mark Napier, Brad Paley, Scott Snibbe,
Camille Utterback, Martin Wattenberg, Maciej Wisniewski 

CODeDOC takes a reverse look at 'software art' projects by focusing on and
comparing the 'back end' of the code that drives the artwork's 'front
end'--the result of the code, be it visuals or a more abstract communication
process. A dozen artists coded a specific assignment in a language of their
choice and were asked to exchange the code with each other for comments. The
results of the programming are made visible only after the code--what
visitors to this site encounter first is a text document of code from which
they can launch the front end of the project. CODeDOC is an endeavor to take
a closer look at the process of this particular artistic practice, and to
raise questions about the parameters of artistic creation. 



Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 15:43:22 +0200
From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=A4?= <>
Subject: OFF-BEATS. Experimentelle Kunst aus Litauen

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From: nerius grigas <>



experimentelle Kunst aus Litauen

Literatur, Theater, Musik und Kunst

Berlin, 24. bis 28. September 2002

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren!

Das OFF-BEATS Büro und das ACUD präsentieren in Kooperation mit dem
MitOst e.V. Highlights experimenteller Kunst aus Litauen -- fern von
Bernsteinkitsch, singender Revolution und wodkaseliger Verklärung.

Litauen ist Gastland der diesjährigen Frankfurter Buchmesse. Die
öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit, die der baltischen Republik in diesem
Zusammenhang zuteil wird, eröffnet auch der Off-Kultur die Chance, bei
uns gehört und gesehen zu werden.

Neugier und Lust am Experiment treffen auf leere Kassen im Etat des
Transformationslandes. Künstler werden unter diesen Bedingungen, ob sie
wollen oder nicht, zu Grenzgängern und Grenzüberschreitern.
Heimatverbundene Nomaden, die Raum- und Genreschranken hinter sich
lassen. Deren Kunst transnational, aber unverkennbar auf litauischem
Boden geerdet ist: katholisch-dörfliche Traditionen und
Nachwende-Erfahrungen mischen sich mit multinationalen Identitäten und
Reminiszenzen an die Sowjetkultur.

Das OFF-BEATS Büro freut sich, Ihnen erstmalig litauische Autoren,
Musiker, Theaterleute und Künstler aus Vilnius, Klaipeda und Berlin
vorstellen zu können.

Wir möchten Sie herzlich zu einer Exkursion durch den litauischen
Kultur-Wildwuchs einladen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

das OFF-BEATS Büro und das Kunsthaus ACUD

Karten/ Informationen: 030/44359497-99

Veranstaltungsorte: ACUD Berlin, Veteranenstrasse. 21, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

ORPHTHEATER, Ackerstrasse. 169, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

(jeweils U-Bhf Rosenthaler Platz / S-Bhf Nordbahnhof)

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von:

Kulturministerium der Republik Litauen, Litauen-Büro Frankfurt 2002,
Books from Lithuania, Müller & Tochter Textverlag, Radio multikulti,
Theater der Zeit, die tageszeitung


Dienstag, 24. September 2002

20.00 Uhr Ausstellungseröffnung: Mindaugas Ratavic(ius und Aiste. Kirvelyte.


Die Sprache von Mindaugas Ratavic(ius' Objekten und Installationen ist
die der sanften Ironie. Im Spiel mit Symbolen entlarvt er alte und neue

Die Malerin Aiste. Kirvelyte. isoliert Motive, konzentriert sich durch
reduzierte Farblichkeit auf die strukturelle Qualität der Dinge.

21.00 Uhr Lesung: Gintaras Grajauskas und Arna Aley


"....da holte das Väterchen den Stock hervor und schlug ihm eins damit
über die Zähne mit den Worten: jetzt aber hast auch du etwas den Fremden
zu zeigen." (G. Grajauskas, o. Titel)

"Kommt die Wurst durch? Heimatgeruch. Möchtest du?" (A. Aley, aus: Die

Mittwoch, 25. September 2002

21.00 Uhr Improvisationstheater: Glückstheater, Stück "Asche"


Gespielt wird mit vollem Körpereinsatz, eine anarchistisch unbekümmerte
Variante der Auseinandersetzung mit den gesellschaftlichen Umwälzungen.

21.00 Uhr Tanztheater: Pulkauninko fizinis - vizualinis teatras, Stück


Die Tänzer ringen, siegen, erliegen, sind untrennbar miteinander
verbunden: ,headcleaner' ist weißer Tod im schwarzen Leben.

Donnerstag, 26. September 2002

21.00 Uhr Tanztheater: Pulkauninko fizinis - vizualinis teatras, Stück


23.00 Uhr Konzert: DJ Rama


DJane Rama heizt durch die Untergründe der osteuropäischen Musik. Poetry
in motion!

Freitag, 27. September 2002

21.00 Uhr Improvisationsteater: Glückstheater, Stück "Asche" (Wdh.)


21.00 Uhr mitost-salon: Tanztheater Karman, Stück "struggle with gravity


Tanz, Schauspiel, Film und Musik verschneiden Bruchstücke sowjetischer
und globaler Popkultur, lassen das Publikum mal zum Voyeur mal zur Jury

Samstag, 28. September 2002

21.00 Uhr Improvisationstheater: Glückstheater, Stück "Asche" (Wdh.)


21.00 Uhr mitost-salon: Tanztheater Karman, Stück "struggle with gravity
pull" (Wdh.) ORPHTHEATER

Anschließend Abschlußparty mit DJ Alien,Vilnius und DJane Rama, Berlin


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