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Re: <nettime> The End of Empire - William Greider [text warez, Pit Schultz]

> Instead of reformulating global governance to share power
> and burdens more broadly, a multipolar system that matches
> the economic reality, America still acts as if it runs
> things--alone.

the real power is not to be able to throw other in a bloody hell but to show
a glimpse of the paradise, dont forget the ousamaz meanz is to promise a
sweet wahallaouakbar to his zombies, in the same time in soaking down the
already dead american dream in some shit, it's what USan cant support so why
american flag get out in american street even not az some isolationist
reaction but az 'we are not az you' 'those who are not with us are agiainst
us' & 'those who are with us are just our ridicoulouz slavez' toward the
rest of the world, only cause we have the power to drop the fire of hell on
any earthling head, 'for the other, the nobodies, be happy to just be safe
of it, end of the global message'
the only reason of the fall of roman empire, cause the fuck all the
americans seems to dream about in all political analysis and they would be
inspired to be more circonspect to compare themself to this incredible
stuned model is when the peripheral 'barbarians' had quite completly
understand they or their children couldnt  hope to be roman citizen
themselves a day


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