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Re: <nettime> re: interview w/ KENJI SIRATORI

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Nope. I guess it's no more of a parody than anything else on the list, but
I like the kind of word associations Kenji checks out... Alan Sondheim etc
etc are also in the same kind of "stream of consciousness" oriented
literature... it's more like streaming media, and again, from a non
European style... Mondo 2000 was a whole different scene. But hey, I like
the book. I would recommend checking it out. There's a couple of art
collectives like "Hyper dub Transmissions" (graduate students of Sadie
Plant) and Orpahn Drift (a multi-media collective - both are based in the
U.K.) and even Entropy Zuper8 etc etc who are in the same vein. It's a
younger scene than Mondo...  Paul

> This is a joke, right?  A parody?
> 'cuz he sounds like a cliche' throwback from Mondo 2000 or something.
> "My hardweb dataspheres are metamorphing virally into the meme-arena!"

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