Bill Spornitz on Wed, 25 Sep 2002 10:01:07 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> planners, signers + reporters

Although normally I would agree that the automated proliferation of 
stupidity and dullness is a problem, it is clear that stupidity has 
become a casus bellum or (maybe a modus latin has been 
slipping since I left the church) that is - stupidity is *wha's 
happnin'* here on the walking-talking-monkey Rock here and now in the 
twenty-first century - Emperor George II has embraced it for quite 
some time, that slug Rumsfeld is certainly as stupid as the American 
thirst, no, lust for oil is insatiable and that war criminal Sh... 
:enough of venting digital spleen, gotta watch my blood pressure...

My point is dull, but it's more like:

->they're lying to us; let's do our best to lie (like the finest 
Persian rug) right back at them - if disseminating half-truths gets 
people to get upset and involved, maybe some innocent children will 
be spared the fate of watching their parents raped or garrotted or 
humiliated just so some son-of-an-american can play his Curt Cobain 
cd's in air conditioned cum-forte while  drivin' on the I666 up to 
the Shoneys in his overweight, overpriced Detroit Chrome Mountain...


At 3:00 AM -0600 9/22/02, Eric Berthelette wrote:

>I am a bit dismayed at the proliferation of the Neil Mackay article on a
>number of academic, intellectual, and activist lists.
>The "news" reported in this article is based on a report by The Project
>for a New American Century (PNAC) released two years ago:

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