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<nettime> [homage to wilhelm reich]

     Subject: Method and apparatus of compulsory ventilation of 
              BodyArmor  in field conditions.

Dear Sir,

My name is _____________, I have invented  a Method and apparatus of compulsory
ventilation of BodyArmor  in field conditions.

The compulsory BULLET-PROOF VEST VENTILATION device is designed for noiseless
bullet-proof vest ventilation in field conditions, e.g., when an anti-terrorist
group member is on guard, or in ambush, without external power source.

The compulsory bullet-proof vest ventilation device consists of a ventilating
vest, which is worn under a standard bullet-proof vest, and armpit sacks,
involved in noiseless air pumping in field conditions. An armpit sack can be
installed on both sides, left and right.

Utilizing this device in field conditions, especially in warm countries, will
make a soldier's stay on guard or in ambush morecomfortable. Removal of sweat
vapour from under the bullet-proof west (2) can prevent skin rash. Compulsory
air feeding into the ventilation vest (1) is performed by the armpit sack (3)
which is activated by the soldier's arm motion, fig.1. The process of
ventilation is absolutely transparent with respect to the soldier's duties

The armpit sach is connected to the bullet-proof vest by means of breakable
clutch (4-5) and light connection (6-7), which allows in conditions of
emergency to throw the vest away, and it will no more constrain the soldier.
The armpit sack (3) is connected to the shoulder by means of a belt (8) and
light easily detachable bucket (9).

Is possible the variant without belt (8-9) - then in sack (3) is mounted the
spring, fig.3. 

In a vehicle the ventilating vest can be plugged into the vehicle's ventilation

The armpit sack has 4 positions: 

1. Transportation: the sack is carried in a bag etc. 

2. Pre-operational: sack (3) is connected (4-5, 6-7) to the bullet-proof vest
(2), buckle (10-11) is tightened, belt (8-9) is loosened. 

3. Operational: sack (3) is connecyed (4-5, 6-7) to the bullet-proof vest (2),
buckle (10-11) loosened, belt (8-9) tightened to the arm. By moving his arm, a
soldier pumps the air into the ventilation vest (1). 

4. Alarm - torn out and thrown away by an abrupt arm movenent, not any more
constraining the soldier. 

The ventilating vest itself consists of two patches of stiff material with
stripes of stiff and elastic material (12) between, which form the air
conducting canals(13). The side of the vest which touches the body is
perforated (14) for air circulation. 

Best Regards,


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