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Table of Contents:

   3.5 nano event                                                                  
     3inchesandahalf <>                                    

   Raccoon on Nightline                                                            
     "Ivo Skoric" <>                                                

    *CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS                                                        
     KOGO <>                                                  

   Re: [spectre] Urban Drift 2002 conference, Berlin/D                             
     "misko " <>                                                    

   Performance Contemporary: A Conversation with Paul Kaiser                       
     rebekah <>                                                 

   [transmediale] Geoff Cox - the dialectics of generative art           
     Andreas Broeckmann <>                                    

   TRANZINDEX Critical Media Symposium & Workshop, Cluj, RO                        
     joanne richardson <>                                               

   zkm_veranstaltungshinweis --                                                    
     ZKM Online-Redaktion <>                                         

     Matze Schmidt <>                                         


Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 17:01:46 +0200
From: 3inchesandahalf <>
Subject: 3.5 nano event


Please stand up, make one step backward,
turn to 180°, close your eyes, turn three times on yourself,
make one step in the direction you are when you're finished,
open your eyes.

Copies of volume 4010-C90E in slab server's drive A available at 
Bétaville Party on saturday night.
10/28/02, 18h-22h
Public - 4 impasse Beaubourg - 75001 Paris


Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 19:46:36 +1200
From: "Ivo Skoric" <>
Subject: Raccoon on Nightline

Tommorrow, Thursday, September 26, at midnight, ABC's Nightline 
will air an UpClose piece on Selma Subasic, a member of the 
board of directors of Raccoon, Inc. Raccoon has been working on 
issues of peace and reconcilliation with exiled communities from 
former Yugoslavia mainly in New York region since 1997.

Selma will tell a moving story of her war years in Tuzla, Bosnia.

Check the ABC News Website for the exact schedule.

Visit Raccoon's community space in Queens, New York. For 
programs check:

For Raccoon,
Ivo Skoric


Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 16:42:22 +0900
From: KOGO <>





project for Halbeath Bathgate Scotland
located between Glasgow and Edinburgh near Dunfermline.

South Korean Company Hyundai & LG started a project in there for the
construction of microchip plant since 1996. The construction of the factory
was delayed by the financial crisis in Asia in those days.
The factory was re-started by U.S Company Motorola since 2000.
But now the factory is closed again since they left in 2001.

- -------------------------------------------------------

Treasury Casino Brisbane/
Treasury Casino Brisbane RING RING REMIX
In collaboration with John Miller

The Treasury Casino Brisbane is located in one of Brisbane's most historic
and majestic sandstone colonial Buildings.
Built in the late 1800's the grand building was the official Queensland
Government Treasury Building and functioned for this purpose until the mid

In the early 90's it was decided to move the Treasury offices and redevelope
the site for other purposes to enliven the city centre.
Among the proposals put forward, the idea to turn the Old Treasury Building
into an Arts Centre was floated for a time.
However, the Casino won the bid and the iconic Treasury Building was
transformed into a casino!

Candy Factory revisits the concept of the buildings potential as an art
centre and extracts,
forms and uncovers artworks that now exist in this extremely ironic
organized by Kim Machan ( MAAP)

- -------------------------------------------------------



photos : Takuji KOGO + Larissa Hyorth

This project is non broadcasting time view from Australia's longest running
series drama called Neighbours.

Beginning in 1985 Neighbours has been the platform for many Australians into
acting, singing and international careers of which Kylie Minoque (now based
in London) is one of the most well-known. Neighbours went into television
history by being the first Australian production to be programmed twice
daily, five days a week by BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Having
been acquired by 57 countries world-wide Neighbours has been dubbed into as
many languages.

This work has been shown at Center for contemporary photography in Melbourne
from 13th July 2002 through Gloss magazine project.

- -------------------------------------------------------

Takuji KOGO

*candy factory

..PUBLIC MUSIC/ *candy factory


Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 14:17:05 +0200
From: "misko " <>
Subject: Re: [spectre] Urban Drift 2002 conference, Berlin/D

Hi guys,

As I and a bunch of other people from the balkans will do presentations in the French Culture Center in Berlin (just writing from a cyber cafe in a department store in berlin:-) tomorow and a day after,i think it is a perfect opportunity to meet.

Melentie Pandilovski

- ---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From: Urban Drift <>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 13:58:24 +0200

>9th - 13th October, Café Moskau, Karl-Marx Allee 34, Berlin Mitte , and
>workspaces throughout Berlin
>SPECTRE list for media culture in Deep Europe
>Info, archive and help:


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 11:42:27 -0500
From: rebekah <>
Subject: Performance Contemporary: A Conversation with Paul Kaiser

Dear Listings Editor,

Location One would like to inform you of the current series of talks conducted 
by Bonnie Marranca, entitled "Performance Contemporary." The second of these is 
a conversation with digital artist Paul Kaiser. We do hope you will consider 
listing this event.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Rebekah Aff
Public Relations
Location One

An ongoing series of talks with artists and writers conceived and conducted by 
Bonnie Marranca. 

Dialogue with Paul Kaiser
Tuesday, October 22nd 7 PM
Regular $5, Students $2, Members Free.

Location One is pleased to announce the second talk of our series Performance 
Contemporary: a conversation with Paul Kaiser conducted by Bonnie Marranca.

PAUL KAISER is a digital artist whose work has been exhibited in performance 
spaces such as Lincoln Center and Barbicon and in museums and galleries, such as 
the Whitney, Pompidou Center and Eyebeam. His work began in experimental film 
and audiotape; he also studied the storytelling practices of the Tarahumara and 
Navajo Indians. Kaiser spent ten years in Washington D.C. teaching students with 
severe learning disabilities. He began developing computer programs that allowed 
these children to build multimedia depictions of their own minds. In 1994, 
Kaiser relocated to New York and founded Riverbed, a multimedia studio, in order 
to create cultural and art-oriented interactive projects. Kaiser created the 
virtual dances Hand-Drawn Spaces and BIPED, with Merce Cunningham and Shelley 
Eshkar, and Ghostcatching, with Bill T. Jones. Kaiser's piece Trace (2001), a 
multimedia narrative installation with audio design by Bell Labs scientist 
Nicholas Tsingos, was seen at the Brooklyn Academy of Music as part of the Arts 
in Multimedia program. His most recent public art work, Pedestrian, a project 
produced by the Art Production Fund and Eyebeam, was installed at three 
Manhattan sites including Rockefeller Center, The Studio Museum in Harlem, and 
Eyebeam in Chelsea. He has received many awards, including 
ComputerWorld/Smithsonian Award in 1991, a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1996, and a 
Bessie award in 2000.

BONNIE MARRANCA is co-founder and editor of PAJ: A Journal of Performance and 
Art. A theatre critic residing in New York City, she has written two volumes of 
essays, Ecologies of Theatre, and Theatrewritings, which won the George Jean 
Nathan Award in Dramatic Criticism, and has edited several books, including 
Conversations on Art and Performance, Plays for the End of the Century, and 
Interculturalism and Performance. Bonnie Marranca is a Guggenheim Fellow and 
Fulbright scholar and is currently teaching at Princeton University. She is 
Director of Special Performance Projects at Location One.

Future PerformanceContemporary events:
The Wooster Group-A Dictionary of Ideas: Tuesday, November 19, 7 PM.
Dialogue with Richard Maxwell: Tuesday, December 17, 7 PM

Location One ( is a new not-for profit art center, which 
fosters the convergence of all types of creative expression. We maintain a 
gallery space suitable for every form of performance and exhibition, and within 
this space, multimedia net-broadcasting facilities that allow us to webcast a 
24-hour stream of both live and archived events. Our International Residency 
Program invites artists from other countries to experiment with emerging 
technologies. Location One is an exploration space for continual creative 

Location One is located at 26 Greene Street NYC 10013, between Grand and Canal 
Subway: Canal Street (N, R, 6, A, C, E, J, M, Z)
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 6 PM
(212) 334-3347


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 16:58:54 +0200
From: Andreas Broeckmann <>
Subject: [transmediale] Geoff Cox - the dialectics of generative art

transmediale salon

Geoff Cox - the dialectics of generative art

Podewil, Klosterstr.68-70, Berlin-Mitte
Freitag, 4. Oktober 2002, 20.00 Uhr
Eintritt: EUR 5
(in englischer Sprache)

Die transmediale beschäftigt sich seit einiger Zeit mit dem Phänomen der
Software-Kunst, einer künstlerischen Arbeit, bei der die Programmierung von
Computer-Codes und die gesellschaftliche und ästhetische Bedeutung von
Software im Vordergrund stehen. Geoff Cox, Künstler und Theoretiker,
forscht als einer der ersten systematisch zur Software-Kunst. Cox stellt
seine Thesen vor und diskutiert sie anhand von Beispielen aus der von ihm
kuratierten Ausstellung 'Generator' (2002).

Geoff Cox is an artist, curator and researcher who is investigating the
aesthetics of generative art and software programming. In an event that
continues transmediale's exploration of software art, Cox will present his
theoretical research and will discuss it in relation to art projects
presented in his recent exhibitio project, 'Generator' (2002).

Next transmediale events:

Mi 9.10., 20.00 Montreal - City of Waves (in englischer Sprache)

Kroatische Kulturwochen im Podewil
Fr, 18.10. NEUES EUROPA - von der Metapher zur emanzipatorischen Praxis
(Diskussion teilweise in englischer Sprache)
18.00 Emerging Balkans mit Natasa Ilic, Igor Markovic, Ana Peraica u.a.
20.30 Post-Post-Politics mit Boris Buden, Hauke Brunkhorst, Heiko Haensel,
Tom Medak und Petar Milat

andreas broeckmann - artistic director -
transmediale - international media art festival berlin
klosterstr. 68-70 - d-10179 berlin
tel. +49-30-24721907 - fax +49-30-24721909 -
- ---------------------------------------
transmediale.03 - Play Global! - 1-5 february 2003

the information list of transmediale
international media art festival berlin


Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 17:38:34 +0200 (MEST)
From: joanne richardson <>
Subject: TRANZINDEX Critical Media Symposium & Workshop, Cluj, RO

Critical Media Symposium, Sept 26-29 & Hybrid Radio Workshop, Sept 30 –
Oct 3
Venues: Tranzit House, Str. Baritiu 16; Music Pub, Str. Horea 5

Organized by Tranzit Foundation and Joanne Richardson in collaboration
with Next 5 Minutes (Amsterdam), Idea Foundation and ANO Foundation. Made
possible with the financial support of CONCEPT Foundation - Soros Open
Network Romania, Culture 2000 Program of European Commission, European
Cultural Foundation, ProHelvetia, Kultiplex and EDRC.



19:30 Opening Reception & Poster Exhibition: Mind Bomb (Romania), Pode Bal
(Czech Republic)

>Music Pub

22:00 Infra Gandhi DJ program



10:00–10:45 INTRODUCTION: Csilla Könczei – Tranzit; Gyula Kozák – TranzArt
disLocated (a network of contemporary art centers from Central and Eastern
Europe, in the frame of „Culture 2000” program of European Commission),
Joanne Richardson – ASU2, MetaMedia, ’’(media centers network in
South East Europe); Derek Holzer – Next 5 Minutes 4

10:45–12:30 PRESENTATION OF MEDIA CENTERS, production and literacy
Moderator: Tincuþa Pârv
Participants: Galina Dimitrova - Interspace (Bulgaria), Kristian Lukic &
Branka Curcic – (Yugoslavia), Nikola Pisarev – CAC
Skopje, „Culture for Everybody” project (Macedonia), Jozita Shkreli -
Lindart (Albania), Ivana Moncolova - Buryzone (Slovakia), István Sebesi -
Kultiplex (Hungary), Nina Czegledy – „On target” project (Canada/Hungary),
Les Corsaires (Belgium).

(follow-up discussion of media education innovations & models; working
with or working outside schools & official institutions; role of media
centers founded by artists as primary vehicles for education & production)
Moderator: Nina Czegledy

15:30–17:15 Video Screening: Best of OFF presented by Dániel Sárdi
17:30–18:00 Derek Holzer
18:00–18:40 Tilos Rádió – Pirate radio presentation & discussion
18:40–20:40 Tilos DJ/VJ program: Techno, experimental, jazz

>Music Pub

22:00–23:00 Tanutuva Concert
23:30 marka DJ-program



(discussion by film & video makers and festival organizers of  documentary
and counter-documentary styles & forms of production; connection between
documentary & propaganda; reality/fiction boundaries; strategies of
indirect and non-representation)
Moderator & intro: Csilla Könczei
Participants: Sigismond de Vajay – Lausanne Underground Film Festival
(Switzerland); Virgiliu Mãrgineanu - OWH Studio (Moldova), János Domokos –
Dialektus (Hungary); Angela Kalló - Festival Association (Romania); Carmen
Cristian – TVR Cluj (Romania)

(project presentations & debates by video, radio, poster, zine & other
media practioners about the meaning of alternative, underground,
mainstream; differences between tactical media and strategic, migrant, or
nomadic forms; the geopolitics of media activism & its meaning in post-
socialist context)
Moderator & intro: Joanne Richardson
Participants: David Garcia & Derek Holzer – Next 5 Minutes (Netherlands),
Igor Markovic (Croatia), Aleksandra Kostic – Kibla (Slovenia); Alexandru
Vakulovski – Cenaklu Klu (Romania), Peter Motycka – Podebal (Czech
Republic), Firma 9 – Mind Bomb (Romania)

15:30–19:30 Video Screening: to be announced
21:30 Audio Performance:  Derek Holzer, Allergische Platze



(the significance of public domain – as socio-cultural space and as
juridical category; media freedom & its connection to human rights
campaigns; importance of open source & copyleft for public domain)
Moderator & intro: David Garcia
Participants: Kristian Lukic – (Yugoslavia), Ovidiu Pecican –
Provincia (Romania), Alexandru Patatics - Nettime-ro (Romania), Jozita
Shkreli – Lindart (Albania), Attila Gáspárik – CNA (Romania), Dan
Perjovschi - Totul la vedere / 22 (Romania).

(modes of production and distribution of ‘alternative’ content; grassroots
and do it yourself production in different media from video to fanzines;
disappearance of distinctions between producer and consumer)
Moderator & intro: Dan Perjovschi
Participants: Aleksandra Kostic – Kibla (Slovenia), Virgiliu Mãrgineanu –
OWH TV Studio (Moldova), Andrei Biro – NCN TV (Romania), Igor Markovic –
Arkzin (Croatia), Mihai Vakulovski – TIUK (Romania), Nikola Pisarev –
Zayac (Macedonia)

18:00–22:00 Video Screening: to be announced

HYBRID BROADCASTING: web streaming and micro FM broadcasting

This workshop will be a hands-on excercise in hybrid broadcasting, using
a  variety of tactics to distribute an audio signal over wires and
airwaves. Participants will learn how to use simple audio applications to
produce a short recorded broadcast, use a preconfigured Linux webstreaming
platform get the audio on the web, and how to build an antenna and set up
a 1 Watt micro-FM transmitter to redistribute the signal locally.


Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 18:26:10 +0200
From: ZKM Online-Redaktion <>
Subject: zkm_veranstaltungshinweis --

ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe
V e r a n s t a l t u n g s h i n w e i s für den 30.09.2002 ::

V o r t r a g im Rahmen der Veranstaltungsreihe: Bischoff-Lectures in
Architecture ::

Elizabeth Diller [Diller + Scofidio] :: »The Making of Nothing«

Mo 30.09.02, 19 Uhr
Eintritt : EUR 5/3
[Vortrag in englischer Sprache]

Mit dem Vortrag von Liz Diller, »The Making of Nothing«, beginnt das ZKM
| Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe eine neue
Veranstaltungsreihe, die »Bischoff-Lectures in Architecture«. In dieser
Reihe präsentiert das ZKM mit Unterstützung des Unternehmens BGT
Bischoff Glastechnik, Bretten, zentrale Persönlichkeiten der
internationalen Architekturszene und gibt damit einen Überblick über die
wichtigsten Positionen der aktuellen architektonischen und
urbanistischen Theorie und Praxis.

Liz Diller [*1954] gründete zusammen mit Ricardo Scofidio 1979 das
Architekturbüro »Diller + Scofidio«, das in den vergangenen Jahren durch
seine interdisziplinären Projekte internationale Anerkennung erlangte.
Die themenorientierten experimentellen Arbeiten des Teams umfassen neben
Architekturentwürfen temporäre oder permanente ortsspezifische
Installationen, Multimedia-Performances sowie Buchpublikationen. Die
Architekten, die das ZKM bereits 2001 in der Ausstellung CTRL [SPACE]
präsentierte, definieren Architektur als kulturelle Forschungsmethode,
mit der soziale Konventionen, welche die Gestaltung und Nutzung von
Räumen und Objekten unsichtbar beherrschen, enthüllt und verändert
werden können.

Zu ihren wichtigsten Projekten der jüngsten Zeit zählen die Gestaltung
der Installation »Travelogues« am JFK International Airport, Queens/New
York, des Restaurants »The Brasserie« in New York, die Entwicklung von
»Slither«, einem Wohnungsbauprojekt in Gifu, Japan, und das als »Wolke«
bekannte Gebäude »Blur« in Yverdon-les-Bains, das zum Wahrzeichen der
Schweizer Expo02 wurde. Unlängst gewannen Diller + Scofidio den
Wettbewerb für das Bostoner Institut of Contemporary Art und für das
Eyebeam Atelier, ein neues Zentrum zur künstlerischen Entwicklung
digitaler Medien in New York.

Diller + Scofidio haben zahlreiche Preise erhalten, darunter den Preis
der MacArthur Foundation, den Progressive Architecture Design Award, den
MacDermott Award for Creative Achievement, den Chrysler Award for
Innovation in Design und den Tiffany Award for Emerging Artists.
Das Architekturduo publizierte neben zahlreichen Artikeln drei Bücher:
»Back to the Front. Tourisms of War« [1994], »Flesh. Architectural
Probes. The Mutant Body of Architecture« [1995] sowie »Blur. The Making
of Nothing« [2002].

Elizabeth Diller, die wie Ricardo Scofidio Architektur an der Cooper
Union School of Art, New York, studierte, ist seit 1990 assoziierte
Professorin für Architektur an der Princeton University, New Jersey.$2859
- -- 

///////  / |< ||| | Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie
///////  / |< ||| | Center for Art and Media
///////  / |< ||| | Institut für Netzentwicklungen
  K A R L S R U H E   (Germany)

  Lorenzstr. 19
  76135 Karlsruhe
  Tel.   +49 721 8100-1200
  FAX:   +49 721 8100-1139


  ZKM Homepage in English


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 13:53:25 +0200
From: Matze Schmidt <>

12 x 10 Min. Servertheory = 2 h in Taxi 
_Serverfestival_ ("Long Night of Museums") 
Dortmund, hartware medien kunst verein 
Guentherstrasse 65, 44143 Dortmund, Germany 
Sa., 28.9.2002 
22:00-00:00 h 
What is the break in a W-LAN against the establishment of 
a Businness Intranet? The user needs more psychoactive 
topologies and a sustainable production of technotheory. 
The Accesspoint in the house of hartware e.V. in Dortmund 
makes all data available. A serverfarm from the inside, How 
to get a mediafestival "Unplugged", Why undergroundservers 
are important, How 2 crush a server, ... 
A taxi drives for ten minutes theory and 3 passengers. 
By WLAN-Card content is called and context is divided. 
Steffen Martin, Matze Schmidt (Berlin) 

sponsored by 

undergroundserver   FONDS 

12 x 10 Min. Servertheorie = 2 h im Taxi 
_Serverfestival_ ("Lange Nacht der Museen") 
Dortmund, hartware medien kunst verein 
Guentherstrasse 65, 44143 Dortmund 
Sa., 28.9.2002 
22:00-00:00 Uhr 
Was ist der Einbruch in ein W-LAN (Wireless Local Area Network) 
gegen die Gruendung eines Businness Intranet? Der User braucht 
mehr psychoaktive Topologien und eine nachhaltigere 
Technotheorieproduktion. Dafuer stellt der Accesspoint im 
Haus des hartware e.V. in Dortmund alle Daten bereit: Eine 
Serverfarm von Innen, Wie man ein Medienfestival "Unplugged" 
schickt, Warum undergroundserver wichtig sind, How 2 crush a 
server, ... 
Ein Taxi faehrt fuer zehn Minuten Theorie und 3 Fahrgaeste. 
Per W-LAN Karte wird Content abgerufen und Context dividiert. 
Steffen Martin, Matze Schmidt (Berlin) 

sponsored by 

undergroundserver   FONDS

|_| Pixtream 

Pixtream live! from serverfestival 2002, Dortmund 
28.9.2002, 22:00-00:00 h 
Pixtream live! from serverfestival 2002, Wiesbaden 
29.9.2002, 17:00-23:00 h 


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