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Table of Contents:

   net art paparazzi                                                               
     "abraham linkoln" <>                                      

   teaching opportunity at MICA: art historian with new media emphasis             
     "Rachel Schreiber" <>                                 

   [.au] Wanted: New Electrofringe Coordinators                                    
     "shannon o'neill" <>                                  

     "" <>            

   FW: Extended Vacancy Professorship Computer Visualisation                       
     Petri Leijdekkers <>                               

   PhD | MFA | new media | Visual Arts Department, UCSD                            
     Lev Manovich <>                                                 

     "Hector Vilar" <>                                                 

   software based on Ernie Gehr's film Serene Velocity                             
     barbara lattanzi <>                                              

   French netart - 1st update                                                      
     "JavaMuseum" <>                                         

   REMOTE TV - Call for Participation                                                                                                   


Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 23:41:43 +0000
From: "abraham linkoln" <>
Subject: net art paparazzi

net art paparazzi is the third installment in a series at

the first five photos from the net art paparazzi are at

4z4: a net art no show

net art bumper stickers

also  the start page has moved to


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Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 10:49:25 -0500
From: "Rachel Schreiber" <>
Subject: teaching opportunity at MICA: art historian with new media emphasis

Teaching opportunity at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA):

Art Historian, Contemporary Art

The Department of Art History invites applications for a position in
contemporary art. A specialty in new media and/or performance is
particularly welcome. Ph.D. and demonstrated commitment to excellence in 
teaching required. Position involves teaching visual art students at 
undergraduate and graduate levels, service on committees, participation in 
foundation year courses, and begins September 1, 2003. Send letter of 
application, c.v., sample syllabi, an example of published work, and three 
letters of recommendation to Art History Search, Maryland Institute College 
of Art, 1300 Mt. Royal Ave., Baltimore, MD, 21217,

Details can also be found on the web site:
Follow the links to career opportunities


Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 13:09:19 +1100
From: "shannon o'neill" <>
Subject: [.au] Wanted: New Electrofringe Coordinators

Wanted: New Electrofringe Coordinators

After 2 years as coordinators of the annual Electrofringe festival,
both Shannon O'Neill and Joni Taylor will be stepping aside to
make way for some fresh blood. This is Not Art is now looking
for new coordinators to mange and direct the future of this exciting

Applicants should have:

*a passion and commitment to promoting, presenting and developing
innovative contemporary electronic and digital art, media and sound.

*experience and knowledge in one or more of the following areas:
digital video and film, software and networking systems, gaming,
interactive performance, hacktivism, electronic music, sustainable/
environmental technology, independent media and new forms of

*knowledge of sponsorship opportunities, PR and marketing tools
in the new media arts community.

Responsibilities include:

*Selecting participants, programming sessions and managing an
extensive Electrofringe programme, combining presentations,
workshops, screenings, discussions and performances.

*Maintaining and sustaining current Electrofringe relationships
and developing new ones, especially within the local Hunter area.

*The writing of grant applications, budgets, reports, and acquittals
for funding bodies.

*Being the point of contact and providing support and information
for state representatives and assistant managers.

General requirements for being a part of the The This is Not Art
team are:

* Ability to work as part of a team
* Ability to work within a limited budget
* Demonstrated ability to plan and achieve tasks
* Demonstrated understanding of the construction and implementation
   of timeline
* Self-motivated
* Ability to delegate tasks
* Ability to work under pressure
* Appreciation of the culture of This Is Not Art
* Ability to manage and account for finances and budget
* Understanding of working with volunteers
* Ability to negotiate best options with limited resources
* Ability to liaise with external stake holders
* Ability to seek funding
* Ability to oversee the construction of a diverse and comprehensive

To express your interest in the position, send us a half-page
description of where you think the Electrofringe festival is at now
and a half page 'vision statement' outlining the directions you'd like
to see the event grow in. We'd also like to see your CV, but
please keep it to a page or so.

Send stuff to (enquiries too!)
Deadline: Jan 15 


Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 14:03:20 +0100
From: "=?iso-8859-1?Q?" <>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Homage_to_Felix_Gonzalez-Torres?=

Title: "Homage to Felix Gonzalez-Torres"

This project is born as a homage to Felix Gonzalez-Torres, a marvelous
intimist artist. This re-creates one of his most well known projects, the
photograph of his bed exhibited to the pedestrians on the streets of New
York City, a project organized by Anne Unland in collaboration with MoMa,
from May 16th to June 30th of 1992. It is my intention to take it as a
starting point and re-create it on the world wide web, hoping to involve
other persons and render it all as a work in progress. Such action would
render homage to an artist I love, re-evaluate the role of the web which,
the more it becomes real space that documents and renders live reality
itself, the further it creates a dialogue between private and public

The artistic work will take as its starting point photographs contributed
by the contestants which will be posted on the web for which, from
12/16/02 to 12/20/02, I have photographed my bedroom in the morning and
have also inserted other photos taken from other public sites (see the
list of sites below). I propose that all chance visitors send me photos of
their in-the-morning beds so I can publish them starting on 12/20/02 at
the appropriate websites.

All the material will then be gathered on a suitable website.

The project will be developed at these websites: (forum) (Carta Bianca)

Note to the project participants: The photos should not be larger than 50
kb or have contents that might be offensive to public morality.
Participation in the project will be deemed as your acceptance for the
future use of your submitted photos and for their use on other sites and
for possible future showings on public sites. Further, your participation
will be taken as your authorization for future photographic reproduction
and/or use in other presentations by the artist, Dominco Olivero, for
commercial or advertising materi ls. he photographs will be placed on the
site with the name of the person who sent them; if you wish another form
of acknowledgement please specify in your e-mail.  (traduction by William)


Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 11:46:47 +0100
From: Petri Leijdekkers <>
Subject: FW: Extended Vacancy Professorship Computer Visualisation

Graag stuur ik u dit verzoek met de vraag deze advertentie op te nemen.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Petri Leijdekkers, directeur Frank Mohr Instituut

- ----------
From: Arthur Elsenaar <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 15:49:26 +0100
To: Petri Leijdekkers <>
Subject: Fwd: Extended Vacancy Professorship Computer Visualisation

Begin forwarded message:

From: Arthur Elsenaar <>
Date: Mon Dec 9, 2002  23:34:29 Europe/Amsterdam
Subject: Extended Vacancy Professorship Computer Visualisation

Hi Felix(?),

once again, I like to post a job opening. Can you put it in the

Also, please use the following e-mail address as the sender, so all
mail ends up at the right desk.

Petri Leijdekkers <>

Thanks, Arthur Elsenaar.

- --- announcement follows ---

Dear reader,

please find below an extended vacancy for a position of Professor
Computer Visualisation at the Frank Mohr Institute. Learning from
questions in the first round, we like to highlight some aspects of the
profile that are important to us.

We ask the applicant to have a thorough understanding of the
computational aspect of visualisation, especially in the algorithmic
image and sound generation.
The applicant needs to be able to translate scientific and
technological knowledge into art practice, therefore s/he will most
likely be an artist/designer. 'Pure' scientists or artists are strongly
discouraged to apply. To bring the field forward in the future, we
believe in a breed of artists/designers that know both sides of the
coin equally well; art/design on the one and science/computation on the

Hopefully we grabbed your attention.

Petri Leijdekkers
Director Frank Mohr Institute

- ---

The Frank Mohr Institute (FMI, is the Institute for
Advanced Studies and Research in the Arts and New Media within the Faculty
of Arts of the Hanzehogeschool Groningen. In cooperation with the
University of Groningen, the FMI accommodates three master's programmes:
MFA IME (Interactive Media & Environments), MFA Painting and MFA
Scenography. In addition, the institute offers an international programme
of courses in the field of new media for graduate students, artists,
designers and business employees. The FMI works with the University of
Groningen (Faculty of Arts and the Centre for High Performance Computing &
Visualisation) and the Groninger Museum on the Art and Media Cooperative
Platform providing education and research at the level of Masters and
Post-Masters. As of 1 January 2003 the FMI is being expanded with a
Professorship in Computer Visualisation. The board of the Faculty of Arts
would therefore like to fill as soon as possible the position of

man or woman, 0.6 fractional appointment, vacancy number 2002-5.08

Visualisation and computability will play an increasingly
important role in future communication processes, design, art, interactive
environments, theatre and scientific projects. Visualisation is thus a
significant factor in all fields where translating into a visible form is
important for processes and results. The image in a wide sense - that is
to say, moving and static - - recorded in a multimedia context or combined
with theatre or music, is the focus of communication processes that are
supported or realised with the aid of digital techniques.

The professor presides over the studies of
participants from the Hanzehogeschool Groningen, the University of
Groningen and the business world, works closely with the director of the
Frank Mohr Institute and is accountable to the Faculty board.

The professsor's field of knowledge is computer visualisation. We make a
distinction between: - - Visualisation of data and information: graphic
representation of measurements and research data and the designing of
virtual environments for use in education and research. - - Visualisation
of concepts and meaning: primary images that carry meaning and which, as
representation or computer art (algorithmic image generation with purely
artistic aims), are consequently intended to play an emphatic role in
communicational processes. The tasks of the professor tasks are as
follows: - - organising an infrastructure of existing knowledge and
facilities within the Hanzehogeschool and the University of Groningen
relevant to computer visualisation; - - marking and structuring the
research field of computer visualisation within the Frank Mohr Institute
and the envisaged Cooperative Platform for Art and Media; - - providing
instruction at undergraduate and postgraduate levels within the Faculty of
Arts and the Cooperative Platform; - - developing and supervising of a
circle of knowledge and a programme of research; - - exemplary research; -
- contributing (structurally) to the development and implementation of
media education and research at the undergraduate level within the Faculty
and courses of higher education, particularly the MFA Interactive Media &
Environments; - - advising business projects and start-up companies in the
field of visualisations; - - representation in national and international
joint ventures; - - initiating a documentation centre and library of
knowledge for computer visualisation; - - organising at least one
international symposium and other activities where the research and
development results of the professor and the circle of knowledge are
publicly tested and disseminated.

The professor should possess both practical and scientific knowledge and
experience in the field of art and media, and to have a doctoral degree or
to have established his/her authority in the field of knowledge in another
way. He or she commands extensive and up-to-date knowledge of and
experience with the visual domain. A demonstrable international reputation
and a network in the field of computervisualisation are required. The
professor we are seeking is a good organiser, is demonstrably able to
provide guidance, to communicate, stimulate and convey knowledge.
Competence is required in: coaching and professional leadership,
enterprise, vision, power of persuasion, presentation, organisational
sensibility, independence, results-orientation, planning and organising.

The appointment commences 1 February 2003 or as soon as practically
feasible. The position of professor is established for 4 years. After two
years an evaluation takes place. Appointment is conditional upon the
labour agreements for the higher education sector. The salary scale is 16,
with a minimum of § 4.487,- and a maximum of § 6.365,- per month for a
standard full-time post (equivalent to the salary classification for
professor A at university level). The appointed professor holds a chair at
the University of Groningen.

For further information about the post and the application procedure
please contact Drs Petri Leijdekkers, director of the Frank Mohr
Institute. An information kit is available from the secretary of the P&O
basis team, telephone +31-50-5953252. (Please note: during the Christmas
Holiday the secretariat will be closed from 19 December until 6 January.)
Letters of application, accompanied by a curriculum vitae, documentation
of your work and a list of publications can be sent until 6 January 2003
to the Faculty Board, attn. Drs M.J.M. Regouin, chairman, Radesingel 6,
9711 EJ Groningen. Vacancy number should be indicated on the envelope.
Deadline for applications: 11.00 a.m., 6 January 2003. It is possible to
send your application by e-mail: Part of the
selection procedure involves a lecture and an assessment. Anyone wishing
to draw attention to suitable candidates may also apply in writing to the
director of the Frank Mohr Institute before the closing date.


Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 12:49:26 -0800
From: Lev Manovich <>
Subject: PhD | MFA | new media | Visual Arts Department, UCSD

/ * ----------------- promo copy START ------------------

Visual Arts Department, University of California, San Diego

In addition to offering MFA with a focus on new media art,
we are now also offering a PhD in

    art history and criticism
    visual culture
    media theory
    new media theory

PhD and MFA applications deadline for Fall 2003 admission: February 1, 2003.

Generous financial support is available for both PhD and MFA candidates.

We have 5 permanent new media faculty and currently searching for 2 more.

Past MFA graduates include Mark Tribe, the founder of; Mark
Daggett, first prize at README 2002 (a festival of software art, Moscow);
Chris Csikszentmihályi, a head of the MIT Media Lab's Computing Culture

 ----------------- promo copy END ------------------ * /

/ * ------------------ LINKS  START------------------

Southern California "New Media Map" which lists people and programs at UCSD
and other schools in this region:

Visual Arts Department + information on PhD and MFA programs:

University of California, San Diego 

 ------------------ LINKS  END ------------------ * /


Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 16:55:57 -0500
From: "Hector Vilar" <>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?CIAC_-_Communiqu=E9_de_presse_-_Press_Release?=

- - Communiqué de presse - (English version follows) -

Le CIAC crée un nouveau site d’actualités sur
les Arts et les Nouvelles Technologies

Montréal, le 13 décembre 2002 - Le Centre International d’Art Contemporain
de Montréal (CIAC) vient de renouveler son site d’actualités sur les Arts et
les Nouvelles Technologies.

Ce premier numéro vous présente deux entrevues, un reportage sur la webTV,
un calendrier d’expositions, ainsi que des nouvelles sur les arts

Sous la rubrique « CONVERSATIONS », Valérie Lamontagne, commissaire
responsable de l'exposition Ellipse au Musée du Québec, parle de la première
présentation d'art Web dans le contexte d'un musée québécois.

Le peintre espagnol Jesús Vilallonga, âgé de 75 ans, raconte comment les
nouvelles technologies ont changé sa façon de travailler.

Sous la rubrique « SITES À VOIR », vous trouverez un reportage sur la webTV
et sur la convergence si attendue entre la télévision et l’Internet.

Savez-vous que 72% des Américains sont branchés sur Internet? Que moins de
10% de la population mondiale a accès au réseau? Comprenez un peu mieux les
enjeux de la « fracture numérique » en lisant la rubrique « EN BREF ».

Pour visiter le site des Actualités - Arts et Nouvelles Technologies,
cliquez ici :

Contact :
Hector Vilar :

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- -----------

- - Press Release -

The CIAC creates a new website for current events in
Arts and New Technologies

Montreal, December 13, 2002 – Le centre d’art contemporain de Montréal
(CIAC) has just revamped its site for current events in Arts and New
Technologies. The debut  issue presents two interviews, a report on webTV, a
calendar, as well as news on media arts.

In the section "CONVERSATIONS" Valerie Lamontagne, curator responsible for
the Ellipse exhibition at the Musée du Québec, speaks about the first
presentation of Web art in the context of a Quebec museum.

The Spanish painter Jesús Vilallonga, 75 years old, tells how new
technologies have changed his way of working.

In the section "WEBSITES TO SEE" you will find a report on webTV, the most
awaited convergence between television and Internet.

Do you know that 72% of Americans are connected on Internet? And that less
than 10% of the world population have access to it? Understand a little
better the stakes of the "digital fracture" by reading about it our section

To visit the Current Events - Arts and New Technologies website,
click here:

Contact :
Hector Vilar :

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- -----------


Site Web/Website:

405, rue Sherbrooke Est, bureau 505,
Montréal, Québec, Canada,
H2L 1J9
Adresse postale/Postal Address:
C.P. 760, Place du Parc
Montréal, Québec
Canada H2X 4A6
Téléphone/Telephone : (514) 288-0811
Télécopieur/Fax : (514) 288-5021
Contact :
Secrétariat :
Direction artistique :
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- -----------


Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 16:02:48 -0500
From: barbara lattanzi <>
Subject: software based on Ernie Gehr's film Serene Velocity

/_ \_ /_ \_ /_ \_ /_\ _ /_\ _ /_\ _ /_\
/_ \_ /_ \_ /_ \_ /_\ _ /_\ _ /_\ _ /_\

           EG SERENE

       v1.0  SOFTWARE

/_ \_ /_ \_ /_ \_ /_\ _ /_\ _ /_\ _ /_\
/_ \_ /_ \_ /_ \_ /_\ _ /_\ _ /_\ _ /_\

EG SERENE is freely available software by Barbara Lattanzi.  It is based on 
the 1970 film, "Serene Velocity", by the artist Ernie Gehr.

EG SERENE is available for the improvising of digital video in real-time. 
The software adopts and "open sources" the structure of the 1970 film as 
the basis for temporal reconstruction of your own selected digital videos 
in quicktime movie format.

Visit the website to download PC and Mac versions 
of  "EG SERENE" software:

EG SERENE  derives from the 1970 film "Serene Velocity"  its over-arching 
time structure in which perceptual events emerge out of the incremental 
alternation of the two halves of a bisected passage of film.  With the 
software interface, you are able to continuously vary selected time aspects.

How does this software relate to the work of Ernie Gehr?

In Gehr's "Serene Velocity" the filmic image is made to resonate in 
sympathetic vibration with the perceptual engagement of the viewer. And 
this becomes the basis for the EG SERENE software: to explore video 
playback for resonant frequencies by means of the temporal-reshuffling 

- -----------------------------------------------
Barbara Lattanzi

software for video improvisation:
"EG Serene"
"AMG Strain"
"HF Critical Mass"
- -----------------------------------------------


Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 09:16:14 +0100
From: "JavaMuseum" <>
Subject: French netart - 1st update

1st update online of "Current Positions of French Netart"

the new exhibition on Javamuseum - Forum for Internet Technologies in
Contemporary Art (Java = Joint Advanced Virtual

These 10 artists are new in the show: Annie Abrahams, Cathblue, Oliver
Auber Gérard Dalmon, Philippe Bruneau Les Riches Douaniers, Amande In
Vincent Makowski, Xavier Makowski, Aurélie Peyront


When art is defined as world art, as a form of intercultural communication
without national boarders, when art uses the World Wide Web as a medium
and environment in a global context, is it allowed then to connect art or
this exhibition, in particular, to the aspect of nationality?

Netart coming from France is widely unknown, yet. This has different
reasons. Like in some other countries, this new form of contemporary art
seems also in this country not well accepted yet, which is also underlined
by the fact that only a few institutions of art and higher education exist
mainly focussed on art and New Media, but most relevant seems to be that
different from other forms of contemporary art, language and its various
forms plays an essential role in Netart.

The most accepted and dominating language for global communication, the
New Media and the Internet, represents, however, English.

In this global context, language changed its meaning, its function goes
far beyond of expressing merely national identity, even if is it did not
loose this aspect on a local level.

Under these conditions one might ask: can Netart using language as a tool
for expressing national identity be defined as art or Netart, at all, or
does rather particularly this use probably enable new forms of expressing
which can be understood on a non-verbal level also by people who do not
speak the respective national language?

The show "Actual Positions of French Netart" makes it evident, there are a
lot of talented artists who take the challenges and chances the Internet
offers by creating art works which include strong conceptual components
manifested in most individual ways.

Some of them use exclusively their native language, others try a
bi-lingual way, and a third group takes the global aspect of the Internet
and expresses itself in English.

Even if not all works can be understood by a non-francophone, the original
and individual multimedia approach will impress by offering new aspects
and perspectives.

As an ongoing project the show is based on an open call in Internet. It
will accept also in future at any time submissions of new artists which
are not yet presented in the exhibition, in order to stay most actual and

Following 25 artists are participating currently:

Gregory Chatonsky, Cendres Lavy, Christophe Bruno, PATRICK-HENRI BURGAUD,
Tamara Lai, Erational, Antoine Schmitt Xavier Malbreil, Thierry Vendé,
jimpunk, Xavier Cahen, Pacale Gustin Emilie Pitoiset, Fred Fenollabbate,
Cecile Babiole Xavier Leton, Christoph Bruno/Jimpunk, Isabel Saij, Ulrich
Mathon, Hughes Rochette Michael Sellam, Pascal Bruandet, Blue Screen,
Pauline Desormière, Nicolas Clauss, Annie Abrahams, Cathblue, Oliver Auber
Gérard Dalmon, Philippe Bruneau Les Riches Douaniers, Amande In Vincent
Makowski, Xavier Makowski, Aurélie Peyront

"Current Positions of French Netart" ou is an online show realized and
curated by Agricola de Cologne. 
Copyright © 2002. All rights reserved.
Forum for InternetTechnologies in Contemporary Art 
(JAVA= Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs) 


Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 16:13:26 +0100 (CET)
Subject: REMOTE TV - Call for Participation

- ->->REMOTE TV - 
Stream on TV

The project remote-tv ( successfully started at
12.12.2002. On our last three sessions we had exciting collaborations with
superschool, pingfm and kanalB. We got allover great feedback, and more
and more people are interested to join. The show will go on (until end of
march) you are welcome to participate. See below for details (open slots,
technics, howto etc.).

- ->->ABOUT
Remote TV is an interactive TV format, which enables anybody to send audio
and video signals via the internet onto TV. The viewer becomes the
producer of his own TV show. Remote TV is currently exhibited at the
Filmmuseum Deutsche Kinemathek in Berlin. Live and On Demand, Remote TV
shows are available on Public Access TV, the Filmmuseum Deutsche
Kinemathek and the Internet.

A multimedia PC with internet connection and a video camera is everything
that is needed to get started. Additional information related to the
presentation can be added to be available on the Internet and on TV. The
TV viewer can use interaction tools for discussions.

Remote TV invites
to participate: from home onto TV and back home again.

A one hour video stream (Realmedia only) live or on-demand can be
broadcast on several public access TV stations across Germany (including
Berlin) and throughout the world. Remote TV can either show live or On
Demand Videostreams or a mix of both, up to you. - ->EUR 100 will be paid
for extra work on live productions. - ->Showtime Sat - Sun 12:00 pm - 1:00
pm CET

As the streams will be delivered in realmedia-format you need a recent
realmedia-encoder and player. If you want to do liveshows you can use our
realserver for broadcasting but also every realserver somewhere in the
world (for technical details please contact us). If you have archived
material just tell us the URL and we will rebroadcast it.

If you are interested please contact
More Information:

Schoenhauser Allee 155
10435 Berlin

Tel.:++49 30 447 354 25
Fax :++49 30 446 538 72


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